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Best Travel Video Creators in 2022

If you want to get inspired by some of the best travel video creators in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. Producing quality travel video content is not an easy task, it requires many skills and disciplines to execute. I should know, I have been producing travel videos for over a decade.

best travel video creators of 2022

For those who are considering a YouTube career as a travel video producer, it’s imperative to be good at more than one of the following items listed. Very few have the ability to excel in all facets, nor is it necessary in order to become a leading travel YouTuber. If you’re new to travel video production, pick a couple of these disciplines and really focus on becoming great in those areas.

  • Storytelling – This is the fundamental element to a good travel video. Storytelling can be done through a series of cinematic shots, a mix of well executed shots and text, well written voice over, or, on-camera delivery. Pro Tip: Don’t share without showing.
  • On-Camera Personality – It’s not imperative to be in front of the camera to produce outstanding travel videos. However, if you are in front of the camera, it’s crucial to communicate well (be concise and enunciate), be your authentic self (don’t try and be funny if you’re not naturally funny), know the subject, don’t be distracting like moving your arms all over the place. Lastly, be mindful of your audio quality.
  • Filming – If you are not good behind the camera, you can still succeed as a video travel creator, either with your personality in front of the camera, and/or your ability to tell people great stories.
  • Audio – This is probably the most overlooked item in producing travel video content. It’s so important that if you capture audio with wind noise or loud background sounds it can be distracting for the viewer. You can achieve good audio with a high quality lav mic that isolates the voice. And, the use of a a dead cat, aka wind muff will let the air waft over the mic, providing high quality audio. Additionally, audio consists of sound effects, which can really enhance the viewers experience. Say for example a bird flies by in a shot, it could be worthwhile to find some audio of that type of bird and integrate it into a shot. Transition sounds is also something to consider.
  • Graphic Motion Elements – This is probably the least important discipline area, but its not to be dismissed as having a crucial role in the storytelling.
travel video creators - Photo by Mike Shubic of

It amazes how some people are able to amass a huge audience by producing mediocre travel content. “Good is the evil of greatness.” If you want to be more than mediocre, I have a comprehensive guide on deconstructing travel video content, it’s a synopsis of a presentation I gave at a travel conference a few years ago.

Without further ado, here are some of the best video travel creators out there right now.

Johnny Harris

Johnny is not exclusively a travel video creator, and, his videos are not necessarily about a destination or experience. His videos have a more journalistic feel and he often takes his viewers on a history lesson of a place. I absolutely loved his series on Cyprus, it’s fascinating and fantastically well produced. Johnny is one of the few travel YouTubers I follow who really demonstrates a firm grasp of all of the discipline areas describe above. While Johnny has amassed a huge YouTube following, he may not be as well known in the travel sector, so if you’re not familiar with him, do check out his work. His wife Iz is also a well accomplished video travel creator, more vlogging in style.

Kara and Nate

n addition to being an adorable couple, Kara and Nate do an extraordinary job of storytelling in an effortlessly authentic way. They take you on a journey with them to far off places and make you feel like you are with them every step of the way. They also have the ability of making you feel like you really know the couple. The amount of filming they do is quite impressive, even during difficult and vulnerable moments. This is one of the reasons audiences have connected with them so deeply. They are not only a remarkable couple, but impressive video travel creators.

Eva Zu Beck

Eva is another extraordinary storyteller who pushes herself, and her audience, to uncomfortable places. Her adventurous spirit and unwavering good nature bring audiences to some epic places that few other video travel creators dare go. She immerses herself into cultures like no one I have seen, such as spending a weekend with a Romanian family in a remote part of the Carpathian Mountains. She often pushes herself beyond her limits, taking us all along for the extraordinary journey. She shares her challenges and vulnerabilities, which illustrates her genuine qualities.

Green Renaissance

This small group of travel video creators don’t tell second hand stories, but rather let the stories unfold through the subject’s own voices. Their filming is cinematic and creative. The stories they tell are more cultural in nature and are intriguing to watch. Sometimes they capturing a conversation with someone who appreciates the true beauty in the world. Other times it’s meeting interesting people who are inspired by nature. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things motivate their short travel films.

Gone with the Wynns

Jason and Nikki have been producing outstanding travel content since late 2010, nearly as long as I have. They started out road tripping around the U.S. in their Class A motorhome. About five years ago they parked the RV in Florida for many months as they learned everything they could about sailing, in preparation to circumnavigate the globe. They eventually sold the RV, bought a catamaran and set sail. Their travel videos are a combination of vlog, adventure and sailing tips. You will be enamored by the beautiful places they sail, the people they meet, and the extraordinary experiences they have. Their footage, editing, storytelling and presentation are all top-notch.

Ask a Concierge

Sarah is a luxury hotel concierge who shares her travel knowledge through a series of different types of videos, from one-on-one interviews with hotel GM’s, news style travel tip segments, hotel overviews, to inspiring travel adventures. Sarah is an incredibly polished presenter whose channel I highly recommend checking out.

Fearless and Far

Fearless and Far is a channel run by Mike Corey, a veteran video travel creator who takes you on far away places that few have experienced before. He has a knack for finding places and stories that have not been told before. For example, everyone knows of Cappadocia for the epic hot air ballooning, but perhaps not for the thousands of cliff-dwelling homes that Mike explores (and camps) in the video above. Mike is a natural in front of the camera and his passion for travel and exploration are contagious.

Story Travelers

Story Travelers is a collective of visual storytellers with a passion for genuine travel experiences. The video above is a great example of visual storytelling with no text, voice-over, or on-camera presentations, just superb videography, editing and use of music and sound effects to communicate an experience. Not all of their videos are like the one featured above, so I encourage you to check out their channel.

Nathaniel Drew

Nathaniel is someone I appreciate so much, a person on a mission of self-reflection, growth and overcoming his fears. Nathaniel is a self-admitted shy person who has struggled making friends. He takes you on his journey of living abroad (he is from the U.S. currently living in Paris) while sharing some of his personal difficulties. His stories are often heartwarming and inspirational. While his videos are vlog-centric, the production quality is top-notch. His multi-lingual skills let him immerse himself seamlessly into cultures, where other video travel creators, like myself, struggle.

Traveling Jules

Juliana Broste, aka Traveling Jules has a wealth of traditional broadcast experience and is always up for a fun adventure. Her bubbly personality and superior editing skills draw viewers into her experiences. While Jules may not have a huge YouTube following, she is often featured on CNN, PBS, Matador, Viator, Lonely Planet, and back in the day Travel Channel and USA TODAY. She is also often featured on local networks in her hometown Denver.

Kombi Life

Ben, Leah and dog Alaska might just be the first ones to popularize Van Life with their incredible over-landing adventure road trip series, showcasing some of the most remote places on the planet. I’ve been following these guys for a long time, unfortunately Leah is no longer in the picture, but Ben seems to have found someone else for the passenger seat. Interesting places, well-told stories with a mix of drama and intrigue, Kombi Life is definitely worth tuning in for.

Have a Recommendation for this Travel Video Creators list?

I want to add to this list, so if you know of any travel video creators who you believe should be included, please leave their name and YouTube channel below for consideration. Please feel free to nominate yourself if you create travel video content.

Mike’s Road Trip

While I would not put myself in the same class as these other video travel creators, I will include one of my videos for you to check out. You be the judge, let me know if you think.

Thank you so much for checking out this list of some of the best video travel creators out there. Until next time, we’ll see ya on the road.

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