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Guide to EVA Air Business Class: Fly to Taiwan in Style

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Thinking of flying to Taiwan this year? Here’s a friendly guide to flying EVA Air business class. I’ll help you pick the best seat and share all the amenities they offer up in the sky!

I’ve flown EVA Air’s business class to their hub in Taiwan several times over the years. And believe me, it never disappoints. It’s one of those experiences that has you planning your next trip as soon as you land.

In this guide, I’ll draw from my own flights to show you exactly what makes EVA Air business class tick. From swift check-ins to their plush seats and everything in between, I’ll give you the full scoop.

We’ll dive into the specifics—what to expect at the airport, onboard, and everything in between. If you’re wondering whether EVA Air’s business class is worth it, this guide is for you. Let’s find out why many consider it one of the best ways to fly to Asia.

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Overview of EVA Air

EVA Air, Taiwan’s second-largest airline right after China Airlines, operates from its main hub at Taoyuan International Airport near Taipei (TPE). Unlike many other airlines, EVA exclusively operates international routes.

As a 5-star airline rated by Skytrax and a proud member of the Star Alliance, EVA Air holds a prestigious place in the aviation world. The fleet consists of 79 passenger aircraft, with an additional 43 on order.

On its long-haul flights, EVA Air presents a three-tier class system: the luxurious “Royal Laurel” and “Premium Laurel” business classes, a comfortable premium economy class, and a well-equipped economy class.

One of the most reassuring facts about EVA Air for me, as a frequent flyer, is their spotless safety record. They’ve managed to maintain an operation without any aircraft losses or passenger fatalities. It’s a record that puts them among the safest airlines in the world.

EVA Air Business Class flight for all types of travelers.

EVA Air’s fleet: A detailed comparison

When you book a flight on EVA Air, the business class experience you get can vary significantly depending on the aircraft you’re flying on. Each type of aircraft offers a unique setup and features, tailored to different route lengths and passenger needs. Here’s what you need to know.

Boeing 787-9 & 787-10

EVA Air’s Boeing 787-9 and 787-10 planes serve long-haul routes to destinations like Seattle, Munich, and Milan, and are also frequently used for flights to and from Bangkok.

In these aircraft, you’ll find the Royal Laurel Class, which features a 1-2-1 staggered seating configuration. This setup is ideal for anyone traveling alone who values privacy—opt for seats like 2A or 2K for the most secluded experience. If you’re flying with a partner or friend, the middle seats D and G are perfect, offering easy interaction.

Boeing 777-300ER

The Boeing 777-300ER is another workhorse in EVA Air’s long-haul fleet, flying primarily to the US and Canada, including cities like Los Angeles and Vancouver.

The Royal Laurel Class here is also arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration but feels a bit more dated compared to the 787s. The business class is split into two cabins, with a total of 38 seats. The reverse herringbone seats offer good privacy and comfort, though they don’t feel as modern as those on the 787s.

Airbus A330-300 & 300-200

For flights within Asia, such as to Beijing or Seoul, EVA Air deploys its Airbus A330s in the Premium Laurel Class.

These cabins have been recently updated and feature a 2-2-2 configuration, ideal for couples or colleagues traveling together. Solo travelers might prefer the window seats, especially those closer to the window for additional privacy. The seats are fully lie-flat, providing a comfortable sleep on medium-haul routes.

Airbus A321

On shorter regional hops, like flights to Hanoi or Hangzhou, EVA Air utilizes the Airbus A321. Business class in these aircraft is arranged in a 2-2 configuration. It’s perfect for quick trips where comfort is still a priority but the extensive amenities of longer flights might not be necessary.

Future aircraft

Looking ahead, EVA Air is preparing for a significant upgrade to its fleet. With 15 Airbus A321neo on order, they plan to replace their current A321s. Additionally, 18 Airbus A350-1000s are set to replace older Boeing 777-300ERs, and 10 more Boeing 787s will gradually replace the A330s by 2029.

Depending on the airplane you're flying on, your experience in business class may differ greatly.
Depending on the airplane you’re flying on, your experience in business class may differ greatly. | Image Credit: EVA Air

EVA Air business class baggage allowance

When you fly EVA Air business class, the baggage allowance is generous.

For checked luggage, you’re allowed two pieces. Each can weigh up to 32 kg (70 lbs). In the cabin, you can carry two pieces of hand luggage, with each piece not exceeding 7 kg (15 lbs).

Passengers can also bring one personal item, such as a laptop or a briefcase.

Ground experience when flying EVA Air business class

One of the reasons why I think EVA Air is one of the best airlines to fly to Asia is the seamless airport experience.


With Royal Laurel or Premium Laurel class, you get priority check-in. This perk is a game changer, allowing you to skip the longer lines and save time at the airport. If you prefer to streamline your travel further, online check-in is also available.


At Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, EVA Air offers two dedicated lounges for business class passengers. The Infinity Lounge, with its bright urban forest theme and elegant curved walls, is a tranquil spot to relax before your flight. It offers Chinese and Western cuisine. If you need to freshen up, there are four spacious shower rooms with separate wet and dry areas. Most seating areas have power outlets.

The Star Lounge is another option, catered more towards those needing to catch up on work before their flight. It’s equipped with customized wide tables, plenty of charging sockets, and fast Wi-Fi. Both lounges offer shower facilities and a buffet to help you recharge.

For travelers flying from other locations, EVA Air also maintains dedicated lounges at Kaohsiung International Airport and Bangkok International Airport. When flying from airports without an EVA Air lounge, you can access partner lounges thanks to their Star Alliance membership.


When it’s time to board, business class passengers enjoy priority boarding. It’s nice to skip the usual boarding chaos, settle in early, and start relaxing right away.

The flawless airport experience makes this airline one of the best for flights to Asia.
The flawless airport experience makes this airline one of the best for flights to Asia. | Image Credit: EVA Air

In-flight comfort & amenities on EVA Air business class

Once you’re comfortably settled in your seat on EVA Air business class, the premium experience really takes off. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect during your flight.

Seat features

In Royal Laurel Class, seats are equipped with USB chargers, a power outlet, and intuitive seat controls. The seats are spacious, featuring a small privacy divider perfect for when you need a bit of seclusion. When it’s time to sleep, the cabin crew offers a turndown service, outfitting your seat with a pillow, duvet, and mattress pad for a bed-like feel. The seats lay flat.

Premium Laurel Class isn’t far behind. The seats here come with reading lamps and dividers for privacy, and even include satellite phones. With a generous seat pitch of 62 inches and seats that recline to an almost flat position, it’s an impressive setup for business class, especially on intra-Asia flights.

In-flight entertainment

The in-flight entertainment options are top-notch across the board. In Royal Laurel Class, you’re treated to a large 18-inch monitor with full HD resolution. Premium Laurel seats on the A330-300 feature a 15-inch screen that also offers excellent quality. Both setups include a rich selection of movies, TV shows, and games.

Amenity kits

EVA Air’s amenity kits are provided by Giorgio Armani. The kits include a dental kit, earplugs, body lotion, lip balm, and facial mist—everything you need to feel refreshed during and after your flight. They also provide high-quality pajamas and slippers.


Staying connected is easy, albeit a bit pricey. Wi-Fi is available on all cabin classes on the 787, 777-300ER, and A330-300 aircraft. While the cost for unlimited usage is around $40, there are more economical options available starting at $5.

The luxurious trip in this airline truly begins as you're comfortably snuggled into your seat.
The luxurious trip in this airline truly begins as you’re comfortably snuggled into your seat. | Image Credit: EVA Air

On-board dining in EVA Air business class

In my opinion, EVA Air’s food and drink offerings rival the best airlines in the world. Trust me, you won’t go hungry!


On long-haul flights, you’re spoiled for choice with three distinct menu options. Opt for the Western set if you like comforting, familiar flavors, or dive into the Taiwanese menu for a taste of local dishes. The Japanese multi-course meal is a must-try for anyone who enjoys a thorough culinary experience.

For lighter appetites, snacks are available anytime. This typically includes freshly made noodles, a hearty burger, or a warming cup of hot chocolate with cookies.

EVA Air is famous for its lychee and strawberry bread. It’s a must-try!


The drink options are equally thoughtful. The cocktail list includes creative mixes with and without alcohol. If spirits are more your style, the extensive selection will suit any preference.

Wine lovers will appreciate the carefully chosen champagnes and wines that perfectly complement your meal. For something non-alcoholic, choose from beers, juices, teas, and even different types of milk.

The food and beverage selections on this airline are on par with those of the world's top.
The food and beverage selections on this airline are on par with those of the world’s top. | Image Credit: EVA AIr

EVA Air Royal Laurel Class vs. Premium Laurel Class

Deciding between EVA Air’s Royal Laurel and Premium Laurel classes depends largely on your destination, as these business class offerings cater to different flight lengths.

Royal Laurel Class

Royal Laurel Class is the more luxurious option, found on the Boeing 787s and 777s. The standout feature here is the seat configuration. Each seat is designed for maximum privacy and comfort, arranged in a 1-2-1 staggered layout. This means every passenger has direct aisle access. The seats also convert into fully flat beds, complete with a pillow, duvet, and mattress pad for a sleep experience that rivals first class.

The in-flight entertainment in Royal Laurel is top-notch with large 18-inch HD monitors and a vast selection of movies, TV shows, and games. The amenity kits provided are from Giorgio Armani.

Premium Laurel Class

Premium Laurel Class is designed for regional flights within Asia and is commonly found on the Airbus A330s. The seating arrangement here is a 2-2-2 configuration, offering comfort and convenience but not the same level of privacy as Royal Laurel. The seats recline to an almost flat position. The in-flight entertainment screens are a tad smaller at 15 inches (on the A330-300), but they still provide a robust selection of media to keep passengers entertained.

Key differences

The main differences lie in the seating arrangements. Royal Laurel’s exclusive amenities and superior seating layout make it ideal for travelers looking for privacy and comfort on longer journeys. In contrast, Premium Laurel is an excellent, cost-effective business class solution for shorter, regional flights within Asia.

These business class options accommodate varying flight durations.
These business class options accommodate varying flight durations. | Image Credit: EVA AIr

Tips for booking EVA Air business class flights

Looking for cheap business class flights to Taiwan? Here are some pointers to get you sitting pretty without breaking the bank.

Use points & miles

EVA Air is part of the Star Alliance network. This opens a variety of options for using frequent flyer points. Programs like Air Canada’s Aeroplan, ANA Mileage Club, Avianca LifeMiles, and United MileagePlus are all viable for booking EVA Air flights. Aeroplan is particularly user-friendly, especially in North America, due to the ease of accumulating points.

When planning to redeem points for a flight, flexibility is key. EVA Air releases award seats 360 days in advance, which is when you’ll find the most availability. If you’re using Aeroplan, you can start booking 355 days before departure. Being flexible with your travel dates increases your chances of finding a seat, especially for popular routes.

Keep an eye on fare deals

For those paying cash, keeping an eye on fare deals can lead to significant savings. Services like Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights)are invaluable. They specialize in alerting subscribers to discounted fares and promotions, including steals on business class seats. Signing up for EVA Air’s newsletters and following them on social media can also alert you to good deals and promotional offers.

Book early

If your travel dates are set and flexibility isn’t an option, booking early is the best way to secure cheap EVA Air flights in business class. Since business travelers often book closer to their travel date, early birds can sometimes snatch up better deals.

Review the cabin configuration

Before booking, it’s a good idea to check which aircraft type you’ll be flying on, as this will affect the type of business class experience you’ll have. As discussed earlier, the Royal Laurel Class on the 787 or 777 offers a different experience compared to the Premium Laurel Class on the A330s. Knowing what to expect can help you choose the flight that best matches your expectations and comfort requirements.

EVA Air business class vs. rival products

There are plenty of the best business class airlines that fly to Asia from the US. Here’s how EVA Air stacks up against some of its main competitors.

China Airlines vs. EVA Air

Both airlines are based in Taiwan and offer excellent business class products. China Airlines’ newest business class cabins, available on their A350s and 777s, are very competitive, featuring stylish decor and privacy-enhanced seats that also lie flat. However, EVA Air’s Royal Laurel Class edges out slightly in terms of overall service quality and attention to detail. I particularly love the Giorgio Armani amenity kits.

EVA also has a slightly better reputation for onboard dining and more consistently updated cabin features across its fleet. When it comes to loyalty and rewards, both airlines are part of major global alliances. EVA Air’s membership in Star Alliance offers broader options for redeeming miles globally compared to China Airlines’ SkyTeam membership.

EVA Air vs. Starlux

Also based in Taiwan, Starlux is a newer player, but it’s quickly making a name for itself with a strong focus on luxury. Its business class product is highly competitive, offering a boutique experience that feels personalized. Starlux’s cabins are designed with a modern aesthetic and top-notch comfort.

While Starlux presents strong competition, EVA Air maintains an advantage with its established reputation and more extensive route network. For travelers who value a proven track record and broader connectivity, EVA Air remains the go-to choice.

Cathay Pacific vs. EVA Air

Cathay Pacific has long been renowned for its excellence in the air, and its business class is no exception. Based in Hong Kong, Cathay serves a wide network of global destinations. Its business class cabins, especially on long-haul flights, offer some of the best sleeping comforts in the sky.

However, Cathay’s recent financial struggles and cutbacks in service elements have seen it lose some ground to competitors. EVA Air, in contrast, has maintained a consistent level of service and often offers more competitive pricing. The choice here might depend on route convenience. Cathay has a larger footprint in certain markets, but if both airlines serve your route, EVA Air might offer the better value.

Bottom line

In my experience, while each airline has its strengths, EVA Air frequently stands out for its blend of luxury, service, and value. Its business class experience feels well-rounded and the service is consistently outstanding. I’d recommend EVA Air if you’re looking for flights to Asia.

Based in Taiwan, both airlines provide top-notch business class services.
Based in Taiwan, both airlines provide top-notch business class services. | Image Credit: EVA Air

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about EVA Air business class

Are you still curious about which airline is the best to fly to Taiwan? Here are some questions I get asked a lot that will help decide whether EVA Air business class is the right option for you.

Does EVA Air have lay-flat seats?

Yes, EVA Air’s business class (Royal Laurel Class and Premium Laurel Class) offers lay-flat seats. In Royal Laurel Class, the seats fully recline into flat beds.

Does EVA Air give pajamas in business class?

Yes, EVA Air provides pajamas to business class passengers on long-haul flights. These pajamas are high quality and comfortable.

If you're debating if the business class on EVA Air is worthwhile.
If you’re debating if the business class on EVA Air is worthwhile. | Image Credit: EVA Air

Do you get free alcohol on EVA Air?

Yes, passengers in business class on EVA Air can enjoy a range of complimentary alcoholic beverages. The selection includes premium spirits, cocktails, wine, and champagne, along with various non-alcoholic options.

Does EVA Air have a lounge?

Yes, EVA Air operates several lounges. At Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, their primary hub, EVA Air offers the best lounges for business class passengers. This includes The Infinity and The Star lounges, which provide various dining options, showers, and comfortable seating areas. Additionally, EVA Air has dedicated lounges at other airports and also provides access to partner lounges through its Star Alliance membership at airports around the world.

EVA Air Business Class to try right now.
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