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Travel Experts Share Their Picks For The Hottest Cities To Visit In 2023

There are amazing places all over the world for every kind of tourist, but there are a few cities that absolutely everyone should see.

Recently, experts in the field of travel have discussed this topic on different platforms. Then we compiled a list of the best cities you should visit this year. If you have not been there yet, you should definitely cross these places off your list this year:

Medellín, Colombia

According to Forbes, Colombia is one of the best destinations in Latin America in 2023, and Medellin is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. This city experienced a meteoric rise in popularity in 2022, as tourism increased by 41% compared to the pre-pandemic levels.

Tokyo, Japan

Girl in Tokyo

Since the dollar’s increase in power, the yen’s sharp decline has made Japan one of the top places to travel as soon as feasible. Tokyo, the nation’s capital, provides a wonderful window into Japanese culture.

New York City, USA 

There is something unique about this city that is hard to find elsewhere. It has fantastic pizza and cheesecake, outstanding Broadway performances, amazing buildings, and famous movie locations. 

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Turkey

Turkey has become very famous recently, and many tourists want to visit Istanbul in particular. Travelers will find in this city interesting “chaos” and distinctive architecture with a long history, according to New York Times.

Bergamo And Brescia, Italy

These two cities are connected by their recent designation as the 2023 Italian Capital of Culture. The two stunning Lombardy cities of Bergamo and Brescia, which are on the New York Times’ list of places to visit in 2023, will celebrate this year’s new title with festivals, art endeavors, events, and mouthwatering cuisine. Each city has its own character, and tourists can discover the local natural beauty, various tours, and amazing experiences.

Berlin, Germany

berlin germany

The capital of Germany has a lot to offer visitors, especially those seeking out entertaining settings and intercultural encounters. excellent sights, fashionable people, and fantastic festivals. Nomadic Matt, a blogger and novelist, calls it “wild and raucous but also sophisticated and cool.”

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