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List of Basilica Churches in the Philippines (and Where to Find Them!)

, of which there were 1,810 worldwide as of 2019.

Badoc Basilica

The Saint John the Baptist Basilica, also known as the Shrine of La Virgen Milagrosa de Badoc, is a Roman Catholic church in Badoc, in the northern Philippine province of Ilocos Norte.
Badoc Basilica in 2013

The basilica houses the Virgin Milagrosa statue of the Virgin Mary. It is dedicated to John the Baptist and has the title of a minor basilica since 2018. It was built in the 17th century in the Baroque style.

Church founded: 1714

Declared as a basilica: 2018

Location: Brgy Soriano Street, Badoc, Ilocos Norte

Binondo Church

Binondo Church, also known as the Minor Basilica and National Shrine of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz and formerly known as Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish, is located in the District of Binondo, Manila fronting Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz, in the Philippines. This church was founded by Dominican priests in 1596 to serve their Chinese converts to Christianity.
Binondo Church

The original building was destroyed in 1762 by British bombardment. A new granite church was completed on the same site in 1852 however it was greatly damaged during the Second World War, with only the western façade and the octagonal belfry surviving.

Church founded: 1596

Declared as a basilica: July 23, 1992

Location: 1006 Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz, Binondo, 1006 Metro Manila

Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (Batangas City)

Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception is a minor basilica in Batangas City, Philippines. It was made an independent parish in 1614 under the advocation of the Immaculate Conception.
Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

On February 13, 1945, the church was declared a minor basilica of the Immaculate Conception. The declaration was made upon the request of Lipa’s bishop, Alfredo Verzosa. On January 16, 2022, the Basilica was also declared as the Archdiocesan Shrine of Santo Niño de Batangan.

Church founded: 1578 (first temporary church), 1857 present church

Declared as a basilica: February 13, 1945

Location: M.H.Del Pilar, Poblacion, Batangas

Malolos Cathedral

Manaoag Church

The Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag, located on top of a hill in the town, has been canonically affiliated with the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major in Rome since June 2011.

Manaoag Church

The parish encompassing Manaoag and the surrounding towns is administered by the Order of Preachers under the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan. It was officially declared a Basilica in 2015.

Some of the miracles attributed to Our Lady of Manaoag are depicted in murals inside the church’s transepts and nave. The Paschal Chapel beside the south flank of the church has icons of the Black Nazarene similar to that of the Quiapo Church, the Santo Entierro (Dead Christ), and other statues of the Virgin Mary.

Church founded: 1600s by the Augustinians as Santa Monica Chapel, established by Captain Gaspar de Gamboa in 1720

Declared as a basilica: February 2015

Location: Milo St, Manaoag, Pangasinan

Manila Cathedral

The Minor Basilica and Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, also known as the Manila Cathedral (Spanish: Catedral de Manila), is the cathedral of Manila and basilica located in Intramuros, the historic walled city within today’s modern city of Manila, Philippines.
Front view of The Cathedral in Intramuros, Manila as of April 2015

It is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Patroness of the country. The cathedral serves as the episcopal seat of the Archbishop of Manila. On April 27, 1981, Pope John Paul II issued papal bull Quod Ipsum designating the cathedral as a minor basilica by his own Motu Proprio.

Church founded: 1571

Declared as a basilica: April 27, 1981

Location: Cabildo, 132 Beaterio St, Intramuros, Manila

Orani Church

The Roman Catholic church of Orani, declared as an independent parish on April 21, 1714, and also known as Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish Church (“Our Lady of the Rosary of Orani Church”, “Nuestra Señora del Rosario Parish Church”, “Simbahan ng Orani” or “Virgen Milagrosa Del Rosario del Pueblo de Orani Shrine”) is a Neoclassical (heritage) Diocesan Marian Shrine and Pilgrimage church located in the center of Orani, Bataan in the Philippines.
Orani Church façade

The historic bell of the church of the Parish of the beloved Nuestra Señora del Rosario was presented to the public and installed in front of the church on June 7, 1998. It is a symbol of the undying, truthful and timeless faith of the people of Orani to the Lord.

Church founded: April 21, 1714 as an independent parish

Declared as a basilica: September 5, 2019

Location: QFVH+794, Orani, Bataan

Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Charity

The Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Charity, better known as Agoo Basilica, is a Roman Catholic minor basilica in Agoo, La Union, the Philippines dedicated to Our Lady of Charity.
Agoo Basilica

It is the seat of the Santa Monica Parish of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Fernando de La Union under the Vicariate of St. Francis Xavier (Vicar Forane Raul S. Panay). The diocese of San Fernando La Union is part of the territory of the Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia.

The basilica is under the leadership of parish priest Alfonso V. Lacsamana and parish vicar Liberato A. Apusen. It is situated along MacArthur Highway in Agoo, La Union in front of the Jose D. Aspiras Civic Center.

Church founded: 1578

Declared as a basilica: July 15, 1982

Location: Poblacion, Agoo, La Union

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Basilica of Our Lady of Piat

The Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat is one of the Minor Basilicas in the Philippines.

Basilica of Our Lady of Piat

It is located at Poblacion, Piat in the province of Cagayan. The shrine is dubbed as the Pilgrimage Center of Northeast Luzon, and a home to the centuries old brown Madonna, Our Lady of Piat.

Church founded: 

Declared as a basilica: June 22, 1999

Location: QFPJ+R28, Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat Rd, Piat, Cagayan

Peñafrancia Basilica

The Peñafrancia Minor Basilica or the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Peñafrancia is a Roman Catholic minor basilica located on the outskirts of Naga City — also known as the Pilgrim City and Queen City of Bicol — in the Bicol Region of the Philippines.
Peñafrancia Basilica

It is one of the largest Marian pilgrimage sites in Asia. The icon of Our Lady of Peñafrancia is enshrined in this sanctuary. Rev. Fr. Rodel Cajot is the present Rector of the Basilica, having been appointed in 2011. It is the only basilica in the Bicol Region and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Caceres.

Church founded: May 22, 1982

Declared as a basilica: May 22, 1985

Location: Balatas Road, Naga, 4400 Camarines Sur

Immaculate Conception Parish Church (Santa Maria)

The Minor Basilica of La Purísima Concepción, locally known as Santa Maria Church is a Roman Catholic Church located in the municipality of Santa Maria, in the province of Bulacan, Philippines. It is under the coat of arms and jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Malolos and Seat of the Episcopal Vicar of the Eastern District of the Diocese of Malolos.

It was declared by Pope Francis on March 21, 2021 that the parish will be elevated into a Minor Basilica. On November 27, 2021, the church was formally declared as a Minor Basilica which was headed by Charles Brown, the apostolic nuncio to the Philippines.

Church founded: 1793

Declared as a basilica: November 27, 2021

Location: RX97+R72, Santa Maria, 3022 Bulacan

Quiapo Church

The Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene, known canonically as the Parish of Saint John the Baptist and also known as Quiapo Church, is a prominent basilica in the district of Quiapo in the city of Manila, Philippines.
Quiapo Church

The basilica is famous home for the Black Nazarene, a dark statue of Jesus Christ said to be miraculous. The basilica is under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Manila and its current rector is Rev. Fr. Rufino C. Sescon, Jr.

The masses go to Quiapo Church in downtown Plaza Miranda and drop a visit to the Nuestro Señor Jesús Nazareno (a dark figure of Christ carved by a Mexican artist from black wood) whose image, reputedly miraculous, was brought to the country in a Spanish galleon in the 17th century. The Feast of the Black Nazarene on 9 January celebrates the traslación (solemn translation) of the statue to the church from the Church of Saint Nicholas Tolentino.

Church founded: 1586

Declared as a basilica: December 11, 1987

Location: 391, Quiapo, Manila, 1001 Metro Manila

San Sebastian Church (Manila)

The Minor Basilica of San Sebastian, better known as San Sebastian Church or San Sebastian Basilica is a minor basilica of the Roman Catholic Church in Manila, Philippines. It is the church of the Parish of San Sebastian, and also a Shrine of Nuestra Senora del Monte Carmelo, or Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Minor Basilica of San Sebastian

Completed in 1891, San Sebastian Church is noted for its architecture. An example of the Gothic Revival architecture in the Philippines, it is the only steel building church in the Philippines. It was designated as a National Historical Landmark in 1973 and as a National Cultural Treasure in 2011.

Church founded: 1621 first church was built, 1891 the present church was completed

Declared as a basilica: June 24, 1890

Location: Pasaje del Carmen St, Quiapo, Manila, 1001 Metro Manila

Basilica del Santo Niño

The Basílica Menor del Santo Niño de Cebú (Minor Basilica of the Holy Child of Cebú), commonly known as Santo Niño Basilica, is a basilica in Cebu City in the Philippines that was founded in 1565 by Fray Andrés de Urdaneta and Fray Diego de Herrera.
Basílica Menor del Santo Niño de Cebú

It is the oldest Roman Catholic church in the country, allegedly built on the spot where the image of the Santo Niño de Cebú was found during the expedition of Miguel López de Legazpi.

This image of the Child Jesus is the same presented by Ferdinand Magellan to the chief consort of Rajah Humabon on the occasion of their royal Baptism to Roman Catholicism on 14 April 1521. The image was found by a soldier named Juan de Camuz forty years later, preserved in a wooden box, after Legazpi had razed a local village.

When Pope Paul VI made the church a basilica in 1965, he declared it to be “the symbol of the birth and growth of Christianity in the Philippines.” The present building was completed from 1739–1740, and was designated by the Holy See as the “Mother and Head of all Churches in the Philippines”.

Church founded: April 28, 1565

Declared as a basilica: 1965

Location: Pilgrim’s Center, Osmeña Blvd, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

Basilica Minore de Santuario de San Pedro Bautista

The Basilica Menor de San Pedro Bautista (Minor Basilica of Saint Pedro Bautista), also known as the San Francisco del Monte Church is a parish church in the San Francisco del Monte district of Quezon City, in the Philippines.

Basilica Minore de Santuario de San Pedro Bautista

It is one of the oldest churches in the country having founded in 1590. The church is dedicated to its founder Padre Pedro Bautista (Peter Baptist), a Spanish missionary from Ávila, Spain, one of the 26 Christians martyred in Japan in 1597.

Church founded: 1590 (sub-parish)

Declared as a basilica: July 9, 2020

Location: 69 San Pedro Bautista, San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City, 1104 Metro Manila

Sinait Basilica

The Minor Basilica of Saint Nicholas of Tolentino and Shrine of El Santo Cristo Milagroso is a Roman Catholic church in the municipality of Sinait, Ilocos Sur, in northern Philippines. The church is known for housing the El Santo Cristo Milagroso, a life-sized dark-skinned image of crucified Christ.
Sinait Basilica

It is dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Tolentino and is under the administration of the Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia. In May 2021, it was announced that it was granted the title of minor basilica, the 19th in the Philippines and the first in its archdiocese.

Church founded: 1574

Declared as a basilica: September 10, 2021

Location: VF85+638, Sinait, Ilocos Sur


Taal Basilica

The Taal Basilica, canonically known as the Minor Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours, is a minor basilica in the town of Taal, Batangas, in the Philippines, within the Archdiocese of Lipa.
Taal Basilica

It is considered to be the largest church in the Philippines and in Asia, standing 88.6 meters (291 ft) long and 48 meters (157 ft) wide. Martin of Tours is the patron saint of Taal, whose fiesta is celebrated every November 11.

Church founded: 1572

Declared as a basilica: December 8, 1954

Taguig Church

The Saint Anne Parish Church, also known as Santa Ana Church or also known in its formal name as the Minor Basilica and Archdiocesan Shrine of St. Anne, is a Catholic church and minor basilica located in Barangay Santa Ana, Taguig.
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Saint Anne Parish Church

Church founded: 1587

Declared as a basilica: July 26, 2022

Location: 41 Liwayway Street, Santa Ana, Taguig

Tayabas Basilica

The Minor Basilica of Saint Michael the Archangel, commonly known as the Tayabas Basilica, is a Roman Catholic basilica located in Tayabas, Quezon, Philippines under the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lucena. Its titular is Saint Michael the Archangel, whose feast is celebrated annually on September 29.
Facade of Tayabas Basilica

The church is the largest in the province of Quezon; and is built in the shape of a key. Locals often refer to the church as Susi ng Tayabas (“The Key of Tayabas”). The church’s 103-metre (338-foot) aisle also has the longest nave among Spanish colonial era churches in the Philippines.

Church founded: 1585

Declared as a basilica: October 18, 1988

Location: Lopez Jaena Street, Tayabas, 4327 Quezon


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