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Celebrity Edge Cruise – What To Know Before Booking – Hand Luggage Only

The Celebrity Edge is one of the newer ships from Celebrity Cruises to head out on. After our amazing Celebrity Cruise in Alaska, I was so excited to hop onboard the Celebrity Edge cruise to see what all the hype was about.

If you’re planning a  trip on a Celebrity Edge cruise, then there are quite a few things to know, especially as it differs from most of the other ships that are currently sailing. I mean, it’s the newest ship on the sea and it’s a whole new ballgame compared to the other ships.

For starters, the staterooms have 25 percent more indoor space due to their retractable windows/balconies. They’re airy and modern, plus the restaurants are destinations in themselves. Oh, and they have this one-of-a-kind Magic Carpet too, which literally hangs of the edge of the ship!

And you know what, that’s why I wanted to show you around the ship a little and give you a few tips and pointers from what we learned about the staterooms, the best restaurants and bars to try, and the entertainment too.

Celebrity Edge Cruise

Take a look below at the best things to know before heading on your own Celebrity Edge cruise. ⚓️

The staterooms and suites

Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like? (21)

Okay, so one of the most important things for me on a cruise is the accommodation itself.

The Celebrity Edge Cruise ship has around six different categories of staterooms and suites, meaning you’re bound to find at least one that’ll take your fancy.

Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like? (66)

Suite Class: The crème de la crème of accommodation onboard the Celebrity Edge Cruise ship are the suites. Perched on the higher floors, the suites are an indulgent place to call home whilst onboard.

Each suite has its own floor to ceiling windows and all are designed slightly different meaning that they’re all one of a kind.

Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like? (75)

On top of the indoor suite space, each suite has its own private plunge pool, sundeck and personal butler! There’s even the option to have private dining in your suite too.

Now, within the suite category, you can also choose from the Penthouse, the royal, Celebrity and Sky Suites, all of which are slightly different and totally gorgeous.

Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like? (76)

Aqua Class staterooms: Each of the Aqua Class Staterooms onboard the Celebrity Edge Cruise has their own infinite balcony which is (personally) one of my favourite things about the Celebrity Edge Cruise ship itself.

Now, you see, usually you have just an outside space for the balcony onboard, but the Celebrity Edge Cruise ship is totally different.

Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like? (78)

What they’ve done is to use allow the balcony glass to fully close (when you want) to create much more space in the stateroom itself.  On top of that, each Aqua Class stateroom has unlimited and complimentary access to the SEA thermal suite that’s within the spa. You’ll be popping to the spa every day… I guarantee it!

Concierge Class staterooms: Concierge Class staterooms are identical to Balcony staterooms but they tend to be on higher floors and have most expenses are taken care of within the rate you pay.

Balcony staterooms: The Balcony Staterooms are the gorgeous rooms that still have the infinite balcony (and extra space that comes with it, the same as the Aqua Class and Concierge Class staterooms. It’s also designed in those bright and airy pastels that’s quite a bit different from other ships.

It means that the staterooms feel quite a bit bigger, which is a big bonus when you’re on a cruise.

Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like? (62)

Oceanview staterooms: The Oceanview Staterooms offer pretty much the same space and design as the Balcony Staterooms, just without the balcony. This is a good option to choose if you find you’re never using the balcony or you spend lots of your outdoor time on the main decks themselves.

Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like? (32)

Interior Staterooms: The interior staterooms still have the same designs as all the other staterooms, just without a window or balcony (which often makes the rooms a bit more affordable too).

This is the perfect room to book if you’re not that bothered about a view from your room. And let’s be honest, you only have to go to the deck to enjoy some gorgeous views.


Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like? (15)

Okay, so on board the Celebrity Edge cruise ship is a whole heap of restaurants and speciality dining venues to gorge at during your trip.

Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like? (16)

From what I remember, there are over 40 different spots on board the ship to grab a bite to eat! Some of my favourites are:

Eden: For me, hands down, my favourite is Eden… it’s a spot where you can spend a whole evening in itself. Filled with a nature-inspired menu, you’ll be filled to the brim with some of the best grub. Best of all, you’ll be surrounded by performers who bring the whole experience to life.

Talking about the menu, you’ll be offered courses like ‘Raindrops’, ‘Tidal Pool’, or ‘Morning Dew’ which include ingredients like basil sorbet, seared wagyu beef and Aloe. Without sounding too cheesy, the concept of Eden really is a sensory journey in itself.

There is a cover charge of around $65USD per person for Eden, but it’s well worth it.

Sushi on 5: Another yummy spot I loved was Sushi on 5. They’ve got a massive mix of sashimi, uramaki, nigiri and temaki to choose from. Now, I was once told (from a sushi chef) that those best sushi restaurants will always have freshly grated wasabi available and offered to diners. And guess what, you can get that here! It tastes slightly sweeter than the paste wasabi and is totally delicious.

Le Petit Chef: Okay, so I’d only ever been to a restaurant like this in Soho, London before now. Le Petit Chef is an experience in itself, where you sit at your table and watch the animations take over the cooking, preparing and presenting your food. It’s a genius idea! The cover charge for Le Petit Chef is around $55 each.

Alternatively, there’s a whole heap of other cafes, restaurants and bars that offer every type of cuisine imaginable.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit the gelato station near the Oceanview Cafe.. they make their own waffle cones right in front of you!

The bars 

Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like? (7)

Okay, so there are a whole heap of bars when you hop on board a Celebrity Edge cruise. Honestly, there are enough spots to head to a new bar on each night of your cruise (well, about 11 at least).

There are actually around eleven different bars to choose from whilst you’re on board, each with their own theme and drinks. for instance:

Café al Bacio: Here, they serve up some fresh brews, yummy cakes and lots of sweet treats (I’m addicted to their cookies, you gotta try them).

Eden: Eden is between a theatre and a cool bar, with artists, music and lights making this a really cool place for cocktails in the evening. Oh, and make sure to try their mezcal cocktails which are totally amazing (all served up in a smoking box).

The Club: need I say more! This is where you’ll find the DJ, lots of people and a whole heap of energy. We spent the wee hours here on one of our nights and totally loved it.

The Martini Bar: Situated in the Grand Plaza (which you can’t miss), the Martini Bar is one stunning bar to visit on your Celebrity Edge cruise. The bar itself focuses on, you guessed it, Martini cocktails. Make sure to try their Lemondrop… they’re amazing!

Of course, there are quite a few more bars to choose from, which I’m almost certain you’ll find as you explore the Celebrity Edge cruise ship.

The Spa 

Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like? (26)

The spa onboard the Celebrity Edge cruise ship is possibly one of my favourite on the ship. In truth, the spa doesn’t even feel like you’re on a ship at all. Filled with crystals, saunas, steam rooms and rain rooms, the whole spa has a heap of amazing ways to chill out and relax.

Onboard, they’re also introducing hot yoga and a huge gym (that I can’t say I used). I mean, I really want to be the kind of person that can go to the gym whilst on vacation… but I just can’t do it! Ha!

The Resort Deck

Okay, so pretty self-explanatory but the deck is the top part of the Celebrity Edge cruise ship and offers 365 views across each side of the ship. That being said, there’s also a gorgeous pool (indoor and outdoor) and the huge 2-storey hot tubs that overlook the whole deck itself.

What I love most about the Resort Deck is that it isn’t just rammed full of bed and chairs! There are private cabanas, lounging spots and a rooftop garden too! We spent a whole afternoon chilling out by the pool and garden (With a cocktail in hand, naturally). 😉

The Shops

Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like? (10)

Not going to go into too much detail here but there’s a whole heap of shops onboard the Celebrity Edge cruise ship. They’ve also got exclusive collections from designers like Marc Jacobs and Jo Malone, too.

Truth be told, I didn’t really spend too long wandering around the shops, but they definitely have a pretty high-end selection, so you won’t be stuck for choice here.


Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like? (60)

Okay, this is where you get spoilt for choice with things to do onboard your Celebrity Edge cruise.

For instance, the theatre has a massive stage and moving backdrops and interactive light displays that go all around the venue. It’s so cool to see, especially when watching one of the shows like; Kaleidoscope or the Jewelry Box shows.

Another place for entertainment is Eden (remember I mentioned in the ‘bar’ section). Honestly, this is a show in itself and I tell everyone that’s hopping on board the Celebrity Edge cruise ship to make sure they spend some time here.

Pop to the bar for a drink, watch the performers from above, beside and next to you and have an amazing evening. It’s one of my favourite areas of the ship.

Alternatively, head over to the resort deck (with all the family-friendly activities) and the cinema and live music too. That being said, if you fancy a night of dancing, then get yourself over to the club for some after-hours fun. It’s surprisingly big and much more than I expected.

Again, like I keep saying… try their cocktails! 😉

The Magic Carpet

Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like? (20)

Okay, so the Magic Carpet is the world’s first floating platform which the big wigs at Celebrity have installed on the Celebrity Edge cruise ship.

Initially, the Magic Carpet was meant to just be a way to embark and disembark the ship at certain ports, but over time it’s found another use too!

As the Magic Carpet can rise the whole length of the ship, it stops off at different floors on different days where they host dinners, performances and cocktail bars. All whilst floating over the side of the ship.

Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like? (19)

It’s best to head here around sunset, especially if the Magic Carpet is facing west when sailing.

You’ll get some of the best sunsets over the ocean for sure.

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Celebrity Edge Cruise: What Is It Really Like?

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