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Travel Do’s and Don’ts As a Tourist in France

The romance and mystery of France, the enthralling French culture, the stunning architecture, and the world-famous French cuisine are all factors that make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Lovers flock to Paris to proclaim their love under the looming Eiffel Tower. Food-lovers rush to the quaint cafes scattered all about the streets of France to try out their instagrammable dishes. Families and enthusiasts explore all the depths of rich history and culture that France has to offer. France has something to offer to anyone who chooses to travel to it and promises them an enjoyable and relaxing holiday experience.

The French are amicable, but as a tourist, you have the responsibility to understand the culture and figure out what to do or what not to do while you’re in France. This article will serve as your guide for this.

The Dos:

Dress Accordingly

The French are very particular when it comes to fashion. You’ll see men and women wearing their best even when they’re on the streets. While you can choose to wear whatever you want, it’s always good to try and fit into the culture, so you aren’t labeled a tourist as soon as you set foot on the road.

This will not only help you fit in, but it will also expand your fashion sense and allow you to explore French culture more thoroughly. However, if you aren’t comfortable with the idea, wearing clothes from your own country isn’t offensive to the French. You might open yourself up to stares, but that’s about it!

Tipping is Important

Tipping forms an important part of French culture. Tips are encouraged and expected. If you’re at a restaurant, rounding up your bill is the way to go. A 5% tip is another alternative that you can use. 

Tipping airport porters, the concierge and maids at your hotel, and even taxi drivers is customary. However, remember that this is entirely dependent on their service. Nobody will expect you to give out a tip for bad service.

Use Appropriate Greetings

While everyone knows about Bonjour and Bonsoir as the two commonest French greetings, it is important to know that the French like to shake hands upon meetings. 

Unlike the Americans, French people also expect to be addressed as Monsieur, Madame, or Mademoiselle, depending on their age and marital status. Not using these is considered disrespectful, but you can get away with it if you apologize for not knowing enough about the culture. 

The Don’ts

Don’t Ignore Table Manners! 

The French are very sophisticated when it comes to eating. They have a set of unspoken rules that everyone is expected to follow. 

Never eat with your fingers in France! Always use the utensils you are given, even if you’re eating at McDonald’s. It is also important to remember eating on the streets is not encouraged in France. 

Another rule you might not be familiar with is how the French eat their bread. Don’t bite the entire piece of bread; you’re expected to break off a small piece and then eat that instead. 

Don’t Expect Punctuality

French culture is very laid back. Even though the people are very hard working and pride themselves over productivity, punctuality isn’t their best quality. 

Even if you’re waiting for an important business meeting, it is okay to be a few minutes late. No one in France expects you to be entirely on time. This especially holds true for meeting with new French friends as a tourist as well. 

Don’t Forget The Flower Rule

A little bizarre, but an important rule nonetheless, if you’ve met someone in France who you’re planning to give flowers to, remember that the French expect you to give them an odd number of flowers.

The background of this rule is debatable, but since it’s an easy one to remember, it’s okay to follow it regardless. Just keep in mind that thirteen is unlucky! Other than that, all odd numbers work.

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If you, as a tourist keep in mind this rule, you’ll stun the French with the knowledge and respect you have for their culture.

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