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How to Fix Smart SIM Registration Error Message

You can’t proceed with your SIM registration because of errors and failures of attempts? This guide will help you solve this problem with Smart (might work to Globe and DITO, too)!

In this guide, I will elaborate the steps I followed to try to fix a failed SIM registration I have experienced with Smart recently.


First, this is the reason why I am a bit frustrated with my SIM and mobile number. The SIM Card Registration Act or RA 11934 mandates all SIM card users, both existing and new, to register their SIM cards with their respective telecommunications providers starting December 27, 2022.
All local SIM cards, including eSIMs, are covered by the SIM Card Registration Act. All SIM card owners are required to register their SIM cards within 180 days from the date of the law’s effectivity. Failure to register your current or new Smart Prepaid SIM card within the specified period will result in deactivation, making it useless for voice calls, internet access, text messaging, and other mobile services. SIM card registration is totally free of charge.

Chat with a Smart Customer Service Representative

So here’s what I did to get to a Customer Service Representative:

In this moment, I spoke to Jane, one of Smart’s customer service representative. I explained the problem and elaborated the things I have taken to try to resolve it. As Smart’s website suggests, Jane also recommended for me to try again the SIM registration from the scratch. But with her on chat, I got the same error message. Jane assisted me along the way (took us 20 minutes) and we tried to figure out.

I also mentioned that I was able to register my second number without any hassle.

After almost 30 minutes of chatting with her, apparently, there’s also nothing they can do about it and advised me this:

It was very sad to know that my main number can’t be registered and in a few months, it can be deactivated because I am getting this same error message whenever I try to register.

Imagine the hassle of you being required to change mobile number for OTPs and account verification.


Is there any other way to fix Smart SIM Registration Error?

As of now, the only way we can do is RETRY. Yup, try and try until (I don’t know when) we finally get our SIM registered.

There’s nothing wrong about trying again. Maybe, for me it just really didn’t work. I will update this blog once I get a “real” resolution.

By the way, I also have a Globe SIM and I successfully registered it last week in 1 attempt. So far, Globe is doing good.

If you haven’t registered your SIM yet, you can read any of the following guides for your SIM registration:

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