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Why You Need To Visit Mercato Centrale Roma – Rome – Hand Luggage Only

As you know, I’ve got a proper soft spot for everything Italian… especially when it comes to beautiful Rome. It’s one of those timeless cities that has so much history but also so many new spots and jaunts to explore. And guess what, Mercato Centrale Roma is one of those spots. 🇮🇹

What is Mercato Centrale Roma?

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Perched right within the Roma Termini train station, it’s a pretty new (and totally hunger-inducing) spot that’s gotta be on your foodie trail in Rome.

Yes, there are literally tons of choices for food in the city, but the thing I love most about Mercato Centrale Roma its take on bringing authentic and traditional food in the most amazing setting.

Best of all, they serve up some pretty epic food that I know you’ll love. It’s almost as if you’ve arrived within an Aladdin’s cave of stalls, restaurants and stands that’ll have your mouth watering in no time.

Is Mercato Centrale Roma just for food shopping?

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Definitely not. There’s a whole host of amazing produce to buy, but as a visitor to the city, you’ll no doubt want to chow-down at the Oliver Glowig’s restaurant (“Il Tavolo, il vino e la dispensa”) and a whole heap of stalls to gorge at.

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It’s the kind of place you can come for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Heck, anytime! 

What are the stalls at Mercato Centrale Roma?

So, this is the fun part… deciding on where to eat! Now, you’re going to be spoilt for choice.

For instance, you can get some of the best Sicilian treats from Carmelo Pannocchietti, try out some of Egidio Michelis’s freshly-made pasta and Luca Boccoli’s selection of award-winning wines,

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Better yet, you can pop into spots like, Il Tartufo (that’s from Savini) and home to some of the best truffles in the region. They work with around 650 truffle hunters, which means they’ve always got a great stockpile to choose from.

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If it’s gelato you’re after, pop into Il Gelato where Luca Veralli creates some of the highest-quality organic and locally sourced ingredients. Honestly, it’s where you’ll find some of the softest and creamiest gelatos.

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Alternatively, you can pop over to Il Ramen where Akira Yoshida conjures up some of the tastiest Ramen in Rome. Best of all, there’s one for every taste; If you want strong flavours then try Black Shoyu ramen, for ‘softer’ flavours try Shio ramen and if you’re feeling brave, go for the Red Spicey ramen. You won’t be disappointed.

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If it’s coffee you’re after, pop into La Caffetteria that prides itself on serving up some of the freshest roasts from around the world. Their philosophy centres around getting the best beans for each season, meaning no coffee will be the same after a few months. It really is special.

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And if it’s pizza you’re searching for, look no further than Gabriele Bonci’s, Il pane e la pasticceria. He’s known across Italy for his yummy pizza. He’s pretty well known in Italy, with some considering him the Michelangelo of pizza! This is a pizza lovers dream spot.

What are the opening times?

Mercato Centrale Roma is open all day from around 8 am in the morning (for you early risers) until midnight (for you night owls).

Is Mercato Centrale in Rome easy to find?

It’s very easy and totally convenient. As I mentioned, it’s based right within Roma Termini train station, making it so easy to visit. It’s the perfect spot to visit if you’re in the area, changing trains or even catching the bus to the airport (the stop is right opposite the market).

What else is close by Mercato Centrale Roma?

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Loads of things, actually. Make sure to make a stop at the incredible, Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, see Piazza Venezia and see if you can spot the Trevi Fountain behind the crowds. 🤣

After filling up at Donato Scardi’s “II Sushi”, pop over to the Roman Forum and Colosseum that’s so iconic in the city. You’re gonna love your visit!

Oh yeah, and in my opinion, I think it’s probably best to visit here at the very start or end of your epic trip to Rome. It’s just so easily situated next to all the transport links. In truth, it’ll be hard to miss it.

Now go fill your tummy! 😋

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