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Introducing the Stunning Syrah from Paris Perfect Shared



The reveal of our Syrah fractional apartment in Paris!

From searching for the perfect spot to the final decorative touches, each one our Paris Perfect Shared apartments is a labor of love. The goal is creating a stylish and comfortable Parisian home for our owners, who thanks to our fractional co-ownership program own a deeded share of the apartment for 4 weeks every year. Paris Perfect Shared has been such a success that Syrah sold out quickly – before the apartment was even finished! But this two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment turned out so stunning that we have to share the final reveal. The before and after photos show the incredible transformation and we think you’ll love the Syrah as much as its owners do!

Curious to learn more about Paris Perfect Shared? We have more Paris fractional apartments in the works and select shares available. Contact our team here to find out more and to join our early bird list to be the first to hear about future apartments for sale.

Location Location Location

Each one of our Paris Perfect Shared properties starts with one thing: the perfect location. With over 20 years of experience finding the most appealing apartments in Paris, we have a very specific set of guidelines when it comes to locations. The neighborhood must be convenient and full of charm, which is why we love the 7th arrondissement. It has the atmosphere of a charming little village in the heart of Paris and excellent shopping along rue Saint-Dominique. Then we look for historic details, plenty of light, and, of course, those Parisian views of our dreams.


An unbelievable view from Syrah.

The Syrah ticked all the boxes with its position in a classic Haussmannian building overlooking the tree-lined avenue de la Bourdannais and the Eiffel Tower. Absolutely perfect! The building has all the modern conveniences, including elevator. While the address was perfect, the apartment needed a tremendous amount of love. It was time for a complete remodel—from top to bottom—to transform the Syrah into a welcoming home in Paris.

Creating an Open Plan Masterpiece at the Syrah

BEFORE: So much potential but so much work to do in the living room and kitchen.

The first glimpse of what would become the beautiful Syrah apartment was a shocking sight. This is precisely where our experience with apartments in Paris is essential. We look at hundreds and hundreds of apartments in Paris before we step into one like this and can see the potential shining through. While you might see a narrow kitchen and small living room with dining area, we saw nice ceiling height, plumbing access for a kitchen and, most importantly, two large west facing French doors with a view toward the Champ de Mars and Eiffel Tower. By knocking down the wall between the old living room and kitchen, we were able to create a new, much brighter and more comfortable open plan living space.

BEFORE: The original kitchen on the left was removed to create an open plan living room.

When we said Syrah had a top to bottom remodel, we meant it. All new wiring and central air conditioning was added as well as beautiful new oak herringbone flooring throughout the apartment. Once the wall was opened between the old kitchen and the living room, the room’s potential was already shining through. It was time to get to work with the design – our favorite part!


AFTER: A beautiful setting for relaxing at home in Paris at the Syrah.

Talented designer Ann Huff from Huff Harrington is involved in our fractional apartments from the earliest stages – creating a mood board and final vision for each apartment. The designs are often inspired by vintage Hermès scarves, which you can see in the bedroom of the Syrah, along with Ann’s wonderful finds at Paris antique markets. For the main living space at Syrah, the inspiration began with the beautiful setting and natural feel from the large windows looking out into the leafy green trees and beyond to the Champ de Mars. Because it felt as if the room was wrapped with this beautiful natural scene, Ann took the idea of the greenery brought it inside to capture that same sense of warmth and rich colors.

We also realized right away that this apartment was going to be a “jewel box.” That theme was continued with rich jewel tones and the large wall mirror behind the sofa that was custom designed to reflect all the beautiful details of the room.

AFTER: The large wall mirror captures all the beauty of the room.

Madelyn, Paris Perfect founder, and Ann are masters at transforming Paris apartments into wonderfully livable spaces – with everything you need! The Syrah’s open plan living room with kitchen and dining area is a perfect example. With its two large sets of French doors looking toward the Champ de Mars and the Eiffel Tower, this is the place you’ll love relaxing while at home. It’s full of light during the day and has that glimpse of the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night you won’t want to miss.


AFTER: The new kitchen in the open plan living room.

To maximize the view and functionality of the room, the kitchen was placed along the back wall opposite the windows. The design is sleek and modern and practically disappears into the back wall, yet has great counter space and everything you need for cooking at home. Just beyond, the striking black and white striped wallpaper in the entryway creates a beautiful backdrop. And the Syrah has one more excellent and hard to find feature: central air conditioning! We were able to add it to the apartment during the renovation and it’s lovely on those warmer summer days.

AFTER: The dining nook and kitchen.

Ann transformed the space by creating a dining area with built-in seating with rich deep green material and a marble topped dining table. The TV mirror above the table is a great solution for adding a television without interfering with the room’s design. The subtle wallpaper pattern in the living room adds texture, yet keeps it simple since the room’s focus is very much on that stellar view. The entire space is brought together with a mix of antiques and modern styling with those jewel tone accents, a gorgeous chandelier and antique design elements. The “jewel box” living room was complete!

Creating Two Luxurious Bedrooms and Bathrooms at Syrah

BEFORE: The bedroom when we first viewed the apartment. Help!

The bedrooms and bathrooms required a great deal of work as well, but we were able to transform the apartment from one large—and very out of date—bathroom to two full bathrooms. The first bedroom looked out over a quiet courtyard, which is a nice plus, but everything else had to be updated. The room was cleared out and Madelyn and Ann worked their magic to create a peaceful and welcoming bedroom – with a full ensuite bathroom.

AFTER: This bedroom’s design was inspired by a vintage Hermès scarf.

Creating and decorating the two bedrooms at Syrah was a joy. The first bedroom’s decor with its delicate shades of blue and antique gold touches was inspired by the vintage Hermès scarf that hangs above the bed. The beautiful silk curtains, antique artwork, LED lighting around the ceiling and the chandelier with blue glass all create a fresh yet distinctively modern Parisian feel. Style blends beautifully with comfort and every element is carefully selected to create a harmonious setting. Just off the bedroom is a bright and fully remodeled ensuite bathroom. You won’t believe where it started!

BEFORE: It’s not easy being green …

Yes, we had some work to do for the bathrooms. But once you look beyond the green tile and mess, we realized the space was large enough to create a new ensuite bathroom for the the first bedroom plus a second half bathroom. Classic Parisian apartments often need complete updating for the bathrooms due to older plumbing and layouts, and we pay extra attention to creating bathrooms in our apartments that are stylish and comfortable – with plenty of storage. By redesigning the space, we were able to add a second toilet, which makes this two bedroom apartment far more comfortable.

AFTER: Beautifully finished ensuite bathroom.

Opening the wall in the second bedroom created this new ensuite bathroom with a nice marble lined shower and plenty of storage. There was even space from the original large bathroom to add a laundry area with a Bosch washing machine and separate dryer, which are also key elements to enjoy the comforts of home.

BEFORE: The second bedroom had great potential too.

Now it was time to tackle the second bedroom and create something that was as special as that view overlooking the Champ de Mars and Eiffel Tower. All of the windows of the apartment were updated with soundproof glass to create a quiet space for a good night’s rest. The bedroom was spacious and the original ceiling molding spectacular – see some things could be saved!

AFTER: Sunny second bedroom is beautiful and comfortable.

Its design is a stylish blend of floral wallpaper with beautifully ornate antique chandelier and sconces that are reflected in the starburst mirror—a pop of surprise—above the bed. When the trees leaf out in the spring, the natural setting is complete.

AFTER: Mirror covered wardrobe has plenty of storage space.

The large wardrobe has mirror covered doors that reflect the sunlight during the day and the soft lighting of the chandelier at night. All of the chandeliers in the apartment are on dimmers so you can adjust the lighting as needed.

AFTER: On the left is the new second bathroom / On right, the new half bathroom.

We saw the opportunity to transform an old closet into a second bathroom, which is located just outside the second bedroom. Then, as we mentioned, for added convenience the apartment’s second toilet is in a separate half bathroom. This is a practical touch that’s great for guests, especially since the living room has a high-quality sofa with a trundle that converts into two comfortable single beds.

Working at Home in Paris

AFTER: A built-in desk in the second bedroom.

One important feature for our fractional apartments is ensuring they feature everything needed for the modern lifestyle. Syrah has two built-in work spaces and high-speed internet – ideal for remote working or keeping in touch with family and friends. You’ll find a desk area in the second bedroom situated near the large French doors. Check in at work and take a break to gaze out at the Eiffel Tower – now that’s work with a view!

But we couldn’t let you go without seeing a little glimpse of the before and after of the Syrah’s entryway. The transformation is just too incredible.

BEFORE: The first viewing of the entryway.

Now take a look at the after result below. It doesn’t even seem like it could be the same space. The antique gold frames and artwork stand out so beautifully against the black and white striped wallpaper that is striking yet simple. There’s also a built-in desk area in the entrance, with all the plugs and chargers needed to set up your computer and work from home.


AFTER: Beautiful entrance doubles as built-in work area.

Ready to Join the Paris Perfect Shared Family?

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse of the new Syrah. You can find out more about Paris Perfect Shared and how our fractional co-ownership program can help make your dreams of living in Paris come true.

The beautiful Syrah apartment was sold out even before the finishing touches were made, which is often the case for our fractional apartments in Paris. If you’d like to find out more about Paris Perfect Shared, contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to schedule a call or add you to our waiting list so you’ll be the first to hear about our upcoming fractional apartments for sale in Paris!

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