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Zoe Twin Stroller – Is the Zoe Double the Best Travel Stroller?

So first things first. I am a real mom with two kids under two. I have been using the Zoe Twin stroller (Zoe double) as our double travel stroller ever since our daughter was three months. I actually own the Zoe Twin Luxe stroller and have flown with the Zoe Twin on several trips. 

Ever since I was pregnant with our second child, I knew a double stroller was in our future. Our children are 20 months apart exactly, so there was no way we could get by with just a single travel stroller. If we do have a trip where we only need a single stroller, we bring our Joolz Aer. If you are traveling with a newborn or, in general, looking for the best car seat stroller (it is a car seat and stroller in one). Hands down, get the Doona. I couldn’t imagine life without it. Here is my in-depth Doona review.

Traveling with kids can be super challenging if you don’t have the right baby gear, so every family needs a lightweight, compact, easy-to-use stroller to make life simpler. From the grocery store to the theme park, parents want a stroller that is going to be functional, has lots of storage, simple to fold, and easy to lift into their vehicle.

The Zoe Twin was created with parents’ needs and wants in mind as it checks off all the ‘must have’ boxes for an everyday stroller. The Zoe Twin stroller is perfect for day trips, theme park visits, and traveling the world, as it was created for busy parents on the go.

Deciding which stroller to purchase can be difficult as there are so many styles, price points, and types of strollers. When deciding on which stroller to purchase, I often consider the weight, comfort, quality, price, and extra features as part of my decision. I am going to outline all of the features, pros, and cons of the Zoe Twin Classic stroller and the Zoe Twin Luxe.

FAQ Zoe Double Stroller 

Is the Zoe Twin stroller the best double travel stroller? 

In my opinion, yes, the Zoe double is the best! It is easy to fold up, fits in the trunk with plenty of extra room, and is lightweight. 

Can you rent the Zoe stroller?

Before I bought the Zoe Twin, I rented it on our family vacation in Clearwater & St.Petersburg. It was our first family trip as a family of four, and I wanted to try it out for a week before investing in one. I rented several items from BabyQuip on that trip. I also rented a Snoo at that time. Our daughter was sleeping 9-11 hours a night at three months old.

If you are traveling to a popular destination, check out BabyQuip and see what baby equipment is available for rent. The mom I rented from had it listed as a double stroller, and I asked her if she had a Zoe Twin double stroller, and she did, so it worked out perfect. 

Am I still using the Zoe double?

Yes! You will find it in my trunk or with me on a trip. 

What is the Zoe Twin Stroller?

The Zoe Twin stroller makes life so much easier with multiple kids and is the best stroller for “everyday use and travel.” This stroller is known for being every parent’s favorite sidekick, as they easily forget about using their full-size stroller and opt to use this side-by-side version for their kids instead.

The sleek, lightweight design and smooth glide make this every parent’s first choice of stroller, especially in tight places. The Zoe Twin+ is side by side double stroller. However, it was designed to “fit through all standard doorways,” so you never have to worry about not fitting through a door. I have been through some tight doorways at the local zoo, shopping malls, and restaurants and never had an issue.

It offers a double stroller at an affordable price point for all parents in comparison to many other doubles like the Baby Jogger City Select, which are priced at double the amount. I am also not a fan of tandem double strollers. 

My Zoe Twin Review and Why I Love it

The extendable canopy offers full sun protection for naps which is important when you have an infant and a toddler and need to incorporate nap time on the go for the baby. My son can easily nap in the stroller and be safe from the sun. We spent a month in Mexico with it, and 50% of our naps were in the stroller. It worked perfectly. 

I also love that the stroller has a huge storage basket underneath, as when I’m traveling with two kids, I always have lots of stuff. In the summer, when I have swimsuits and towels in addition to my diaper bag, I can easily fit it all underneath in the basket.

Family with young children taking a photo on the beach in Florida on vacation

Here is me and my little family and my two under two babies. They are 20 months apart. 

What sets it apart – A few of my Favorite Unique Features

Now when you see the word Twin in the description, but this stroller can be used for any two children, they don’t have to actually be twins. The Zoe Twin stroller meets the true definition of twin as each seat can hold up to 45 pounds, unlike some other strollers that require a lighter weight in the back and heavier weight at the front.

The Zoe Twin is also expandable as you can add additional seats to create a triple or quad stroller if needed. This stroller is definitely the best double travel stroller on the market. I have a friend who just had twins, and she has a 23-month-old. I told her about the trio option, and she was sold! I just checked in with her, and she says it is miracle. She can’t imagine life with any other stroller. 

Zoe Double Features

  • Twin stroller with two seats that can each hold 45 pounds
  • Offers a 165-degree recline, as well as a reclined footrest
  • Individual canopies with UPF 50+ lining for sun protection
  • Expands to a triple or quad by adding seats
  • Spacious basket for storage
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to carry up stairs

Difference between the Zoe Classic Twin Stroller and Zoe Luxe Twin Stroller

I have the Zoe Luxe Twin stroller because, well, I am bougie, lol. No, that is not the only reason why. I liked the look and feel better, and it wasn’t that much more expensive. 

Now the Zoe sells two different models of the Zoe Twin stroller +, the basic classic model priced at $379.00 and the Luxe priced at $449.00. Now when deciding which stroller to purchase, you will want to understand the differences between the two models truly. The price recently was increased

The Zoe Twin stroller Luxe is an upgraded model of the Classic, and the main differences are mainly aesthetics. The Zoe Luxe model includes:

  • Leatherette belly bars and a parent handlebar
  • The luxe gray material is an upgraded textured fabric that gives this stroller a sleek, high-end look
  • Upgraded storage basket and ball bearings in the wheels, offering a smoother ride for the kids.
  • The Luxe canopy is made of a moisture-wicking material that repels rain keeping the stroller dry as rain slides right off the canopy and does not pool on top.

When there is a Zoe stroller restock, they sell out FAST! So if the only in-stock strollers are Luxe or Classic, I would take what you can get.

children in the Zoe double stroller

Would I Buy it again?

Yes, yes, yes! You will not be disappointed as it provides convenience, versatility, comfort, and quality, all at an affordable price point for a double stroller.


  • Individual belly bars and color-matching harness shoulder pads
  • Individual snack cups that attach to the side of the stroller
  • Attachable parent cup holder
  • Easily collapsible with accessories attached
  • Lightweight design at only 19 pounds
  • Meets Disney Stroller Requirements
  • Additional seats can be purchased later to turn into a triple (Trio+) or a Quad (Tribe+)
  • Affordable price point at $379 for the Classic or $449 for the Luxe Version
  • Easy to release five-point harness makes getting the kids in and out simple and fast
  • Adjustable footrest, so the kid’s feet aren’t just dangling
  • One touch pull to recline the seat, which can also be locked in place
  • Can add the Tandem+ stroller to make it a Trio or Quad stroller 


  • Infant seats are not attachable to this stroller
  • Recommended that parents wait until the baby is three months old to use the stroller, so you can’t use it during the newborn stage (we started at three months old with our daughter)
  • Only good on flat paved surfaces, not good for rough trails
  • The handlebar is not adjustable ( I am 5’10, and my husband is 6’5, and have no complaints about the handlebar height)


Parents, especially moms, are looking for a lightweight stroller that is easy to put in the trunk and take out, so weight is a really important feature. Weight can also be really important if you have other caregivers such as grandparents watching your child as they need to be able to lift the stroller as well.

The Zoe Twin Plus Stroller is 19 pounds yet can hold up to 45 pounds in each seat, which is pretty impressive.

When opened, the stroller is:

  • 40 inches in height
  • 29 inches in width
  • depth of 33 inches

When folded down, it becomes quite compact:

  • 28 inches in height
  • 29 inches in width
  • basically almost flat at a depth of 9 inches.

It is super compact and light in comparison to other strollers on the market, as most double strollers weigh between 30-50 pounds, while the Zoe Twin only weighs 19 pounds. The weight of this stroller is comparable to a cheap travel umbrella stroller. However, it is a full-sized stroller and folds in half rather than folding in like an umbrella stroller.

If you are looking for the best double stroller for Disney, this is it. The Zoe Twin meets the allowable dimensions and weight for both Disney Parks, and it can be gate-checked on all Airlines. We have gate-checked and checked it as luggage on several flights, both domestic and international, and had no issues. 

2 year old in the Zoe Double Zoe Twin Luxe stroller

The Seat

The Zoe seat is not a fancy plush seat like my Bugaboo Donkey, but if you know anything about the Donkey, you know it is huge, bougie, and pricey. I still use the Donkey stroller for longer outings that aren’t on paved surfaces. I would never travel with it, as it is too large for that. 

Each seat offers lots of space for each child as the seat is 12 inches wide and has a depth of 9 inches offering kids a comfortable ride even for long day trips. This stroller has older kids in mind when Zoe designed the seats as they offer a seat back height of 18 inches and 23 inches in space from the bottom of the seat to the canopy allowing lots of head space under the canopy.

It offers a 165-degree recline, so is ideal for babies three months and older that have some head control as this stroller cannot go completely flat for sleep. The side-by-side seats can carry a combined 90 pounds as each seat has been tested to carry 45 pounds. Also included are luxury padded shoulder straps to ensure your kids are comfortable in this five-point harness system.

The Canopy

If having a large canopy that creates a great napping environment, you won’t find one bigger than this. The canopy is huge!

The four-panel expandable canopy provides lots of sun protection as it offers good shade coverage as the canopy pulls all the way down to the belly bar for complete coverage. The canopy has a zipper which allows you to make the canopy shorter using only three sections, or you can unzip and use all four sections to reach the belly bar. The canopy is made of a UPF 50+ lining material, ensuring babies and children are protected from the sun.

The canopy also has a magnetic flap to cover a peekaboo window so you can easily lift the flap to see the mesh opening, which allows you to see the kids through the canopy. Parents always need quick access to their keys, cell phone, and credit cards, so Zoe also added a pocket on the back of each canopy. I usually put a bottle or something else kid-related here. I have this stroller organizer that I attach to the handlebar that holds my drink, phone, keys, etc. 

The Storage

Every parent who has packed for a day trip knows that storage under the stroller is essential, and Zoe made sure they delivered as they included an extra wide storage basket made of a mesh material. The elastic material allows easy access from the sides or the front, making it easy to fit your diaper bag underneath.

There is also a snap button between the two seats that will often come unbuttoned if you have the basket too full. I think it was designed to give the storage basket some more give, which it does. Mine is always unbuttoned… I often also fold up the stroller with snacks and other junk in the storage basket (nothing huge).

two children in the Zoe Twin double stroller

Included Accessories

Right out of the box, there are several accessories included in the Zoe Double. The stroller includes a clip-on parent cup holder, two child cup holders, a snack up, and a double belly bar. I never used the parent cup holders because when they are attached to the side, you can’t go through a standard doorway. This is why I bought this stroller organizer that has two built-in cup holders. 

There are several other must have Zoe accessories that I have and recommend that make the stroller even better and practical for daily use:

  • Parent Organizer – has multiple zippered pockets for storage and has two cup holders and a deep compartment to hold other items such as soothers. This organizer hangs off of the handlebar and, in my opinion, is a “must have.” It comes in a variety of different color choices as well, so you can customize the look.
  • Stroller hooks – these are great to hook on backpacks, shopping bags, etc.
  • Snack pod – In the picture above. If you don’t want to spend a ton on the Zoe snack, try this is a great option and super cheap. I bought this when the Zoe snack try was out of stock. It is often out of stock.
  • Gate check bag – Don’t waste your money on the Zoe travel bag. I had one, and it ripped, and the zipper broke off on the first flight. I now use this gate check bag. This bag protects the stroller when not in use and has two straps so it can be worn as a backpack and is great for airplane travel when the stroller is being gate-checked.
  • Rain cover – It is better to have this and never use it than need it and don’t have it
  • Portable white sound machine – Having a portable white sound machine makes naps so much easier. I like this sound machine because it is rechargeable. 
Zoe Twin classic wheels & storage basket
The wheels on the Zoe Twin Classic Stroller

Build Quality 

The Zoe Twin is made of durable aluminum, which is what allows it to be so lightweight. Overall it is a smooth ride as it swivels and turns with ease. There are four wheels: two smaller front wheels at 6 inches and two large wheels at the back at 6 ¾ inches making it easy to navigate and maneuver even through doors despite being a side-by-side stroller. It pushes really easily for a double stroller. 

The brake is technically easy, as it is one long bar that you can flip up and down, even in sandals. Sometimes I find it hard in sandals, not really hard but more annoying as it hurts my toes. Nothing really to complain about, just a little annoying. 

Age Range

It is designed for babies aged three months and older since the stroller only reclines 165 degrees, so babies must have some head control before using this stroller. The Zoe Twin can be used for children that weigh up to 45 pounds (typically around five years old). My 32-month-old weighs 31 lbs, so I would guess when he turns three in four months, he will still be under 35 lbs. 

How easy is it to fold?

This was very important for me when picking a travel double stroller. I have had and seen some strollers that are so difficult to fold. No cursing here. It is super easy, and I can fold and unfold the Zoe one-handed while holding my baby in the other arm. 

It easily folds in two seconds by pulling a strap on each seat, and the stroller folds in half to a compact size that easily fits in a Jeep or any compact SUV trunk. We had a Hyundai Sante Fe SUV, and now we have a Toyota Sienna minivan.

Another benefit is that it has an automatic lock once in the folded position, and it can stand up on its own in the folded position using the self-stand. The ease of folding and compact size make this a perfect stroller for travel, including airplane or bus travel, that has limited space. We have brought it on boats where it just stands up folded out of the way. 


Similar Alternative Double Strollers

There are several alternative double strollers on the market, some that are cheaper and some that are more expensive. Here are a few other options to consider if you can’t get your hands on a Zoe Twin:

What makes the product different than others similar on the market

The biggest difference between this stroller and others on the market is the weight, as the Zoe Double Stroller weighs only 19 pounds, unlike most double strollers that weigh a minimum of 30 pounds.

The Twin Zoe Stroller Plus makes day trips simple as it offers great storage, easy and smooth navigation, and provides all-day comfort for the kids. The stroller is lightweight yet durable, and Zoe guarantees you will love it by offering a 30-day trial period (indoor use only).

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