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Client Relationships: A Review of Discova’s Educational Tours by Tanglin Trust School

Tailoring the right kind of educational tour

From personal meet and greets, initial program proposals and many emails, to Martin flying over to Vietnam to experience a condensed version of the proposed tour in 2 days, all details were carefully thought out and communicated.  

Before the pandemic, Martin was able to do destination visits and risk assessments before school tours actually took place. Together with our team, he walked through the Vietnam trip and inspected the hotels, met the families of the homestays and got an overview of the different activities the students would experience. 

We found Discova to be really proactive in the [design] process, and Phuong (Phuong Vu Lan is our brilliant DET Assistant Operations Team Leader who sat in on the interview) is really good at emailing back and forth and keeping in touch [to this day]”, Martin pointed out.  

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