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5 Different Experiences in Dubai You Must Explore

Dubai is one of the places that can truly astound you from every aspect. Over the years, it has made a name for itself as a famous tourist destination, thanks to its iconic skyscrapers, wonderful tourist sites, unequaled adventure activities, and exclusive experiences. 

However, contrary to popular belief, Dubai isn’t just about shopping centers and opulent hotels. A lot of tourists are attracted to this enormous desert city because of several adrenaline-fueling activities and unique desert experiences. Whether you are a quiet wanderlust or an adrenaline junkie, Dubai offers an experience tailored just for you. 

Hence, if you are planning an escapade to Dubai, we hope to help make the process of organizing your vacation a little bit easier with this selection of five must-sees, iconic destinations in Dubai. 

#1 Dubai Desert Safari 

Dubai desert safari is at the top of the list of life experiences you shouldn’t miss, whether you are an adventure fanatic or a calm explorer. Safari offers an exciting experience for all visitors, by clubbing the time-honored custom of camel rides to quad biking and the adventurous dune buggies trip.

Travel services like OceanAir Travels offer the pristine and luxurious desert safari experience at Al Khayma, an exclusive private desert, including a ride in a Vintage G 230 Mercedes from the 1980s that allows passengers to enjoy the visual beauty of the extensive expanses of sand and the different plants and wildlife.  

Aside from that, the desert safari package gives you the chance to enjoy enthralling desert activities such as belly dancing, henna tattooing, and smoking shisha pipes. You may even get a chance to pose for pictures with majestic falcons, Arabian makeovers, and more. Desert safaris are available at two different times, Morning and Evening Desert Safari, and each has its own special features.

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#2 Dubai City Tour

dubai city tourWhat more can provide you a better experience in Dubai than a city tour! Formerly a modest fishing community near Dubai Creek, the city has expanded into a vast metropolis over the years. With a fantastic Dubai City Tour of your choice, you’ll get a chance to witness all the iconic landmarks in Dubai including Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Blue Mosque, Burj Khalifa, and more, even with the company of a guide.

With the city tours, you can enjoy both the historical and new parts of Dubai while saving time on planning your own tour. These sights and discoveries are usually left out of standard itineraries. The conducted tours from travel partners such as OceanAir also offer pick-up and drop-off services from your preferred locations. 

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#3 Quad Bike and Buggy Ride

There is no better alternative than to attempt quad-riding with a dune buggy if you’re looking for a fun-filled adventure in Dubai. As you slide up and down the sand dunes, you’ll get to witness the hidden wonders of the desert from a different perspective.

You can opt to take a thrilling trip around the desert in a quad bike or go on a dune buggy ride, depending on your convenience. And, if you are wondering what the difference between these two vehicles is, a quad bike is a motorcycle with four wheels perfect for off-road driving, whereas a dune buggy is an off-road vehicle with four wheels that resembles a car, and that is completely automatic and lightweight, ideal for rocky desert terrain. 

If you are concerned about safety, worry not. A guide will be instructing you as you glide through the silky white sand!

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#4 Dubai Jet Ski

Jet skiing is the ideal sport for you if you’re one of those enthusiastic individuals that never gives up the chance to try something unique, exciting, and daring. It can be an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience to ride a jet ski through splashing water, while the sun shines bright above, and the roar of the motor fuels the adrenaline. 

As you immerse in the thrill of a jet ski ride, you’ll have a variety of picturesque sights to enjoy all around you, such as the panoramic views of iconic skyscrapers including the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and more. Besides, if you want a company to ride with you, you can even opt for a shared jet ski option too! So, are you all set to hit the sea?

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#5 Bedouin Experience at Al Marmoom

Guest experiencing Arabic cultureWhat about spending some time at the largest un-fenced nature conservation reserve in Dubai? Sounds exciting, right? Al Marmoom oasis is a real gem and is home to several native flora and fauna.

The Al-Marmoom oasis experience demonstrates the ideal nomadic way of life. Additionally, a trip to the Bedouin village can give you a better idea of what Dubai was like in the past. Indulge in Dubai’s rich cultural heritage and customs as you wander through the traditional village. You may enjoy the taste and watch how Arabic coffee is made in real-time from this experience.

And, while at the village, how about enjoying a traditional Emirati breakfast or dinner? Yes, you have the option to choose those too!

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If you are thinking this is about Dubai, you’re mistaken. Dubai mesmerizes you in different ways, no matter where you go in the city. From the enormous sand dunes to the Dubai desert safari to the serene, and unspoiled time spent at the tent within the natural reserve, everything is magical in Dubai. And, if you want to make your Dubai vacation unique, we’ve sorted it out for you here!

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