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10 Editor-loved Comfy White Sneakers for Travel

White sneakers are one of the most versatile footwear options on the market, which explains why they’re T+L editors’ favorite shoes to pack for travel. As long as they check the boxes of being comfortable and supportive, there are endless looks you could achieve with this simple wardrobe staple, whether you’re preparing for a walking tour, a long day in the airport, or even a night of dancing. 

So, we asked the team what their favorite white sneakers are for every travel occasion, and they did not disappoint. From Nike to Converse to New Balance (and everything in between), read on to find the 10 styles that our editors have racked up thousands of steps in across the globe, so you can add a travel expert-approved shoe to your suitcase that will prepare you for everything on your agenda without leaving you achy and sore.

Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers


“I first picked up a pair of these classic white sneakers back in 2019, and since then they’ve come with me on just about every trip I’ve taken. The slightly high-top cut of these shoes provides essential ankle support — even while I racked up 15,000 steps during a day sightseeing around Lisbon, Portugal — and they’re so stylish that I feel good wearing them with everything from denim shorts to a flowy maxi dress without worrying about ruining my outfit. I’ve only had to repurchase them once in the last five years, so you can rest assured that they’ll hold up even with everyday wear, and from the airport to the office to walking tours, they’ve never let me down.” -Merrell Readman, Senior Commerce Writer

Veja Campo Sneakers


“While traveling last year to Europe, I noticed both tourists and locals donning these sleek Brazilian leather sneakers with a “V” logo — while meandering the labyrinth of streets in Seville, Spain, sipping espresso near the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest, and exploring mosques in Istanbul, Turkey. Literally, everyone was wearing them. After some sleuthing, I discovered that these popular Veja sneakers were also the go-to travel footwear my colleagues raved about. I had to try them for myself. I ordered my first pair earlier this year, and I have not put another sneaker on my feet since. 

I had heard some cases of the tongues on Veja shoes being a bit too high and cutting into the top of wearers’ feet, but I have never found this to be the case. The shoes were perfectly comfortable — so much that I could wear them straight out of the box and didn’t need to break them in. They have become my everyday sneakers and I’ve worn them on several trips, including my last long weekend in New York, in which I walked more than 45,000 steps. The Veja Campo Sneaker has completely won me over as a fan and will be a staple in my carry-on packing for trips to come.” -Susan Brickell, Director, Commerce News & Deals

Chuck Taylor All Star Lift High Top Platform Sneakers


“I love the classic look of Converse high-tops, but I’m 5′ 2″, so I like a little height. Enter, the platform style. These sneakers look cute whether I’m wearing jeans, slacks, or dresses, and they’re so comfy I can wear them for hours with no blisters or aches. The only downside is the laces make them a little challenging to put on and take off, so I don’t wear them to the airport. Once I’m at my destination, though, these come out of my suitcase and pretty much live on my feet.” -Taysha Murtaugh, VP, Commerce

New Balance 550 Sneakers


“I’ve wanted a pair of the New Balance 550s for a while for the style alone, but after finally snagging a pair and wearing them everywhere from the streets of New York City to Sweden, I’m absolutely and utterly hooked. Yes, they’re stylish and make every outfit better, but the real treat is that these sneakers offer next-level cushioning and comfort. So much so that I wish I could replace all my shoes with a pair of 550s!” –Ali Domrongchai, Commerce Writer

Altra Experience Flow


“There comes a time on every trip where I’m ready to pack away my sandals, boots, or whatever else I’ve brought with me in favor of a cushy pair of running shoes, and my Altra’s have never done me wrong. This recent addition to my white sneaker collection provides incredible cushioning that propels me forward with every step, so I can wear them while I’m sightseeing or logging miles for a long run and I truly feel like I’m walking on a trampoline. They’re comfortable straight from the box thanks to handy padding at the heels, but I especially love the roomy toe boxes which allow my feet to comfortably lay flat without putting pressure on my digits. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re cute!” –Merrell Readman, Senior Commerce Writer

Dr. Scholl’s Time Off Platform Sneakers


“I literally changed out of flats and into these shoes and wore them out the day I got them — they are so soft it felt like walking on a cloud after being in tight shoes all day. I’ve continued to wear them almost daily for running errands and even went hiking through the Florida Everglades while wearing these! Despite the rainy, swampy weather, the shoes held up well and I got them back to their original white state using just a wet wipe. If you see me this summer, I’ll probably be wearing these!” –Taylor Fox, Commerce Editor

Vans Classic Slip-On Core Classics


“Not only are these the most versatile white sneakers I own, they’re also slip-ons which are perfect when I’m hustling through airport security. I can pair these with anything from denim shorts to linen pants, and they look good with practically any outfit. I own the version with the canvas upper sole, but they also come in a perforated leather if you prefer something more durable. And if you’re concerned about these getting dirty, you’ll have nothing to worry about. I can easily remove any stains or scuffs from these shoes with a toothbrush and warm, soapy water.” –Jasmine Grant, Senior Commerce Editor

Kizik Milan Sneakers


“I wore these off-white sneakers in Greece for 10 days and my feet have never been so comfortable during a trip. I am obsessed with the fact that I can put them on hands-free thanks to the design of the heel that makes it so easy to slip the shoes on and be out the door. I walked dozens of miles in these shoes and I even did a very dusty 6-mile hike in them and the off-white color effortlessly hides dirt and scuff marks. When I got home, I just spot-cleaned the shoes and they look as good as new.” –Anna Popp, Associate Commerce Editor

Puma Cali Sneakers


“These are literally my go-to shoes; I have two pairs of them in all-white (one is my everyday, dirty pair and the other is my crisp, clean, night out pair). They’re the most comfortable lifestyle sneakers I’ve ever worn and they look good with every outfit, whether you’re going casual or dressy but still want the comfort. I bring them on every trip, and they’ve kept my feet blister-free since the first time I’ve worn them. Their most impressive performance was that they held up during a 14-hour day at Disneyland; I had no pain, no blisters, and somehow my feet still felt energized at the end of the day even when my entire body was begging for a nap.” –Emily Belfiore, Senior Commerce Editor

Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

Courtesy of Adidas

“You’ve likely seen these popular Adidas sneakers on every list of “the best white sneakers” on the internet — and there’s a reason why. They are fantastically comfortable, have a minimalistic look that will go with everything in your closet, and they’re even loved by celebrities like Meghan Markle and Amal Clooney

Not sold yet? I’ve been wearing Adidas Stan Smith shoes for years, and while I’ve tested and traveled with white leather sneakers from other brands (from Nike to Puma to Vans), I always come back to this style when I know I need an easy kick-around shoe for trips or that I’ll be putting a lot of miles on my sneakers sightseeing. They have a slightly less sporty look than other models on the market, meaning you can easily dress them up from day to night, and my feet never feel sore or fatigued after walking for hours in these. They have become a mainstay in my wardrobe, and I guarantee they will for you, too ” -Susan Brickell, Director, Commerce News & Deals

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