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Generate Income as an RV Host on Your Own Land

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Host RVers on Your Property with CurbNTurf’s Unique Platform

More than one RVer has stayed at a great camping spot and thought, “I think it would be cool to have my own campground.” While the dynamics of truly owning your own full-sized campground are a little out of reach for most folks, being an RV host on your own property is quite the opposite. Thanks to a new program by CurbNTurf, practically anyone can become an RV host and provide a great camping experience for RVers, and there is no cost for signing up as a host, or as a guest!

What Is CurbNTurf?

CurbNTurf is a community-based online platform for listing and reserving RV access to private land. CurbNTurf connects hosts/landowners with RV travelers looking for unique, interesting, and convenient sites to park their RVs. Whether it’s “turf” for destination sites (serene coastal views, mountainside grandeur, vineyards and wineries, farm and ranch land) or “curb” for convenience (driveways, city lots, urban curbsides, downtown parking space), the diversity of options and out-of-the-box-thinking are what make CurbNTurf special and appealing to today’s adventure-seeking RV traveler.

Own Land? Earn Money as an RV Host

List your property as a way to accommodate the onslaught of RVers as they seek new adventures. If you have extra land, interesting property, something unique to offer RV travelers, or even your driveway/curbside spots then CurbNTurf can make you money.

Most RVers are just looking for an uncrowded place to park where they can relax and enjoy a new experience. What do you have to offer? CurbNTurf has over 700 listings and we need more. Who doesn’t want a supplemental income without the hassle? Start today hosting RVers and earning money.

Generate Income and Interest in Your Business

Whether you have acres of wooded area, easily accessible scenic flatlands, or just a good sized parking spot near your business, CurbNTurf can help. It may be that you simply want to put that unused land to good use and generate some income. Becoming an RV host doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as folks can get on and off your property easily…you are good to go. RVers are pretty self sufficient these days, with solar power and on board generators, water, and supplies. You don’t have to do too much. 

Conversely, if you just happen to have power and water running out to a convenient camping spot on your land, you can offer more…and charge more. Perhaps you have a business that could use a boost. By giving RVers a place to camp nearby, they will be more likely to be customers. Even if they don’t, that parking spot just earned some income!

No Cost to Join or Use CurbNTurf

There is no cost to use CurbNTurf, or sign up as a host, or a guest. Only a small percentage of the reservation is taken at its successful completion from the Host. Guests only pay for any typical camping costs they incur.

How Becoming an RV Host Can Help the Community

Being an RV host on your own property also provides a new camping experience for the RVing community. RVers love unique experiences…perhaps you own a business or land that can offer something different to the RVing community. RVers like to watch planes, see animals, and even the occasional train. Maybe you have an orchard with a less-than-productive corner of land. Open that corner up a bit and become an RV host and let folks pick a piece of fruit right off the tree! Whether you are beachside, lakeside, or just south side…if you have land, it can become a campsite.

Boondocking is a popular buzzword in the RV community, but most RVers aren’t comfortable driving several miles onto public lands to give it a try. Your land could be that boondocking safe-haven RVers are looking for. You can provide new experiences for RVers, and have the satisfaction of being your own “campground owner” by becoming an RV host with CurbNTurf.

What About Liability?

CurbNTurf leads in land hosting risk management with a detailed guest agreement and additional insurance options. Their guest agreement, found at, ensures transparency and protection for all. They offer a secondary insurance that complements existing commercial policies, providing an extra layer of security.

Homeowners new to land hosting may initially use their homeowner’s insurance, allowing them to gain experience without immediate extra costs. CurbNTurf supports this cautious strategy by enabling hosts to offer their land at no charge, helping to collect market data and assess interest without needing extra insurance. For those ready to enhance their coverage, CurbNTurf provides a $1 million liability insurance policy covering all rentals, up to five sites per property, and is valid across multiple platforms. CurbNTurf’s comprehensive insurance options cater to the varying needs of hosts at every stage of their journey.

How to Become an RV Host With CurbNTurf

Hosting on CurbNTurf is a smart and easy way to monetize your property as an RV host and earn extra income. Whether you’re an agribusiness or property owner, our platform makes it easy to list your property, manage reservations and communicate with guests. Plus, their representatives are always available to help you through the process.

​​With more than 700+ private and boondocking sites added in the last year, CurbNTurf is growing fast, but they are always looking for more hosts to give travelers more destinations and interesting experiences. To get started, visit When you click on the START HOSTING button, you’ll be asked to create an account. The site will walk you through the next steps!

Screenshot of the CurbNTurf mobile app, used by the RV host and guest.

The CurbNTurf App

There is, as they say…an app for that, and CurbNTurf has a great one. Available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, the CurbNTurf app gives you the following features:

  • High-powered pre-scouting that delivers accurate information.
  • Full search capabilities.
  • Direct communication between host and guest.
  • GPS coordinates and turn-by-turn driving directions*

*Note that turn-by-turn driving instructions are provided by Google. For RV safe navigation, we recommend using the RV LIFE app, part of RV LIFE Pro, a complete trip planning and navigation tool.

List Today, Earn Tomorrow

Don’t let that unused property or open land go to waste. Become an RV host with CurbNTurf and start earning additional income. You’ll also be adding to and becoming an integral part of the RV community. Visit today. 

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