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The 15 BEST Beaches in Alberta to Visit this Summer (for 2022) –

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Last updated on June 6, 2022

Alberta is known for a lot of things – but water-side living isn’t typically one of them. Landlocked as it is, the province is more well-known for stunning mountains and waterfalls, prairie landscapes, and some natural wonders that you can’t find elsewhere.

Beach Fun

But! The water that we do have, we appreciate wholeheartedly. And along with having some stunning rivers and lakes to marvel at, there are also some really gorgeous beaches in Alberta not to be missed. So if you want to add some splish-splashin’ and sun-tannin’ time to your next vacation here, then read on for our fave sandy escapes in the province.

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Sylvan Lake

By far one of the most popular beaches in the province, Sylvan Lake is an excellent spot to visit in summer if you’re looking for volleyball courts, tons of shopping and restaurants nearby, and a lively atmosphere. Sylvan Lake Park has two boat launches, 1.6 kms of sand and grass beach, and plenty to keep you busy, including tons of boat activities and water sports available. It’s also found almost right in between Calgary and Edmonton, making it a great choice for a holiday from either city.

A mother and daughter on the beach at Sylvan Lake
Beach fun at Sylvan Lake – photo provided by Travel Alberta credit Colin Way

Best of all, the beach is known for its calm, shallow water to wade in, perfect for families looking to take a dip. As there are plenty of Sylvan Lake campgrounds nearby to choose from, you can happily spend a week or two relaxing by the water here. But a place like this isn’t exactly a hidden gem; Sylvan Lake gets hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, so if you’re looking for a quiet respite, this may not be the spot for you.

Quarry Lake

Quarry Lake is found just outside Canmore and is considered one of the best Alberta beaches due to its beauty and the sheer amount of things to do in the area. With beautifully crystal clear water in summer, the shore is shallow and sandy but eventually leads out to quite a deep lake. With the mountains in the background, a visit to the beach at Quarry Lake makes for an incredibly peaceful and serene day out.

Standup paddle boarders on Quarry Lake
Quarry Lake – photo provided by Travel Alberta credit Katie Goldie

Because of its beautiful location and its proximity to Canmore, you can expect that the beach fills up quickly, especially on summer weekends. If possible, try to visit during the week; you’ll be much more likely to get a parking spot as well as one of the prime beach locations!

* Note that visiting Quarry Lake requires purchasing a Kananaskis Conservation Pass. Also, due to its popularity, there will soon be a shuttle bus from Canmore to Quarry Lake as the paid parking area is frequently overrun.

Kinosoo Beach

If you ask those in the know about the best Alberta beaches, chances are they’ll mention Kinosoo Beach. With three blocks of sandy beach to explore, you can find the beach in Cold Lake near the Saskatchewan border, about a three-hour drive northeast of Edmonton. And a visit to Kinosoo Beach is so much more than just water and sand; there’s also a splash park, a beach volleyball court, a children’s playground, flush toilets, picnic tables, and a concession stand for mid-day snacks. There are also opportunities to rent paddleboards, kayaks, and other water sporting equipment on the beach, so no need to worry about bringing your own.

Kinosoo Beach
Kinosoo Beach – photo provided by Travel Alberta credit Roth and Ramberg

Parents and guardians of little ones will also appreciate the roped-off swimming area for safety. And one of the very best features of Kinosoo Beach? The zip line! That’s right, you can actually zip line directly into the water. It doesn’t get much more fun than that.

Sandy Beach

Head to the gorgeous little village of Sandy Beach, found less than an hour’s drive northwest of Edmonton. Found on Sandy Lake, Sandy Beach has a public dock and a boat launch available nearby, so you can indulge in just about every water sport you fancy. But the amenities don’t stop there; the beach also has washroom and shower facilities, picnic sites, a children’s play area, a golf course, and a snack stand for those afternoon ice cream cones.

Beach picnic

Sandy Beach Lake Regional Park itself has fully serviced camping sites as well as group camping areas. As far as Alberta beaches go, it’s the kind of place where you can easily spend a few weeks enjoying nature, going for long swims, and taking in the starry skies at night.

Ma-Me-O Beach

Gorgeous Ma-Me-O Beach is found on Pigeon Lake, which is approximately 100 kms southwest of Edmonton. In fact, the name Ma-Me-O derives from the Cree word for “pigeon”, which is omîmîw. Renown for its white sand and wide beach, Ma-Me-O has a playground, public washrooms, and a picnic area, making it a great choice for families with young kids. The swimming area is also shallow and fairly clear, so this is definitely one of the more family-friendly beaches in Alberta.

Beach volleyball

Another benefit of Ma-Me-O Beach? There’s another beach just around the corner! Pigeon Lake Provincial Park Beach is only a short drive away, and both are part of the Village at Pigeon Lake, which is a lovely little resort village to explore for a day or two. There are also many walking trails in the area.

Lake Newell Beach

Southern Alberta has sandy beaches, too! Lake Newell is a great choice if you’re looking for a beach near Calgary. This huge manmade lake is thankfully relatively warm every summer, so it’s a terrific option for swimming, boating, water skiing, canoeing, and just about every other water sport you have in mind.

Beach music

Camp at Kinbrook Island Provincial Park for even easier access to the sandy beach, or stay in Lake Newell Resort where you’ll be close to the marina and boat launch. If you’re on the search to relax on the sand and take in some sunshine, Lake Newell is a fantastic pick.

Ebeling Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Central Alberta, Ebeling Beach can be found in Aspen Beach Provincial Park. Spend your days relaxing and walking along beautiful Gull Lake, where you’ll find a sandy beach with picnic tables, fire pits, a concession stand, and nearby campgrounds. But be warned: because Ebeling Beach is such a favourite, the parking lots and best spots near the water can fill up quickly! It’s best to make your way here as early as possible so that you don’t miss out.

Gull Lake Lacombe County
Gull Lake from above.

As for other activities on Gull Lake, enjoy swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and so much more. Occasionally the water levels can be too low to use the boat launch, so always check ahead of your visit before expecting to go power boating, water skiing, and so on.

Rochon Sands Provincial Park Beach

Head to Rochon Sands Provincial Park Beach on beautiful Buffalo Lake for yet another fantastic Alberta beach. Found nearly equidistant from Calgary and Edmonton, it makes for an excellent day trip from either city or a longer summer vacation, especially as there’s a good campground just off of the beach. The activities are endless here; try swimming, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, water skiing, or windsurfing.

Rochon Sands Provincial Park
Rochon Sands Provincial Park – photo provided by Travel Alberta credit Curtis Comeau

The beach itself is protected from the wind from multiple surrounding trees, while there’s a good stretch of sand to relax on. There’s also a swimming area, public bathrooms and change rooms, and a boat launch nearby.

Lake Annette Beach

While we don’t often think of there being many beaches in the mountains, it turns out there are quite a few of them! One of the best beaches in the Rockies is found at Lake Annette, a short drive from Jasper. While the water is known to be quite cold, even in summer, you might feel brave enough for a quick dip on a hot day.

Beach at Lake Annette

The real draw of the beach at Lake Annette, however, is the spectacular view. There’s nothing like being on the water while gazing up at the beautiful mountains that surround you. Thankfully, there’s also a lot to do at the lake, including canoeing and kayaking from the dock. There are also picnic tables, fire pits, a playground, and wheelchair and stroller-friendly trail loops along the shore.

Want even more Rocky Mountain beaches? Try Pyramid Lake or Lake Edith, both within a ten-minute drive of Lake Annette.

Devonshire Beach

With over one kilometre of sandy beach to enjoy, Devonshire Beach is often noted as one of the best beaches in Alberta. Found in Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park in Northern Alberta, its slightly remote location means that you may just have the beach to yourself if you go during the week… and what could be better than your own private beach?

Devonshire Beach Slave Lake
Devonshire Beach – photo provided by Travel Alberta credit Government of Alberta

With lots of sand for relaxing, walking, and playing, there’s also a viewing platform at the north end of the beach. Thankfully, the platform is wheelchair-friendly, and there’s a ramp that continues down to the beach. There is also a beach wheelchair available for use from the nearby Marten River Campground booth.

Shaw’s Point Resort

Known as one of the top beach getaways in Alberta, Shaw’s Point Resort is found on the western shores of Lesser Slave Lake. Thankfully, there is so much to do here that you’re spoiled for choice on filling your days! It’s recommended to spend at least a long weekend in the area, as Shaw’s Point Resort is about so much more than just the beach (although the white sandy beach is indeed pretty amazing).

Lesser Slave Lake Beach
The beach at Lesser Slave Lake – photo provided by Travel Alberta

With boat rentals, fishing opportunities, and plenty of water sports including water skiing and windsurfing available, there’s also a local rodeo and golf course to keep you busy. Of course, if you’re only after a relaxing time on the sand, there’s plenty of time for that, too!

Wabamun Lake Beach

Meaning “looking glass” in Cree, Wabamun Lake is appropriately named; the smooth, glassy surface of the water is a stunning sight to behold in summer. Head to the beach at Wabamun Lake Provincial Park for lots of great water activities, including paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, and more. There’s also a campground, boat launch, dock, swimming area, and playground.

Day at the beach

Found about an hour’s drive west from Edmonton, Wabamun Lake has a small village to wander around in as well, so you can combine your beach day with a stop in some of the local restaurants, shops, and small art gallery.

Elkwater Lake Beach

Families will love the beach at Elkwater Lake, and, although it has a fairly remote location (head from Calgary to Medicine Hat first, and then keep going!), it still fills up quickly every summer! Because it’s not as easy to access from the major cities, it’s the perfect place to stay for a week or two and really soak up all that there is to do in the area on a beach holiday.

Elkwater Lake Beach
Elkwater Lake Beach – photo provided by Travel Alberta credit Katie Goldie

Ideal in July and August when the water temperatures are at their warmest, you’ll find a large sandy beach as well as clear, relaxing water to enjoy. With multiple campgrounds nearby, the beach and marina are in the Elkwater Lake townsite. There’s also a lot to do in Cypress Hills Provincial Park (where the lake sits), including hiking and walking trails in its unique ecosystem.

Long Island Lake Beach

Found approximately 90 minutes north of Edmonton, Long Island Lake is a popular spot for camping and enjoying the large sandy beach. If you plan on visiting only for the day, a fee of $5 is applicable; if you are bringing your own boat for water sports or fishing, there’s a special parking area you can use.

Beach friends

The beach is ideal for families, as there is an excellent playground directly on the sand with swings, tires, and plenty to keep your kids active. The sand is soft and the water is fairly shallow near the shore, so you can happily spend some quality beach time at Long Island Lake, no matter the ages of your group.

Johnson Lake Beach

Although not as sandy as many of the other beaches on this list, Johnson Lake is a wonderful choice if you’re in the Banff area, especially as it’s a bit more protected from the wind than other Banff lakes. Often overlooked for nearby Two Jack Lake and Lake Minnewanka, Johnson Lake is a fantastic option for canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and yes, even swimming in the warmer months! You’ll be blown away by the beauty of the surrounding Rocky Mountains, all while appreciating the water and the sun.

Johnson Lake
Johnson Lake – photo provided by Travel Alberta credit Paul Zizka

In the area, you’ll find plenty of hiking trails and picnic tables; an ideal day at Johnson Lake would be a hike followed by a dip in the cool waters, followed by a picnic lunch. Looking for a little thrill? Try to find the rope swing along the lake!

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