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Georgia DNR Lake Allatoona Blueback Herring Proposal

Georgia DNR Lake Allatoona Blueback Herring Proposal

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division is looking for input from Anglers and other interested citizens on a proposed new amendment change for blueback herring and fishing regulations in Lake Allatoona.

You can review the proposal documents in their entirety at Proposed Fishing Regulation. The gist of the proposal is allowing the use of blueback herring in Lake Allatoona. Blueback herring are a popular baitfish for targeting spotted bass, striped bass, and hybrid bass in a few Georgia reservoirs. The issue lies with they are not a native species, originally native to the Atlantic coastal waterways of the eastern United States and Canada. These fish were introduced into several of the large reservoirs inland around the state. While they are a popular food source for some species, they have a bad habit of eating eggs of other native species like largemouth bass and sunfish species. This problem is why the use of blueback herring as bait is regulated and prohibited in many bodies of water around the state of Georgia.

The new proposal for Lake Allatoona is to allow anglers to legally possess and use blueback herring as bait, as of now that act is prohibited. But based on new biological surveys by the Wildlife Resources Division they have now found that blueback herring have been established for longer than originally thought in Lake Allatoona. So please go give the DNR some input before the cutoff of November 30th and let them know what you think of the new proposal.

How to Provide Input:

  • Mail-in: You can mail your comments to GA DNR Wildlife Resources Division/Fisheries Management Section/2067 US Hwy. 278, SE/Social Circle, GA 30025.
  • Phone: You can provide comment by phone at 706-557-3305.

Comments Deadlines:

  • All comments/statements must be received by close of business (4:30 pm EST) on November 30, 2022
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