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6 TOP TIPS for feeling safe solo travelling in a van!

Listen to your gut! We get that niggly feeling of discomfort for a reason, so always listen to your intuition. If you don’t feel comfortable somewhere, then move. If you don’t trust someone, get away from them. Follow your instincts even if they seem silly or unnecessary. 

I always like to find fellow travellers that I get a good feeling with, perhaps women or a couple, and mention that I’m travelling alone. This ensures that if they see anyone near my van, they’ll know that it’s an intruder. People also tend to check up on each other, so it’s good to have introduced yourself.

If you follow these tips, then you shouldn’t have any issues travelling alone in a campervan! Solo female van life allows you to go anywhere, anytime. You can adapt as you go. It’s a learning experience, subjective to each traveller, and it’s just about finding your own rhythm. You’ll start to understand how long you like to stay at a place, where you feel most comfortable, and how you want to fill your days. But everyone should try a solo van trip at least once in their life.

Now, the only things left is to consider where you’ll go… perhaps on one of these incredible road trips in Europe?

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