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Learning Programs with Life-long Impacts: DET in Indonesia

What does the program entail? 

During this immersive, six nights and five days itinerary, students discover something new on each day. From culture to the environment, groups take part in activities that teach them about local customs, sustainable farming and marine conservation.

The program begins with splendid temple visits that introduce students to Bali’s unique Hindu culture, after which they get hands-on in a rice field with local farmers. The following day offers an unusual lesson in seaweed agriculture. Students join local seaweed farmers and learn how to harvest, replant and dry seaweed, and find out how this natural resource can be used sustainably to make soap products.

The final two days are spent by the ocean and in a mangrove forest and eco park. Students take part in a beach clean-up and play several games that are designed to teach them about ocean conservation and marine protection. Our partners at the Coral Triangle Center (CTC) organise these exceptional and fun learning activities. The final day of activity takes them to Tuban’s mangrove forest, where they discover the importance of this fragile ecosystem. Here, they also have the opportunity to plant a few mangrove trees themselves.

The program is well-suited to senior high school students whose curriculum involves community service and social responsibility objectives, but can also be tailored to a university group. For university groups, talks with professionals (from the CTC or ZeroWaste Center, for e.g.) would in this case be adapted, becoming more technical and in-depth, according to preference. We try to keep the workshops to one or two hours for high school/younger students, but these too can be adjusted to be longer and more detailed for older participants.

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