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Caravan and Camping Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2024

With shops full of pink fluffy slippers and celebrity perfumes, coming up with Mother’s Day gift ideas for the mum who loves the great outdoors can be a challenge. Whether she’s a seasoned camper or a newbie to caravan life, showing appreciation with a thoughtful camping-themed present will make her special day even more memorable. From practical to campsite comforts to gear for leisure activities, we’ve curated a collection of gift ideas tailored for the caravan, camping and outdoor enthusiast in your life.

#1. The Ultimate Guide to Australia’s Silo Art

Spanning 229 pages, this spiral-bound book offers an unrivalled journey through the largest collection of silo art on the globe. With 61 silo art locations and over 170 water tower locations, this guide features detailed maps and precise street locations for each listing. Curated into 15 regional trails, it allows for effortless trip planning. All Mum has to do is choose a trail and be on her way.

#2. Diesel heater

It’s nearly winter, and the weather has already started cooling down. With a large range of diesel heaters on the market, even the largest caravan, motorhome or campervan can be quickly and easily heated.

#3. Portable coffee maker for camping

The Wacaco Minipresso NS is a popular hand-powered espresso machine for those on the go. Compatible with Nespresso capsules, it’s easy to use. Simply unclip the cup, add a capsule, add hot water, unlock and pump. There’s little room for error!

Alternatively, for those with a mum who likes to pinkify their camping accessories, try this Staresso Portable Coffee Maker.

A Red Dot Award Winner, this portable coffee maker that uses ground coffee doesn’t need any special maintenance and features an open design that makes cleaning quick and simple. 

#4. Nakie hammock

Made from 37 recycled plastic bottles, the Nakie Hammock is an eco-friendly, hassle-free hammock that sets up in around one minute. It can handle up to 225kg, so if Mum decides she wants to share, that won’t be a problem either. 

#5. Nakie picnic rug

The same company that brings you the Nakie Hammock also have the Nakie Picnic Rug. Made from 56 recycled plastic bottles, this 2m x 2m water-resistant picnic rug folds up small for easy travelling. 

#6. Jobe Switch floating lounge (that doubles as a slide)

This two-person water lounge is the ultimate in relaxation or fun on the water for Mum. But when she’s had enough of relaxing, the Jobe Switch can be flipped to become a super fun water slide for the kids. With a 420 denier nylon cover, the Jobe Switch is built to last and features two built-in cup holders and padded nylon handles.

#7. Caravan Essentials starter kit

Perfect for mums who are new to caravanning, this Essential Starter Kit features all the basics mum needs for setting up the water and electrical connections at holiday parks. The Caravan Essentials Kit includes a cable carrier, drinking water hose carrier, grey water hose carrier, Fiamma level pro set, heavy duty extension lead, black waste hose, white non-toxic water hose with fitting, two-way plastic tee bubble level, and Fiamma chock for Fiamma levels. 

#8. EcoPebble waterproof speaker

The EcoPebble Lite is a 3W full-fidelity mono speaker by ECOXGEAR with a waterproof rating of IP67. What does this mean? That it’s completely waterproof – it even floats! This tiny Bluetooth wireless speaker has a seven-hour battery life, making it a great ‘go-anywhere’ gift for Mother’s Day.

#9. Bug-A-Salt 3.0

News alert – Mums like the idea of taking down bugs with a toy gun just as much as dads do. Maybe even more! The Bug-A-Salt 3.0 decimates flies on contact using ordinary table salt as the choice of ammunition. This product is fun at the campsite and is now available in pink for a limited time. 

And if you really want to level it up – nab some of these accessories to go with your fly gun:

  • Bug cam (for getting slow-mo footage of your fly shooting skills
  • Beam laser (for honing in on those pesky flys)

#10 – YETI wine tumbler

The YETI wine tumbler ensures that no campsite, boat or caravan is hampered by broken glass. This 295ml Wine Tumbler is the YETI answer to the wineglass and is available in stainless steel and a variety of colours. It’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning when you get home and the smooth sliding lid adds a barrier of protection to keep your wine contained and at the perfect temperature. 

#11. Red Equipment compact inflatable paddle board

The patented 9ft-6inch Red Equipment inflatable stand-up paddle board folds down to half the size of a conventional SUP, making it one of the most transportable SUP boards on the planet.

Red Equipment’s exclusive MSL PACT material is made from a specially produced, high-density drop stitch that allows the board to easily fold in half before being rolled up whilst still maintaining industry-leading durability and stiffness.

Some mums are five-star all the way, and others don’t mind digging around in the dirt, fossicking for ‘treasure’.  If you’ve got the latter, check out the all-new X-Terra Pro treasure detector by Minelab.

Straight from the box, set the detector to match your terrain with beach, field or park search modes and the detector will find the treasure you seek – and probably a few things you’re not looking for as well. As Mum’s skills improve, this metal detector offers room to grow with switchable frequency technology, so you can set it at different kHz at the press of a button. Fully waterproof to 5m and loaded with additional features, this is a great gift idea for outdoor mums who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. 

Hopefully, this list has provided you with some inspiration for Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mums who inspire us to explore and embrace the beauty of the outdoors!

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