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France vs. Croatia: Which Is Better To Visit?

Stuck between France and Croatia but can’t quite figure out where to visit? I understand this travel dilemma. I have some strong recommendations for travelers looking for an international standard sailing vacation who don’t know where to choose. From the craggy beaches and slick party scene in the French Riviera to the sandy beaches, island hopping, and plain nightlife in the Dalmatia area of Croatia- it may be incredibly tight when you pit both regions and even countries against each other to select one. 

I have compiled a list of how the two beautiful countries of France and Croatia compare for a perfect holiday.

Value for money

Unlike Croatia, France is a juggernaut in tourism. But holiday visits to Croatia are gaining traction like never before, and the infrastructures that are required to manage the rising attraction are now in place. Croatia has some incredible kingdoms, excellent food, magnificent marinas, interesting festivals, exquisite wine cellars, and imposing architecture that attract vacationers in their droves.

Holidays in France, especially in the summer, are a time when tourists will have no difficulty in finding a place to eat or enjoy outdoor activities. Since the weather is often great in the period (even though it gets a little muggy and hot), restaurants and park cafes with massive terraces are common dining spots in the peak periods. 

Spending summer in Croatia or France is particularly interesting, given what they both offer tourists. In Paris, for example, there are several splendid options for summer dining where you can sip your citron presse in the sunshine and get involved in the old French tradition of people watching. It is also a period when you will find the many fantastic local markets lush with colorful and fresh summer produce in Croatia.

France vs Croatia Better to Travel

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Located in the south-central of Europe, Croatia and France in western Europe are rich in culture and do not offer the same thing. They are both steeped in history and gorgeous architecture. That Paris is quite popular than every other city in the small country of Croatia doesn’t make the South-Central European country any less inviting. 

In the French capital, there is the majestic Eiffel Tower, the enchanting Notre-Dame cathedral, and the lovely Arc de Triomphe. To see Paris especially, I suggest that you climb the Pantheon’s dome to see the entire city and its iconic monuments all at once.

In Croatia, you are bound to see ravishing ancient, medieval, and Renaissance gems. A lot of buildings, including the Cathedral in Sibenik and Diocletian’s Palace in Split, still stand today. At the same time, other charming spots include Trogir, Korcula, and Zadar.


Looking for inner peace on vacation? Both Croatia and France have that in abundance. In Croatia, the Kornati archipelago is made up of 147 islands. Also, the beguiling Lerins islands on the French Riviera are about 20 minutes from Cannes by boat, with a tourist vibe waiting to be enjoyed. In these places, you won’t feel constrained by the crowd of tourists because you can hire a yacht to get away.

Sailing Εxperience 

The Dalmatian islands in Croatia are perfect for novices and inexperienced sailors. You can equally have a field day in the French Riviera if you aren’t too good at sailing. Most of the sailing you will be doing in both locations would be easy under light conditions. Among the best times, you will have in Croatia are the visits to the mooring facilities. The country has great mooring facilities with marinas, town quays, and mooring buoys.

As for France, its Riviera area has been known to attract rich and famous persons, but it is often not about superyachts, luxury, and casinos only. There are lots of adorable towns and a generous offer of sandy beaches. Other well-known spots to sail are the Corsica island region and the Gulf of Lion. 

France vs Croatia Sailing

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Getting Αround

The transportation structure in both countries isn’t the same. Unlike in France, getting around in Croatia is not that easy, even though it is a small country. Before you visit there, you must plan well and factor in the Croatian geography. The country’s islands are part of its appeal but reaching them means keeping abreast of the local ferry schedules. You cannot hop on the islands anytime you want. The port city of Dubrovnik sits awkwardly on Croatia’s tip, so it cannot be missed. 

However, the transport quality is generally great. You can move about with ferries, flights, buses, and even trains. The ferries are good, and the buses are efficient and comfortable should you choose to go on a road trip. Flights connecting Croatian cities are affordable as well if you are pressed for time. And if you want to see the country’s inland on your own in a rented car, the road network is well maintained to achieve that. Trains link the big town, but the network suits residents more than tourists as you will find it less convenient.

Transportation in France is one of the best in Europe. It depends on one of the world’s densest networks with 6.2 km of rail lines per 100 km2 and 146 km of road. It was designed as a web with the capital city Paris as the center. You won’t have a problem moving around when you visit as rail, air, road, and water are all well developed for the comfort of both residents and tourists. 

France vs Croatia Visiting the Country

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The Eiffel Tower in Paris can easily be pit against the Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč. Eiffel Tower is a precious addition to the country’s skyline, and it is both a Parisian and national symbol. You can enjoy the stunning city views at each of the 3 levels of the tower, where you can also savor some bites. You can have fun around the tower too. For example, you can sample the best street food on rue Cler street, enjoy a boat cruise, or have a picnic at the Seine’s bank.

The Euphrasian Basilica is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a brilliantly preserved Byzantine architecture from the 6th century. It is the most visited site in Poreč, and you should visit it if you are an art and history fan. While appreciating this impeccable monument, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches nearby. If you still have time on your hands, go for some wine tasting in the Agrolaguna area, and don’t miss the Aquacolors waterpark as well. It is amazing.

The Cevennes National Park is in southern France and a great paradise for lovers of adventure. When you visit there, stop by Millau for camping and see Le Refuge too. Meanwhile, Plitvice National Park in Croatia is encircled by waterfalls and emerald-blue lakes. It offers the perfect holiday experience thanks to its full green vegetation. When you visit there, check out the Villa Lika nearby, the rustic Lodge Plitvice, and the Etno Garden Exclusive for your pleasure. 


When it comes to food, France wins. The country is home to some of the most popular cuisines around the world. French food depends on a simple blend of rich, natural flavors that combine to make an unforgettable experience. Even French wines are the finest around. There is simply a vast range of what to try out when in France. They have Soupe a l’oignon, Coq au vin, Cassoulet, Chocolate soufflé, Confit de canard, etc. 

Even though they are less popular, Croatian local cuisine is awesome. Their meat, fish, and vegetables are prepared with extra virgin oil on wood-fired grills. The entire culinary process often results in a simple but tasty Mediterranean cuisine you should try out. You will find a cross-section of Croatian cuisine when visiting places like Zagreb, Dalmatia, and Istria. Some Croatian food includes Crni rižot, Fritule (Christmas dish of battered doughnut balls), Gregada (fish stew), Istrian trufflesKulen sausage, etc.

France vs. Croatia – Final Thoughts

Croatia and France squared up in the last FIFA World Cup finals, where the French triumphed with 4 goals to 2. For some tourists, pitting both countries against each other for where to visit might be as straightforward and convincing as that football match. For others, it is hard to tell. They both have a perfect summer holiday characterized by classical landmarks, sophisticated cuisines, beautiful islands, delicious foods, and much more. I suppose it comes down to what you want- the popular well-visited France or the laidback, a bundle of surprises that Croatia is.    

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