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Civil Service Exam: Where and How to Get CSE Application Forms

Obtaining a Civil Service Examination (CSE) Application Form is convenient and straightforward, with several accessible avenues available.

What is a Civil Service Examination

What are the Civil Service Exam Application Forms

Career Service Examination-Professional

Career Service Examination-SubProfessionaI

Fire Officer Examination (FOE)

Penology Officer Examination (POE)

Basic Competency on Local Treasury Examination (BCLTE)

Career Service Examination for Foreign Service Officer (CSE-FSO)

Intermediate Competency on Local Treasury Examination (ICLTE)

Sample CS Form

Here’s a sample CSE form for Career Service Examination-Professional:

CSC Regional or Field Offices

Visit any Civil Service Commission (CSC) Regional or Field Office nearest to you to acquire a physical copy of the application form.

CSC Website

Download the application form directly from the official website of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) at The website provides easy access to printable versions of the application form.

Authorized Government Offices

Some government offices, such as designated CSC Regional or Field Offices, may distribute application forms to interested individuals upon request.

Mobile CSC Application

Utilize the CSC’s mobile application, if available, to fill out and submit the application form digitally through your mobile device.

Public Libraries or Barangay Halls

Check with local public libraries or Barangay Halls, as they may have copies of the application form available for distribution to the public.

By exploring these avenues, applicants can easily obtain a Civil Service Examination Application Form and take the first step towards pursuing a career in the civil service sector.

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Where to Submit the Application

Submit your completed application form to the CSC office of your choice. (You may check this directory to find the one closest to you.) Once at the office, you will be asked to sign and stamp your thumbprint on the form. Once your application is accepted, pay the test fee at the cashier, where they will also give you your examination slip.

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