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Campground Reservations: How to Get the Campsite You Want

You recently purchased a brand-new RV, and you are ready to take your family on an enjoyable camping excursion. Even before purchasing your Class A gas motorhome or other RV, your heart was set on staying at an ideal campsite with a lively atmosphere, captivating wildlife, and various amenities to keep you comfortable and entertained. With numerous digital booking platforms, it can seem overwhelming to find the best campsite. For that, RVT is providing a few tips on how to get the campsite you want for your next grandiose camping adventure.

Plan Ahead

Before reserving a spot at your “ideal” campground, decide what type of adventure you are pursuing. If you are interested in a lively, popular campground, you should seek the most popular campgrounds near common destinations. On the other hand, if you are interested in a rugged, desolate environment, you may need to choose campgrounds off the beaten path. The most ideal campground for you is the one that meets your needs.

Book Well in Advance

In general, it is imperative to reserve a campsite spot for your used Class B+ RV or other camper well in advance. Most RVers agree that it is best to book at least six months in advance, especially if you plan to vacation to a popular destination during peak season. Since these destinations fill up quickly, and attract RVers from all over the country, these campsites can have waiting lists. Make sure to get on the waiting list for your ideal campsite and be ready to book as soon as a spot opens for you.

If you plan to camp during the off-season, booking far in advance may not be a necessity since there are far fewer campers during the late fall and winter seasons. However, you need to research whether certain campgrounds close during the off-season.

Check for Availability

Some campgrounds have more spots available and are open year-round, and thus, more opportunity for you to book a spot. Use various resources, including camping applications, such as Campnab, Campersapp, RVspotdrop, or RV Life Pro to help you search for your ideal campground. Though these applications cost money, they provide RV reservation availability before everyone else. Likewise, if you want to keep an eye on a campground that is already full, some of these applications will notify you when a spot has become available. Checking back with these platforms frequently will help enable you to snag your desired campsite.

A pro tip is to research whether there are any events or festivals around the area during the time you plan on camping – this may also dictate the availability of the campsite and how populated the campsite will be.

Compare Various Booking Platforms

If you do not want to spend money on applications, you can utilize other great booking platforms for seeking your ideal RV campsite. Online platforms, such as,, and, are helpful for finding available campgrounds. Likewise, Kampgrounds of America (KOA) and Thousand Trails are a couple of the more prevalent campgrounds across North America for RVers which can be a great option as well.

Another pro tip – since most RVers will search these major booking sites for campgrounds, it is sometimes advantageous to seek other sites that are less commonly used. For example, certain state parks have their own internal system for reservations. Go directly to the state park’s website to check for availability.

Shorten Your Stay

Oftentimes, RVers enjoy the amenities of a campsite for an extended period of time. Though reserving a campground spot for an entire week may be the most ideal, you may not have as much success finding bookings for a full week. Instead, shorten your stay by a couple days and more options will become available to you. A shorter stay may also open up opportunities to take your new fifth wheel camper or other RV to multiple phenomenal campsites.

Expand Your Search

If you are unable to find an available campsite you desire, it is helpful to expand your search parameters. Though this may seem obvious, if you have your heart set on a specific campground, you may become fixated on specific locations. However, if you search for more campgrounds outside of the area, you may discover other great locations that are ideal for your camping excursion. Keep an open mind as you expand your search.

Now that you’re ready to reserve your dream campsite, make sure you’re in the perfect RV! If you’re ready to upgrade (or downsize) — or if you’re ready to buy your very first motorhome or camper — browse all the new and used vehicles for sale on today.

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