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International Hunting & Shooting Days 2022: Schmidt & Bender


International Hunting & Shooting Days 2022: Schmidt & Bender

Although the company is better known for its tactical and sporting optics, Schmidt & Bender also counts hunters among its customers and offers products that meet their needs. The newly introduced 3-18×42 riflescope is one of them. In a way, it is a successor to the previous 56mm magnification models. Due to the growing popularity of infrared and night vision devices, these are now less in demand than they used to be. The 3-18×42 takes this development into account. It’s considered an all-rounder, but due to the magnification it is better suited for stalking and long distances than for driven hunts. If desired by the shooter, it can be retrofitted with a ballistic tower which makes handling easier and allows for quicker readjustments. A feature that can also be found in other optics of the latest generation. Particular attention was also paid to making the optics as compact as possible. This is to facilitate the use on a tilting barrel rifle.

  • Length (mm/in): 328 | 12.91
  • Main Tube Diameter (mm/in): 30 | 1.18
  • Mount System: Ring or LMZ rail mount
  • Weight (g/oz): 680-700 | 23.99-24.69
  • Magnification: 3-18x
  • Objective Diameter (mm)/(in): 42 | 1.65
  • Field of View (m/100 m)/(ft/100 yd): 14.5 – 2.4 | 43.5 – 7.2*
  • Field of View (°): 8.3 – 1.4**

Schmidt & Bender

If you would like something more tactical, you can opt for the Schmidt & Bender 6-36×56 PM II. Although not primarily designed for hunting, it still has the necessary characteristics to be used in this role. Especially for shots from medium distance to extreme long range. Parallax lighting in particular has also made it popular with hunters. Of course, the strength of the lighting is freely adjustable.

Another important reason is the change in the crosshairs. In contrast to older models, the aiming point is now displayed as a single point inside, very similar to most red dot sights. This should not only make it easier to visually fix the target, but also improve the general view of it. Changes are more visible and can be perceived more quickly, which is a great advantage, especially when hunting.

  • Length (mm/in): 390 | 15.36
  • Main Tube Diameter (mm/in): 34 | 1.34
  • Mount system: Ring or LMZ rail mount
  • Weight (g/oz): 940-995 | 33.16-35.1
  • Magnification: 6-36x
  • Objective Diameter (mm)/(in): 56 | 2.21
  • Field of View (m/100m)/(ft/100yd): 7.3-1.25 | 21.9-3.8
  • Field of view (°): 4.2 – 0.72

Schmidt & Bender

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