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We Visited A Little Fishing Village In Greece

I have heard, seen and read the term ‘a little fishing village in Greece’ enough times in my life that it has a familiar ring to it.  Poems refer to them. Films have been made about them.  Lisa has told me about captivating books she was reading, set in the little fishing villages of Greece over the years; proving I really do pay attention when she talks to me. On the Seabourn Food and Wine Cruise, we stopped by one of those little fishing villages in Greece and all of the sudden; all of those references came to life.

Monemvasia, Greece - 00270

Greece has more than 6,000 islands available for exploration, of which just 227 are inhabited. We spent a good part of the day in Monemvasia, a little fishing village in Lanconia not far off the Greek coast, linked to the mainland by a short causeway. Had we so desired, we could have chosen to take a shuttle to the old town area, provided complements of Seabourn. Meeting SAVEUR Editor In Chief Adam Sachs on the short tender ride from Seabourn Sojourn, this looked much more like a ‘walk off and explore on your own’ sort of place, which we both did; he in one direction, I in another.

Monemvasia, Greece - 00196

It is easy to see why Monemvasia is also known as the Gibraltar of the East, without even getting off the ship.  The geographic reference is pretty hard to miss.

Monemvasia, Greece - 00238

If lingering at a sidewalk café to drink in the scene and connect with the local flavor of a destination is appealing, Monemvasia has plenty of opportunities.   A number of waterside bars and restaurants specializing in locally caught food are scattered along the oceanfront.

Monemvasia, Greece - 00233

Shopping? There is plenty, as well as a number of quaint little hotels with marvelous views, the stuff references to a little fishing village in Greece are made of.  I liked that no one seemed to care that we where there, in a very good way.  Unlike the congested areas of popular Greek tourist attractions, Monemvasia as we saw it was a community full of locals enjoying a nice Sunday morning.

The nature of travel, we have seen how actually getting out and going places can turns dreams into reality.  Monemvasia will be remembered as one of those moments…even for those who did not get off the ship on the Seabourn Food And Wine Cruise, as we will get to next.

Monemvasia, Greece - 00113

Unique Elements Of A Seabourn Cruise- Destination Preparation

Continuing to define what sets Seabourn apart from other cruise lines, we turn to information provided Seabourn Guests in advance of visiting a port of call.

Monemvasia, Greece - 00154

In addition to the Seabourn website which has a hefty dose of destination information, Seabourn Guests find literature about each port of call in their suites upon arrival.   Pocket-sized brochures feature a brief history of the place and tips on sightseeing broken down by distinct areas.

Monemvasia, Greece - 00217

Another reference to Seabourn’s focus on food, Dining Out information details what is good and where to find it as well as suggested First Courses, Main Dishes, Desserts and Drinks.  Shoppers will like the succinct overview which told us to expect “an informal affair in small, friendly boutiques”, which we found to be accurate.

Monemvasia, Greece - 00323

Also, a colorful map tags any UNESCO World Heritage Sites at the destination, reflecting Seabourn’s ongoing relationship and support of the organization.

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