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Discova Women in Leadership: Michaela Connor

Her favourite mentors have been individuals who are exact opposites of her as they have helped expand her thinking and challenged her natural approach to situations.  

 “They have never judged my thoughts, feelings or ideas, no matter how crazy, there has always been encouragement to speak out and then have a robust conversation. The mentors that have provided this safe space to show up as my authentic self, have been the ones who have helped me grow the most,” says Michaela, who is also the Chairperson of Travel Daily’s Inspiring Women in Travel Asia (TD IWTA), a platform that champions the stories of remarkable women in the industry.    

In a sector that is energetic and forever changing, with so many different pillars and avenues, Michaela feels that the opportunities are endless for young individuals who want to grow and learn in a fast-paced environment. Immensely proud to see Discova leading the way in our destinations with female leaders at all levels, her advice to women keen on joining the travel industry is to believe in themselves and embrace opportunities. 

Even when it feels scary, throw yourself out of your comfort zone because it is only then you will start growing. Be curious and ask questions, but most of all be your authentic self and learn what your strengths are and how you can keep enhancing them to thrive in your career,” she concludes. 

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