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12 Best ChatGPT-Generated Capsule Wardrobe Picks

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m skeptical of the entire idea of AI, but when I realized that the technology could help me with the one thing I hate the most, well, I was all ears. What is that one thing, you might ask? Packing. I find the entire task to be incredibly overwhelming, and I’m often left with the pervasive fear that I’ve forgotten something important. So, as a test run, I took to ChatGPT to build the perfect packing list that I could use for summer travel — and it did not disappoint. 

With options broken down into categories such as tops, bottoms, shoes, and dresses, I was able to get a clearer picture of exactly what I needed to make a multitude of outfits with as few pieces as possible, and now I’m more aware than ever of the holes in my summer wardrobe. If you’ve found yourself in a similar dilemma, keep reading to find the 12 essentials from Amazon that ChatGPT recommends adding to your suitcase for your next summer trip, so you never wind up forgetting the basics ever again.

White T-shirt


Building the perfect capsule wardrobe starts with identifying a white T-shirt with a fit you love, and this flattering scoop neck is a great place to start. A simple base to shape every outfit around, this top can easily be dressed up or down with anything from a maxi skirt to a pair of denim shorts, and at just $15, it’s an affordable addition to your suitcase. This particular shirt is made from a breathable polyester blend that won’t wrinkle easily when packed away, and it’s complete with a form-fitting finish that makes it ideal for layering.

Striped Blouse


Your ideal packing list should also include a more fun, patterned shirt to add dimension to your wardrobe, and this striped tee is another top that you’ll be happy to have packed for your next trip. The cotton blend will feel soft and gentle against the skin while remaining lightweight and airy, and I’m sure I’ll be able to create endless outfit options with it without having to go overboard on my packing. ChatGPT recommended a striped tee of any kind, but the thin stripes on this top are an incredibly flattering option that I’m partial to.

Denim Shorts


Denim shorts will never truly go out of style, which is exactly why AI recommends adding a pair to your packing list for any trip you have planned this summer. I’m loving the slightly looser fit of this mid-rise pair that’s simple enough to be worn with any top in my suitcase, plus, the longer length will help to ward off chafing and discomfort during long sightseeing days. They’re stretchier than traditional denim, naturally making them more comfortable, so even if I wind up wearing them during a long car or train ride, I’ll feel just as good as if I were wearing lounge pants. 

Linen Pants


Combine the comfort of pajama pants with the style of trousers in these effortless, loose-fitting linen palazzo pants that fit on your packing list for everything from a beach vacation to an international city excursion. The ruched waistband of these pants make them supremely comfortable for wear during a longhaul flight, while the relaxed fit of the legs will never constrict movement or make you too warm. I can already see them becoming my go-to base for every look I wear during my next trip — and they’re only $32.

Flowy Midi Skirt


This gorgeous white maxi skirt is poised to be the best new addition to your wardrobe for the spring and summer, and with an elasticized waistband, it might just be the most comfortable as well. Landing just above the ankle, this skirt is an ideal length for sightseeing as it won’t drag on the ground, and it even boasts deep pockets which only add to its convenience for wearing on the go. Dress it up with sandals or down with sneakers, but this skirt will make you the best-dressed traveler at any outings you have planned for your next vacation.

Maxi Dress


Pieces that you can throw on and run out the door in are always going to be major assets while traveling, which is exactly why ChatGPT suggested adding a neutral maxi dress into your suitcase for the days when you want to look your best with minimal effort. This boho-style piece is sure to turn heads even if you’re wearing it during a day of sightseeing or shopping, while the breezy material promises to keep you cool even as the temperatures soar. I’m eyeing the simple apricot shade, but if you’re looking to get a pop of color into your suitcase, you’re in luck — there are 24 options to choose from.



If you’re limiting yourself to only packing two dresses from your summer capsule wardrobe, AI suggests including a flouncy sundress for daytime activities and warmer weather. This effortless number can be worn as a beach cover up, to a nice dinner, or during a day of taking in the sights of a new city, so you’ll never feel ill prepared for any occasion with this tucked into your packing cubes. It’s lightweight and airy so you won’t be bogged down by heavy materials in the sweltering summer heat, and a wide open tie-back is the icing on the cake of this effortlessly cool and carefree piece.

Lightweight Cardigan


When it comes to selecting the best layer to add to your suitcase during the warmer months, a loose and flowy cardigan will never do you wrong. From the plane to an overly air conditioned restaurant, this breezy sweater is perfect to quickly warm you up, and it can be thrown into your bag or around your shoulders while taking up minimal space. Even when you’re embarking on a tropical getaway, it’s still essential to have a top layer at the ready, and the loose, relaxed knit of this piece makes it a must-have addition to any wardrobe to address unexpected chill in style. 

Comfortable Sandals


Narrowing down your footwear options for travel is no small feat, but according to AI, a pair of comfortable sandals should not be left out of the running. This supportive pair is designed with footbeds made from yoga mats for truly unparalleled comfort, while the adjustable straps allow for the perfect fit every time. These sandals are especially well-suited for traveling since they can be worn hiking, sightseeing, or during long hours at the airport — after all, versatility is the name of the game when it comes to your capsule wardrobe. 

White Sneakers


It’s no secret that our editors at T+L can’t get enough of white sneakers for traveling, so it came as no surprise that AI was in agreement that they’re an obvious choice for one of the two pairs of shoes you might need on your next trip. This ultra-cushy pair from Rocket Dog is on my radar as a new addition to my shoe collection since they’re designed with comfort in mind, and padded heels and breathable canvas uppers make these shoes practically perfect for the summertime, taking me from day to night without ever causing blisters. Best of all, they’ll look great when paired with any of the other pieces in this capsule wardrobe, so I know they’ll get plenty of wear.

Bathing Suit


It’s never a bad idea to throw a bathing suit into your suitcase depending on where you’re headed this summer, and this sleek one-piece with a tasteful cutout in the mid-section is my top choice right now considering that the $36 suit has earned a whopping 8,200 five-star ratings at Amazon for it’s flattering fit and comfortable design. The bottom of the swimsuit provides full coverage which is always a plus, while the criss-cross top provides ample support. So, if you end up signing up for any aquatic activities like surfing or rafting during your next vacation, you’ll be happy to have a one-piece at the ready.



The final — and perhaps most obvious — item that should find its way into your summer capsule wardrobe is a comfy loungewear set that you can wear anywhere from the airplane to the city streets, and even to bed (provided you wash it first!). Since the weather is heating up, I’m opting for a short-sleeve and shorts combo which will keep me looking and feeling cool, and paired with the sneakers or sandals and even a loose-fitting cardigan, this is an outfit that I’ll feel confident sightseeing in. This tracksuit set is made with a loose waffle knit that will feel as soft as a cloud against my skin, and I especially love the drawstring and elastic waistband so I can achieve a supremely comfortable and relaxed fit with every wear.

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