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RV Manufacturers with the Highest Average Consumer Ratings – 2022

If you read reviews before making a purchase, you’re not alone. Over 90%† of consumers check peer reviews before buying, especially for big-ticket items like RVs. Consumer reviews can be brutally honest and often don’t hold back when providing insights, making them a great resource to get a ‘feel’ for an RV manufacturer, brand, or model.

RVT last examined RV owners’ opinions of the RV manufacturers in our 2016 article, RV Manufacturers with the Highest Average Consumer Ratings and Reviews, and we decided it’s time for an update.

To help you make an informed choice when shopping for your new RV, we consulted our partner site RVInsider to see how consumers rated RV manufacturers in the following key categories:

  • Top Overall Rankings of RV Manufacturers
  • Livability
  • Interior Design and
  • RV Quality

Statistics in each category are derived from consumers who have reviewed the RVs they currently own or have owned at some time in the past. Here are the top ten manufacturers in each category, according to RV owner reviews at

Average Overall Rating for RV Manufacturers.

This rating reflects how the RV manufacturers fared when averaging out livability, interior design, and quality. Here are the top ten, according to consumer reviewers on

Average Livability Rating for RV Manufacturers.

Knowing which manufacturers produce the most ‘liveable’ recreational vehicle can go a long way in helping an RV buyer make a decision. Whether you’re a full-timer or a weekender, it’s an important consideration. Here’s how RV owners rated the top ten manufacturers in livability:

1. Monaco 4.81
2. Damon 4.77
3. Tiffin 4.74
4. National RV 4.72
5. Itasca 4.66
6. Newmar 4.59
7. Fleetwood 4.53
8. Holiday Rambler 4.46
9. Airstream 4.46
10. Winnebago 4.45

Average Interior Design Rating for RV Manufacturers.

Interior design examines the features and functionality of the RV. Here’s how the top ten manufacturers stacked up with the overall design of their interiors:

1. Monaco 4.79
2. Damon 4.78
3. Itasca 4.75
4. Tiffin 4.75
5. National RV 4.67
6. Airstream 4.65
7. Winnebago 4.59
8. Newmar 4.59
9. Fleetwood 4.59
10. Entegra Coach 4.58

Average Quality Rating for RV Manufacturers.

The quality rating is one of the most important to take into consideration. You want to hit the road in an RV that’s well-constructed, with the fewest possible issues. This is one area where consumer reviewers can be the most vocal. Here are the top ten in overall quality, according to RV owner reviews on RVInsider.

1. Monaco 4.38
2. National RV 4.35
3. Damon 4.30
4. Itasca 4.28
5. Tiffin 4.26
6. Airstream 4.24
7. Newmar 4.20
8. Fleetwood 4.17
9. Winnebago 4.17
10. Holiday Rambler 4.12

Many considerations are taken into account when making the decision to purchase an RV. We hope the rankings of the top ten RV manufacturers—according to RV owner reviews—helps you in your journey to find the ideal RV for you. See more RV buying tips in our recent article 8 Questions to Ask Before Buying an RV.

If you’re an RV owner, feel free to help other RV shoppers by reviewing the RVs you’ve owned. Simply visit, choose the manufacturer(s), brand(s) and model(s) you have owned and rate them yourself. Thank you for your contribution!

Note: Each of the manufacturers ranked had over 85 consumer reviews on RVInsider, ranked out of 5 stars and reflective of reviews posted as of 02/24/22. Remember, this is only a guide—an average of what hundreds of RV owners have said on RVInsider.  It’s important to do your own in-person research as well.

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