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SWD Cobray M-11 Machine Gun Converted to Use Calico Mags

POTD: SWD Cobray M-11 Machine Gun Converted to Use Calico Mags

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a classic 1970s sub-machinegun but something is off about it. This is a Cobray M-11 otherwise referred to as the Mac-11 fitted and converted to attach a Calico 50 or 100-round drum to the top. This conversion looks crazy and I would wager it is insane to shoot given the rate of fire of the M-11 and the heavy drum on top. The biggest gripe that anyone ever had with these guns was the rate of fire. An astonishing rate I may add! I have seen claims of emptying a 32-round magazine in less than two seconds. that is absolutely ridiculous and so is this and I love it.

“Originally manufactured by SWD of Atlanta, this M-11 SMG has been fitted with a Calico conversion kit, which takes a Masterpiece Arms style extended M11 upper with short mounting rail and side-cocking and integrates a Liberty 50 front sight/magazine housing and a bolt reconfigured for same, giving the M11 a 50-round capacity. Adjustable post front sight and two-leaf magazine mounted rear sight, with a threaded muzzle, 5-slot accessory rail, “SEMI”/”SMG” selector switch on the left side of the receiver, safety on the left, and a telescoping steel buttstock. Included with the arm is a Calico 100-round drum magazine.”


Lot 1546: Swd M11 Full Transferrable Smg w/Calico Drum Conversion – Swd Cobray M-11 Sub-Machine Gun, Class Iii/Nfa Registered Fully Transferrable, with Calico Liberty 50 Magazine Conversion and Two Magazines. (n.d.). Rock Island Auction Company. photograph. Retrieved September 20, 2022, from

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