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Top off-road caravans for adventurous travellers in 2024

There aren’t many caravan manufacturers who don’t offer an off-road caravan these days, or at least the option to upgrade to off-road specifications. So, where do you start looking? Well, luckily, we can save you some time. Here are our top 10 full-sized off-road caravans for adventurous travellers in 2024.

But first, if you’re wondering what the difference is between a full-sized, pop-top, slide-out, micro caravan (or something else), have a quick peek at our guide to the different types of caravans in Australia.

#1 – Lotus Trooper 20th Anniversary Edition 17ft MY24

Best for couples seeking a luxurious smaller caravan

Lotus Trooper off-road caravan
Lotus Trooper © Lotus Caravans

Although the iconic Lotus Trooper comes in various floor plans ranging from 17ft to just over 26ft, it’s the 17ft MY24 model that’s taken our eye as a luxurious off-road caravan on the smaller side of the scale for couples. Built on what Lotus says is the strongest full-aluminium frame on the market, the Trooper is designed to conquer harsh conditions with Cruisemaster ATX air bag suspension and Cooper Tires’ toughest all-terrains.

Fitted with a Dometic dust reduction system, plenty of battery capacity and 240 litres of water storage, going Outback shouldn’t be a problem with the Trooper. Did we mention it’s Starlink-ready? Inside you’ll find luxury finishes, with a gourmet kitchen, premium benchtops, sinks, taps and hardware, a Fusion premium entertainment system and more. 

Of interest is the electrical system, which boasts 600Ah of power from REDARC lithium batteries, a 3000W REDARC inverter, REDARC RedVision Display, BMS100 and a whopping 1000W of power.


  • Sleeps: 2
  • Bathroom: Separate toilet and shower
  • Height: 3220mm
  • Width: 2500mm
  • Length: 7906mm (5282mm body length)
  • Warranty: 5 years structural
  • RRP: Contact your local dealer

#2 – 2024 Retreat ERV

Best for those looking for a fully-electric caravan

Retreat ERV off-road caravan
Retreat ERV © Retreat Caravans

According to Retreat Caravans, the ERV was the world’s first all-electric off-road caravan. That certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll go without though. The ERV brings plenty of comfort to the table with luxurious leather seating, climate control, a plush pillow-top mattress, a modern ceramic cassette toilet and a shower encased entirely in fibreglass. 

Of course, we need to talk about the electrical side of things as it’s where the Retreat ERV really differentiates itself from the others. The ERV features a 5000W smart inverter, 14.3kWh of lithium battery, and up to 2400W solar panels for unparalleled power.

In terms of heading off-road, the ERV has an exterior designed to endure, 4.4T independent suspension, a laser-cut truss chassis, Mickey Thompson Baja Tyres, and a D045 coupling.


  • Contact your local dealer

#3 – New Age Road Owl 19ft Expedition MY24

Best for families looking to go off-road in a full-sized caravan

New Age Road Owl Expedition off-road caravan
New Age Road Owl 19ft Expedition © New Age Caravans

New Age Caravan’s new expedition range is designed for off-road durability, with increased strength, underbody protection, XT suspension, bolted furniture, filament-sprayed wheel arches, flat profile windows and an enhanced warranty.

Sleeping up to five, the 19ft Road Owl Expedition is a top choice for families seeking a full-sized caravan that can handle going off-road. With two 100ah Lithium batteries and two 200w solar as standard, it’s also designed to go off-grid for longer. Comfort is still tops with quality finishing, and an internal shower and toilet. Those with kids will find the external shower particularly handy.


  • Sleeps: 3 (queen bed and triple bunk)
  • Bathroom: Internal toilet and show + additional external shower
  • Tare: 2600kg
  • Tow ball: 140kg
  • Height: 3050mm
  • Width: 2500mm
  • Length: 7985mm
  • Warranty: 3 year manufacturing  
  • RRP: $99,990

#4 – 2024 MDC XT16HR East West MKIII

Best bang for buck

MDC XT16HR off-road caravan

MDC has been at the forefront of off-road caravans and campers for donkeys, and the 16-ft XT16HR East West MKIII stands proud as a full-size hybrid. Off-road features include a galvanised chassis, Cruisemaster D025 hitch, ARKX0750 jockey wheel, and Tandem X-TRACK independent coil spring suspension with two Tough Trax HD shocks on each side.

Of note is what comes standard in this off-road caravan for the price, including 700W of rooftop solar, 600Ah of LiFePRO lithium battery, Projecta 12V 2000W pure sine wave inverter, two wireless benchtop chargers and more. Diesel heating, air conditioning, reverse camera, 2.5kg washing machine, microwave, awning and a full annexe are also included at no additional expense.


  • Sleeps: 3 (2 adults + 2 kids)
  • Bathroom: Separate shower and toilet
  • ATM: 3000kg
  • Tare: 2520kg
  • Tow ball: 255kg
  • Height: 3073mm
  • Width: 2345mm
  • Length: 6615mm
  • Warranty: 1 year, lifetime structural on draw-bar and chassis 
  • RRP: $84,990

#5 – Bruder EXP-7 GT

Best for off-road capability and unique design

Bruder EXP-7 off-road caravan

Bruder specialises in unique off-grid and off-road expedition trailers, and, as a result, the Bruder EXP-7 GT does come with a significantly higher price tag than other off-road caravans. However, there is no denying that a Bruder caravan is superior in terms of off-road capability, design and luxury. You can read more about the Bruder EXPO-7 here.

Of interest is the 12-inch suspension travel. With a press of the button from inside your vehicle, this Bruder will level out in terrain that other caravans can only dream of. You can even adjust each wheel’s individual height, allowing you to change your wheel without a jack.

Up top is over 1200W of solar paired with a 48V electrical system, 12kWh of lithium battery power banks and more. On the inside, you’ll find a two-way kitchen, which can be fully opened for outdoor living, windows all around the master bed and the ability to convert into multiple sleeping layouts. A double-door system allows instant access to the interior or direct access to the shower and wet room.

The Bruder EXP-7 has been built with an eye to the future and could be upgraded to join forces with either a fully electric or hybrid tow vehicle. 


  • Sleeps: 4 (2+2)
  • Bathroom: Toilet and shower + additional external shower
  • Tare: 2700kg
  • ATM: 3500kg
  • Tow ball: Unknown
  • Height: 2885mm
  • Width: 1915mm
  • Length: 5760mm (total length 7000mm)
  • Warranty: 3 year manufacturing  
  • RRP: $266,250

#6 – Ezytrail 18ft VX5400 HR Twin

Best all-rounder

Ezytrail 18ft VX5400 HR Twin
Ezytrail 18ft VX5400 HR Twin © Ezytrail

The VX5400 HR Twin is chock full of Ezytrail’s most requested features and upgrades, such as a separate toilet and shower, spacious L-shaped lounge, island bed and more. Combine this with its off-road durability, and you’ve got one of the best all-rounder caravans on the market for couples.

If you’re a family, don’t despair, just check out the Ezytrail VZ4800 LR Quad or the VZ4800 HR Quad, both of which can sleep four.

Storage is ample in the Ezytrail VX5400 HR, with roof mounted storage units throughout, padded wall pockets, underbed storage, hanging space in the bedroom and various storage drawers.

The power management system is PROJECTA branded with 400W solar, 2000W pure sine wave inverter, 12V and 240V throughout, DC-DC charger and 2 x 120AH lithium batteries. 


  • Sleeps: 2
  • Bathroom: Separate toilet and shower
  • ATM: 2900kg
  • Tare: 2265kg
  • Tow ball: 229kg
  • Height: 3100mm
  • Width: 2450mm
  • Length: 7480mm
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturing. F5 chassis and drawbars receive a lifetime warranty. F3 chassis and drawbars have a 5-year warranty.
  • RRP: $74,990

#7 – Jayco 19ft All-Terrain Off-Grid X

Best for those wanting the security of a well-known name and a nationwide dealer

Jayco All-Terrain Off-Grid X © Jayco

With over 29 dealerships and over 100 authorised serviced agent reps, when you invest in a Jayco, you have a large support network for peace of mind. Given the sheer size of the Jayco product range, there’s a lot to choose from, but the 19ft All-Terrain Off-Grid X is a good option for those looking for a full-size off-road caravan that will allow you to go off-grid for longer.

Off-Grid X is a new breed of off-grid adventure from Jayco designed to support an untethered lifestyle. Enhanced off-grid capabilities include a 400Ah Lithium battery, 3000W inverter, 40Ah MPPT solar controller, 180AMP 240V charging, and three 200W twin cell solar panels.

Key features include a Dometic dust reduction system, a full fibreglass hail-resistant exterior, air conditioning, tanked flow hot water, a four-burner cooktop, a 24-inch TV, a 12V awning with LED light strip, JTECH independent suspension, a large front toolbox, and more. 


  • Sleeps: 3 (2 adults + 1 child) 
  • Bathroom: Separate toilet and shower
  • Tare: 2570kg
  • Tow ball: 225kg
  • Height: 3040mm
  • Length: 5995mm (8407mm total length)
  • Warranty: 2 years manufacturing and 5 years structural  
  • RRP: $104,790

#8 – Dreamseeker S1

Best for those looking for a compact toy-hauler

Dreamseeker S1 off-road caravan toy hauler
Dreamseeker S1 © Dreamseeker

Toy Haulers are usually ridiculously big, right? Well, this one comes in at a practical tow size of 14ft-6 and, surprisingly, isn’t really lacking in comfort. Boasting a sporty look with the ability to customise the colour to suit your favourite racing team, the S1 is made for the active lifestyle.

The chassis on this off-road caravan is 4 inches throughout with a 6-inch frame, riding on Tuff Ride suspension, a welded tube aluminium frame and a set of all terrain tyres as standard. It’s been designed with its intended use in mind, and as a result, you’ll find a reverse camera, three external LED lights as well as additional bar lights on the front and back to ensure you’ve got plenty of light to move your bikes and other toys in and out of the van as required. 

Despite being a toy hauler, it’s pretty practical with a combo cooker/sink, reverse-cycle air-con, shower/toilet combo and 140ltr Waeco fridge/freezer. To power your needs, you’ll find a BMPRO 35 battery management system, two 170W solar panels, and two 100-amp deep-cycle batteries. 


  • Sleeps: 3 (fold-down queen bed and lounge single)
  • Bathroom: toilet shower combo
  • ATM: 2800kg
  • Tare: 1900kg
  • Tow ball: 240kg
  • Length: 14ft-6inch
  • Warranty: 1 year  
  • RRP: Contact the dealer for a quote

#9 – JB Caravans Scorpion Sting

Best for those looking for 100% Aussie-made and a decent warranty 

© JB Caravans

JB Caravan’s Scorpion Sting comes in a range of lengths and configurations to suit your preferences. Regardless of which off-road caravan you choose, you’ll find a rugged construction, ATX Cruisemaster suspension and full off-road tyres to get you off the beaten track. 

JB Caravans has a reputation for using the highest-quality materials and methods. As a result, they offer a five-year structural warranty and a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is a step up from the usual. With this one, keeping off-grid longer is easy with a 5kW EcoFlow Battery Management System, 3600W inverter and 800W of solar panels. 

Specs (20ft front door family bunk):

  • Sleeps: 5
  • Bathroom: toilet and shower
  • ATM: 3500kg
  • Tare: 2740kg-2790kg
  • Tow ball: 220kg-240kg
  • Height: 3100mm
  • Width: 2480mm
  • Length: 8300mm
  • Warranty: 5-year structural and 3-year manufacturing
  • RRP: starting from $135,500 

#10 – AOR Aurora

Best for those wanting to camp remotely for longer

AOR Aurora off-road caravan
AOR Aurora © AOR

AOR (Australian Off Road) are well-known for building off-road capable campers and caravans but we particularly love the Aurora for its ability to camp remote for longer. Light for its size, it has excellent exit and entry angles for navigating tight bush tracks en route to camp. In addition, it boasts a whopping 280L of water storage and a chemical-free macerator toilet with 140L capacity. What this means is that as long as you’ve got power sorted (which it does), you don’t need to head back to civilisation to top up and empty out as much as normal. 

Powerwise, you’ll find four 120W roof-mounted solar panels, a 300Amp lithium battery, and a 2000W pure sinewave inverter. See, I told you it was sorted. The Aurora certainly isn’t lacking in comfort either, with an internal kitchen as well as a full L-shaped external kitchen, awning, 175L upright fridge/freezer, diesel air heater, 12v Sirocco fan, and a full internal ensuite with separate hot shower. Yes, you can camp remotely and still enjoy a full-size ensuite!


  • Sleeps: 3 
  • Bathroom: separate toilet and shower
  • Tare: 2545kg
  • ATM: 3400kg
  • Height: 2915mm
  • Width: 2100mm
  • Length: 7925mm
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labour and 5 year chassis
  • RRP: Contact the dealer for a quote

So there we have it, our top 10 off-road full-size caravans for 2024. Of course, you can’t beat a look-through in person, so make sure to check out your favourites at an upcoming 4WD caravan and camping show or contact the manufacturer directly for a walk-through of some of their models.

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