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HatsanUSA Introduces New Vortex Big-Bore Slugs


PCP Air rifles are considered by many to be very accurate slug throwers suitable for hunting and target shooting. While the method of hunting adds an extra layer of difficulty to the activity, airguns still tend to be favored in states with restrictive gun laws, or where hunting with firearms is not permitted. HatsanUSA is proud to introduce its latest offering of quality ammunition by way of its new Vortex Big-Bore Premium Slugs for PCP air rifles.

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Big-Bore Air: HatsanUSA Introduces New Vortex Big-Bore Slugs

New Vortex Big-Bore Supreme Airgun Slugs from HatsanUSA

Pricing on these new Vortex Big-Bore slugs will range between $18.99 and $39.99 per tin depending on the type of bullet profile and grain weight selected. The 45 caliber options will be available in two flat point configurations (either 180gr or 525gr), and one  295 grain hollow point model. Meanwhile, there will be two 50-caliber hollow point offerings including a 520 and 550-grain variant. Each tin of pellets will come in a traditional screw-top tin. For more information on the new Vortex Big-Bore Premium slugs from HatsanUSA, you can visit their website here.

Big-Bore Air: HatsanUSA Introduces New Vortex Big-Bore Slugs

HatsanUSA is proud to announce the release of its Vortex Big Bore Supreme ammo, a new line of big bore caliber, PCP air rifle slugs.

Made in Argentina, these slugs are individually CNC machined in .45 and .50 calibers. Each precision-made slug measures to tolerances within +/- .03mm. This is unprecedented in the manufacturing of airgun ammunition and sets the Vortex Big Bore Supreme slugs apart. Initially designed for use in Hatsan’s line of big bore PCP air rifles, they will give superior results in all .457 and .510 caliber PCP air rifles currently on the market.

Big-Bore Air: HatsanUSA Introduces New Vortex Big-Bore Slugs

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