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These Shorts Kept Me Cool and Never Rode Up During a 3-mile Hike

Until the resurgence of biker shorts, it was nearly impossible for me to find a pair of comfy shorts I preferred wearing instead of leggings. Even on the hottest days, I’d turn to pants when working out, going for a walk, or hiking in my home city of Los Angeles. While biker shorts are a great substitute, I like having variety in my wardrobe, so my search continued for a comfortable, versatile pair for lounging, walking, traveling, and running errands. 

I recently had the opportunity to try a style from Supesu, and I eventually landed on the Cubby Shorts. I’ve been a fan of the brand’s soft loungewear for a while, and I was beyond excited to see that they carried shorts in the Cubby line. Similar to the matching sweatshirt and sweatpant set I have, these shorts are made from a thick, buttery material and are lined with a velvety-soft fabric that I wish was a constant in all of my clothes. Best of all, they’re currently 30 percent off during Supesu’s sitewide sale

Supesu Cubby Shorts


In addition to being comfortable, the Cubby Shorts also feature a few design elements that make them fitting for a variety of activities. The first day I wore them, I decided to go for a hike in my neighborhood to test how they held up against a long walk on a hot day. While the lining is soft and cozy, I never felt overheated or uncomfortable. Rather, I noticed that the thick waistband and structured design kept the shorts in place, even when walking up a steep incline — a huge bonus considering most of the pairs I own ride up almost instantly. Plus, the soft lining meant I had no thigh chafing, either.  

The Cubby Shorts have a hidden zipper pocket in addition to the standard side pockets, which proved helpful for safely holding onto my keys during my adventures. I prefer a zipper pocket to an open one in these moments because it eliminates the fear of important items falling out along the trail. 

I’ve also turned to these shorts for lounging around my house and running errands. Thanks to the thick material, rich colors, and elevated design, I’ve been pairing these shorts with both athletic and nicer (but still casual) tops. They offer the perfect balance of comfort and style, making me feel more put together than I typically do when wearing athleisure. 

The brand has several other shorts styles discounted, including the Cubby shorts in a longer Bermuda length and a pair with a high waistband, as well as matching sweatshirts. The sitewide sale ends on May 14, so be sure to shop your favorite items while they’re 30 percent off. 

Supesu The Comfort Shorts


Supesu Cropped Cubby Sweatshirt


Supesu Cubby Capris


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