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What a Tourist Can Do Following a Motorcycle Accident in Florida

Even though it might seem intimidating, getting into a motorbike accident while in Florida is not all that uncommon. Florida is a popular tourist destination in the nation, drawing in millions of visitors each year. Unfortunately, a lot of out-of-state visitors get injured in bike accidents while visiting Florida. Even though individuals might believe that they were to blame for the collision because they were distracted by the views or were unfamiliar with the roads as a tourist, this isn’t necessarily the case.

As a tourist, you have the same rights to financial restitution as Floridians do if another driver’s negligence led to a motorbike accident. You should get medical attention and contact a personal injury attorney from a reputed law firm, such as the Fernandez Firm, who will deal with legal matters on your behalf to recover your full reimbursement. Avoid the temptation to take the insurance adjuster’s first offer, even though you might want to get past the event and resume your vacation. 

Following are a couple of more things you can do as a tourist if you are involved in a biking accident in the sunshine state;

Seek Safety

Following a motorbike accident, you should put your well-being first. Can you move around? If so, pull over and move out of the way of approaching traffic. Spend some time analyzing the surrounding area. Do you see any further threats? Could a different car cause more harm or injuries? Do any of the cars have gasoline leaks? They might start burning at any moment. Stay away from the vehicles if this is the case. Get yourself as soon as possible to a safe location if you see any of these danger indicators. Once you are safe, take another look around. You could feel compelled to relocate your motorcycle at this point. It’s crucial to wait until it’s absolutely necessary to move on with that step. Instead, make an immediate call to law enforcement.

File a Crash Report

You must report the motorbike collision at the earliest. You are required by law to report an accident to the police in several states. It is imperative that you remain at the crime scene. Someone could be charged with hit-and-run if either you or the other driver departs the scene.

The cops will complete a police report when they show up. To support your claims, you will want a duplicate police report. Both your insurance provider and the lawyer for motorcycle accidents will require access to this report.

Make an Assessment of the Damage

Take the opportunity to assess the damages as you wait for the cops to come. Were you hurt at all? The majority of motorcycle riders suffer injuries in accidents. While you’re there, take pictures of your wounds. You can also take photos of the crashed automobiles, as well as any adjacent buildings and street signs. These images will be required by your motorbike injury attorney to support your claim. 

Gather Information

Get the other driver’s information before you leave the accident scene. Take the relevant contact information. Additionally, you can make a note of their insurance and driver’s license details. To strengthen your case, your motorcycle injury lawyer might get in touch with them afterward. Otherwise, snap pictures of your helmet and motorcycle. These pictures can demonstrate how serious the collision was.

See a Physician

Remember to see a doctor. They will examine your wounds and assist you in beginning your treatment as soon as possible. Your insurance claim will also consider their official report. After the accident, be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations.

To hasten your recovery, you must adhere to their treatment regimen. Records of your doctor’s medications, procedures, and other treatment recommendations should be kept in great detail. Keep track of all of your medical bills, as they will account for a major portion of the settlement amount. 

Accidents involving motorcycles are among the worst. Due to limited protection and maximum exposure, these accidents can be fatal at times. However, despite being a tourist, you are entitled to the same protection as the Florida locals. Remember to hire a local attorney, as Florida laws are a bit different than other US states. Make sure the attorney you choose has experience with instances involving motorcycle accidents to win a favorable outcome.

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