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6 Reasons Why North Miami Beach is Prone to Car Accidents

There has been a lot of discussion about the number of crashes involving cars and pedestrians in North Miami Beach. Other reports have noted that this is not just a local problem but one prevalent nationwide. Several issues must be examined to come up with solutions to this ongoing problem. The bright side is that you can get compensation for your injuries through personal injury law in Miami. You need to search for an experienced car accident attorney in North Miami to help you file the claim

1. Pedestrians

With between 5,000 and 10,000 people walking on the streets daily. There are a lot of people to deal with when talking about traffic congestion and even more when trying to avoid hitting them. It is estimated that there are approximately 10,000 pedestrians crossing streets daily in North Miami Beach. The problem is that they can get distracted while doing so; they may be focused on something completely unrelated to cars and traffic. Some of these pedestrians are texting while walking. Others may be talking on the phone or interacting with their pets. It can lead to some dangerous situations. 

2. Driving under the influence

Various studies have concluded that a significant number of car accidents in North Miami Beach are caused by drunk driving. The numbers are among the highest in the nation for this problem. One of many reasons for this is due to the numerous bars and clubs that are located in the city. Also, the city has many individuals who abuse alcohol and drugs, which can lead to them being distracted while driving.

3. Senior citizens

It has resulted in a large number of traffic accidents involving senior citizens. Most of these are caused by the elderly either not paying attention while doing something or just falling asleep at the wheel. It is an issue that needs to be dealt with immediately as the population of senior citizens grows daily. The problem of senior citizens driving in North Miami Beach is big. These individuals are considered to be more prone to accidents due to their age and possible physical and mental issues they may have.

4. The weather

North Miami Beach is somewhat unpredictable, making it more likely to have traffic accidents because drivers are still determining what to expect daily. When it rains, there are more traffic accidents than usual due to heavy downpours and flooding that cause visibility issues for drivers and pedestrians alike. It is difficult for drivers to see pedestrians in the wet road conditions of rain and snow. The point of pedestrians and those who drive need to be aware that the weather will play a significant role in potential accidents.

5. Jaywalking.

Yes, jaywalking is a huge problem in North Miami Beach. When a person suddenly crosses the road where they are not allowed, accidents happen. It is because the car drivers don’t expect jaywalking. When there are no crosswalks, car drivers tend to be more casual.

6. The size of North Miami Beach

It is much larger than most cities in the area, which creates more traffic and potential accidents. If a driver gets stuck in traffic regularly, this can lead to more frustration which can lead them to speed up the car, which could lead to a severe incident when heading the wrong way down an intersection or onto a roadway they should not be on while driving there.

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