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The BEST things to do in Holbox

Start the day early with a sunrise tour kayaking through the mangroves. The Mangroves in Yum Balam Nature Reserve can be found on the south side of Holbox, and it’s an absolutely stunning place to explore: from spotting wildlife like flamingos, pelicans, tiger rays and even crocodiles. The tour takes around 3hrs and leaves about an hour before sunrise.

After your tour, head over to the town for a well-earned breakfast! El Cafecito or Painopol are two great options, the former being more affordable.

As you’re already in town, take the opportunity to explore the local street art. From El Cafecito walk along Calle Pedro Joaquin Codwell, and you’ll start to spot a large number of murals on your way to Calle Esmedregal. Holboxeno has the full list of locations of all the murals in Holbox. You can read about it here.

While on your street art walk, make sure to check out some of the shops in and around the town centre. There are some great places to buy beach, resort wear, and arts and crafts.

Have lunch somewhere in town as the rest of the afternoon will be spent on the other side of the island, towards Punta Cocos! How you decide to get there will be completely up to you, either by bike or on a golf buggy. Budget-wise, bikes are more affordable; however, driving a golf buggy across the island sounds much more fun if you’re anything like me. Hop into one of the golf buggy rental shops listed above (El Cachorro or Monkeys) and opt for a half-day hire.

As Punta Cocos only has hammocks and nowhere else on the beach to escape the sun, I advise taking your golf buggy to a beach bar along the coast between the town centre and Punta Cocos. A good option is Maruva Beach Club.

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