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4 Must-Visit Pink Beaches in the Philippines — The Jerny

Ask people what their favorite color is, and most probably, one or more of them will answer pink. Though some automatically associate the color with things feminine and girly, many people love shades of pink as they are relaxing, vibrant, and stimulating. Studies show that pink is also calming. It is no wonder why a lot of people love this color!

Aside from pink flowers and pink dolphins, did you know that there are pink beaches? The pinkish hue of these pink beaches comes from the pink microscopic organisms or algae known as “foraminifera” which are present in sand mixed with shells, corals, and calcium carbonate. These fascinating natural wonders can be found in countries like Greece, The Bahamas, Indonesia, and Spain. And the good news is, you can also find pink beaches in the Philippines!

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If you are excited to know where these pink beaches are in the country, there’s no need to keep you waiting! Here are some of the pink beaches in the Philippines to add to your ever-growing travel bucket list:

Tikling Island, Sorsogon

Photo from Tikling Island Adventure Facebook Page

Located in Matnog Bay, Tikling Island gets its pink view from the scattering bink corals on the coast. This private island only allows day tours. Aside from its pinkish-white sand, Tikling Island is famous for its lush vegetation and crystal blue waters. Though privately owned, the island has no entrance fees, perfect for budget travelers who want to see the gorgeous beach without spending a fortune. When you go here, don’t expect to stay in a cottage or huts because there are no rental cottages here; instead, you can stay under the trees to stay cool under the sun.

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Subic Beach, Sorsogon

Photo from SUBIC BEACH Matnog Sorsogon Facebook Page

If you want to live close to a pink beach, go the extra mile and invest in a foreclosed beachfront property in Matnog, Sorsogon. Why? Because there’s not one but two pink beaches here! The first is Tikling Island, and the second is Subic Beach, which is divided into Subic Liit and Subic Laki. This pink beach gets its pink hue from crushed red corals mixed with white sand. Aside from swimming on the beach, the island has many sea caves and rock formations. You can rent native-style huts and cottages here, some with air conditioning for overnight stays.

Sila Island (San Vicente, Northern Samar)

Photo from

The powdery, light pink colored sand mixed with white sand of this island along the coast of Northern Samar is one of the prettiest sights you will see. Dubbed as the “pink beach” by locals, it is impressive that this fantastic tourist destination has not been affected by over-commercialization.

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Great Santa Cruz Island (Zamboanga City)

Photo by Wowzamboangacity on Wikimedia Commons

Mixing pulverized red organ pipe coral with white sand, the Great Santa Cruz Island or Pink Beach is one of the best beaches in the world due to its pink hue, calm waters, and mangrove trees. As an ecotourism site, the island only allows low-impact structures built on its environment and day trips to preserve its beauty and cleanliness. Activities you can do here include diving, snorkeling, bird watching, local cuisine tasting, and a lagoon tour. Going here also allows you to immerse yourself in the culture of the Sama-Bangingi community.

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