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U.S. River Cruise Line Has 11 Different Historic Itineraries

Want to travel but not too far from home? On a Mississippi River cruise with American Cruise Lines, travelers will explore amazing sites and hear fascinating stories about the people and historic events that expanded the United States westward. American Cruise Line’s guests explore the Mississippi river choosing from 11 different itineraries on 5 different ships.

Image: American Cruise Lines

Mississippi River Facts

  • Approximately 40 percent of the continental United States drains into more than 200 tributary rivers into the Mississippi River.
  • The Mississippi river travels 2,350 miles to the Gulf of Mexico
  • The Mississippi is the the largest drainage system of North America.
  • Native Americans have lived and traded along the river for thousands of years.
  • Early European explorers ventured along these waterways, scouting the area for valuable natural resources, agricultural possibilities, and trading opportunities.
  • As the United States began to expand westward down the Ohio River to the Mississippi River, these conduits provided the transportation that enabled migration and economic development.
  • Mississippi river navigation led to the historic 1803 Louisiana Purchase, doubling the size of the United States.
  • In 1806, Lewis and Clark returned from their journey to the Pacific Ocean with detailed information about the area’s geography, topography, soil, weather, resources, animals, native tribes, and much more.

To be a part of the American Cruise Line adventure, call your Cruise Specialist at 888-322-7057 to reserve your Mississippi River cruise today.

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