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Snoopy Island (Fujairah) – Things to Know Before You Visit

Snoopy Island is a small, rocky island located in the sea off the coast of Fujairah, an emirate in the UAE. It is not more than a couple of hours’ drive from Dubai. But you must be wondering why it is named Snoopy Island?

Snoopy Island

Well – it is named after the most lovable cartoon character, Snoopy the dog. The island is a small one, not measuring more than 9,600 sqmt. It is made of 3 sections that resemble the feet, belly, and nose of the sleeping Snoopy. The island draws hordes of visitors every year, both adventure enthusiasts and travelers looking for some peace & quiet beside the sea.

This rocky outcrop is very near the Sandy Beach Hotel, Al Aqah. The waters here are azure blue and the beach sands are of a glistening golden hue. The splendid visual beauty of the place is one of the main reasons why so many visitors are attracted to this place. Beautiful coral reefs are also to be found in the waters close by.

Things to Do at Snoopy Island?

There is much to do for travelers at Snoopy Island. Here are popular activities that one may try:

At The Sandy Beach Hotel

If you are the type of traveler who fancies some rest and quiet time, check into the Sandy Beach Hotel. This wonderful property, located at the beach, is a short, swimming distance away from the island. The majestic Hajar Mountains (based in Fujairah East Cost) form a wonderful backdrop, while the huge sea is visible in all its glory from the hotel & the adjoining beach. Laze around on the beach while soaking up the sun, with a cooling drink and some delicious snacks. Or go for a relaxing swim in the tranquil waters off the beach. You may also swim 150 meters and land up at Snoopy Island.

Shore Diving

You would get to see a lot of marine life in their natural surroundings here. The island is located in a marine national park, hence it is protected from fishing and other such activities. Put on fully professional diving gear and shore dive to about 7 meters, around the island. A wealth of exotic marine life awaits you here – reef sharks, mackerels, various other colorful types of fish. You would also get to see stingrays, eels, boxfish, angelfish, and many more exotic varieties. For the brave hearts, a dive at night would be an even more attractive proposition. The elusive octopuses might pay a visit!

Fees for shore dive – AED 105 to AED 215, depending on the service availed

Snoopy Island Diving

Coral reefs, resplendent in their colorful beauty, would welcome you as you dive down below. The tranquil waters offer perfect diving opportunities around the year. Be it professional divers or amateurs guided by experts, the diving experience would be unforgettable. It’s a riot of colors down there as you explore myriad marine plant & animal lives.

Water Sports

Adventure enthusiasts would have a field day as they indulge in a range of water sports at Snoopy Island. Go for some parasailing or take a thrilling ride on a banana boat. You can also go for a simple swim or a bingo ride to make the most of the day with your friends & family.

Snorkeling and Kayaking

If you don’t fancy diving into the depths, then go for some snorkeling. Gears are available for this as well. You will get to be up close with marine life that stays in shallower waters, like a variety of turtles. Or else, take a kayak or paddleboard and do some casual sailing around. 

Food and Drink

All that swimming, diving, and other activity must have left you ravenous. Time to head for the Snoopy’s Tropical Bar. Well-stocked with a range of fruit cocktails, this bar is located on the beach at Snoopy Island. The children in the group can have their fill of fresh fruit & a variety of ice-creams.

The Pool Bar and Grill is also a hot favorite with tourists looking for pampering their taste buds. This place offers a wide variety of cocktails and multiple filling snacks that will have you yearning for more. And while you are savoring the food, enjoy splendid views of the sea and the beach. Truly, you would have a whale of a time.

How to Reach Snoopy Island?

Drive down to Fujairah from Dubai. It is just about a couple of hours of driving time away. Snoopy Island is just over 100 meters from the coastline of Fujairah.

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