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Voltage in the UK (Everything you need to know)

When did the UK change to 240 volts?

In 2003, the voltage used throughout the continent of Europe was set at 230V and 50 Hz. Before this, it was officially 220V in Europe and 240V in the UK.

Why is UK voltage so high?

The answer to this one might surprise you. Apparently, Europe opted for a 230-volt power supply because less copper wire was needed to deliver a higher voltage. This means power companies can deliver a more efficient supply.

Are Type G pin plugs used anywhere outside the UK?

You may wonder if you can use that power adaptor when travelling to other destinations in future. This type of plug – with three pins in a triangle – is also common in some other countries. 

These include Ireland, Malta and Cyprus – as well as places in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Such as Hong Kong, Tanzania, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and more. Some Caribbean islands also use three pin plugs, including St Lucia. They’re also used in the Seychelles.  

Does the UK and Europe have the same type of plugs?

No, it may surprise you to learn that different plugs are used in the UK to those used in Europe. Mostly the Type C plug is used across mainland Europe, whereas Type G is standard in the UK. The good news is that type C adaptors are also compatible with type E, F, J, K and N sockets. 

So if you’re visiting the UK and mainland Europe, then you’ll need to buy two adaptors. Or streamline the whole process by buying one universal adaptor instead. This type can be used all over the world. 

The type C plug is also sometimes referred to as the Euro plug. 

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