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OOPS! Florida Airports Some Of The Worst In The U.S.

Many Americans wish to travel more frequently in 2023, with travel being one of the top New Year’s resolutions every year. However, air travel can be a stressful experience, especially when flight delays and cancellations occur.  

According to The Bureau of Transportations Statistics, there were 1,042,056 delayed flights in the US in 2022, but which airport had the most?  

Vacation experts at Family Destinations Guide have used data from the Bureau of Transportations Statistics to reveal the best (and worst) airports for travel in the US in 2022 by comparing the number of delays in every airport in the US.   

The worst airports for travel in 2022: 

Airport  Location  Flights delayed in 2022 (%)  Flights on time in 2022 (%)  Flights canceled in 2022 (%)  Flight Operations in 2022 
Orlando International Airport  Orlando, Florida  28.24  67.81  3.52  108,330 
Newark Liberty International Airport  Newark, New Jersey  26.51  67.07  5.94  95,832 
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport  Fort Lauderdale, Florida  26.1  70.39  3.1  63,250 
Tampa International Airport  Tampa, Florida  25.48  70.5  3.63  54,909 
Miami International Airport  Miami, Florida  24.4  71.92  3.29  82,341 
Harry Reid International Airport  Las Vegas, Nevada  24.34  73.51  1.96  129,093 
Chicago Midway International Airport  Chicago, Illinois  24.11  72.78  2.81  56,186 
John F. Kennedy International Airport  New York, New York  24.08  71.21  4.42  102,500 
Boston Logan International Airport  Boston, Massachusetts  23.33  72.57  3.94  101,702 
Baltimore/Washington International Airport  Baltimore, Maryland  22.41  73.86  3.56  64,155 

Orlando International Airport in Orlando, Florida, takes first place as the worst airport for travel in 2022, with over a quarter of flights, 28%, delayed. Out of 108,330 operating flights in 2022, over 30,000 were delayed.  

Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey was the second worst airport for travel in 2022, with 26% of flights being delayed. 5% of flights were canceled at this airport, the highest in the US in 2022.  

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida follows closely behind in third place, with 26% of flights canceled.  

The study by Family Destinations Guide also revealed the airports with the fewest delays. 

The best airports for travel in 2022: 

Airport  Location  Flights delayed in 2022 (%)  Flights on time in 2022 (%)  Flights canceled in 2022 (%)  Flight Operations in 2022 
Salt Lake City International Airport  Salt Lake City, Utah  14.18  84.7  1.02  83,390 
Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport  Atlanta, Georgia  16.19  81.88  1.73  237,601 
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport  Seattle, Washington  16.49  81.51  1.79  131,027 
Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport  Minneapolis, Minnesota  16.51  81.84  1.5  91,334 
Detroit Metropolitan Airport  Detroit, Michigan  16.63  81.12  2.2  96,324 
San Francisco International Airport  San Francisco, California  16.64  81.58  1.65  97,638 
George Bush Intercontinental Airport  Houston, Texas  16.67  80.79  2.23  93,954 
Charlotte-Douglas International Airport  Charlotte, North Carolina  17.93  78.53  3.28  144,760 
Washington Dulles International Airport  Washington DC  18  78.79  2.98  41,898 
Chicago O’Hare International Airport  Chicago, Illinois  18.13  78.44  3.13  196,925 

Salt Lake City International Airport in Utah was the best airport for travel in 2022, with just 14% of flights delayed.

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta was the second-best, with just over 16% of flights delayed, followed by Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Seattle, which was also 16%.  

A spokesperson from Family Destinations Guide said: “Flight delays can be stressful, especially if you travel with young children. Delays and cancellations happen for different reasons. It could be bad weather, airport equipment malfunction, or government shutdowns. 

“However, there are ways to avoid flight delays. Flights earlier in the day tend to have fewer delays, so try and book an early flight when possible. You could also try and book flights in the middle of the week, on a Tuesday or Wednesday, rather than a weekend, as fewer people travel on these days. 

“Try and book a non-stop route rather than a layover, as you’re more likely to encounter delays if you need to stop at an additional airport. You can also check the weather before your flight. If bad weather is predicted, this could cause delays or cancellations. Make sure you do this before you head to the airport.” 

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