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Dare to take the 2022 Domestic Travel Challenge 

There are no prizes + no winners. Just a light, swift + nifty approach to travel.

Lockdown is long over, restrictions have eased, the dreaded face – but appreciated – masks are a thing of the past, and travel adventures await. 

To celebrate this, the team from, Factorie Online and myself have decided to come up with a little Domestic Travel Challenge for South Africans. There is no winner and there are no prizes, but it could be a little bit of fun! 

The idea was born out of the ethos of traveller/backpacker culture – always pack light and travel far. I challenge you and your friends – wherever you all may be – to reconnect and do the same.

From Cape Town to Maboneng or from Durban to the Drakensburg. The challenge, however, is that you’re only allowed to leave with the clothes on your back and to take one piece of carry-on luggage with you. 

In the past, this would seem ludicrous and tedious, given the impending admin of having to shop when you arrive at your destination. No one needs or wants that while on a getaway. Now, thanks to modern innovations in convenience which has seen the likes of Amazon, Takealot, and establish themselves as go-to tabs and apps on all our devices, it’s easy to order an outfit or two before departure and meet your delivery at your designated accommodation’s concierge or reception desk. 

Once you and your squad have arrived and squealed with excitement at the sight of your boxes of new, fresh clothes, you can then decide who the winner is based on whose purchases will go the furthest for the least amount of money. 

The point? 

Well, this is actually a really helpful exercise in travel and packing efficiency. It will help you in your future travels as it is a skillset appreciated by those of us who value a lighter, swift, and nifty approach to travel.

Additionally, I think this challenge offers opportunities to not only reconnect with one’s friends in different provinces but to also have a lot of fun in a meaningful way. Perhaps you could even share your unique experience on social media – and our Facebook page – encouraging your online community to take up the challenge for themselves.

We would love to know what it is you chose, how much you spent (was it much more or far less than you expected?), and who the winners were based on whatever criteria your circle felt was best. 

So whether you got two pairs of jeans and one T-shirt, or the converse – three T-shirts and one pair of denims, let us know. Which items did you purchase that that maximised your experience of a fun new challenge, and also kept you warm while remaining fashionable.

Have fun! 

P.S. This is not an official competition. It’s all about the fun and not about the prizes because there are none. 

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