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12 Best Edinburgh Ghost Tours (Vaults, Graveyards and more)

Don’t miss adding an Edinburgh ghost tour to your itinerary! Discover the spookiest and most fun Edinburgh ghost tours with our complete guide.

Recognised as one of the most haunted cities in the world if taking a ghost tour of Edinburgh is a must-have inclusion during your visit to the Scottish capital (it was for my husband who enjoyed a Vaults Tour while I explored the Old City above ground) you will find our comparison guide to the best tours invaluable for choosing the best one for you.

We have included the best ghost walks in Edinburgh, ghost tours of Edinburgh vaults, a spooky tour suitable for kids and even an Edinburgh ghost tour bus option!

Edinburgh Ghost Tours take you round graveyards like this one in the image.
The scariest ghost tours in Edinburgh usually involve a visit to one of the many graveyards!

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