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Top 10 Adventurous Rides in Dubai in 2022

What was once a small fishing and traditional hamlet by the Persian Gulf has become the bustling, futuristic metropolis of Dubai. Among the most advanced cities globally, Dubai is a melting pot of international cultures as people of more than a hundred nationalities live and work here. And several million tourists visit Dubai every year, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Adventurous rides in Dubai

Dubai has a lot to offer for every kind of tourist. Those who want to spend some lazy time relaxing on the beach, the shopaholic in search of the world’s top brands under the same roof, people in search of ancient Arab history – Dubai welcomes all and sundry. And along with these attractions, Dubai offers a lot of opportunities for adventure sports of varied hues. Below, we will take a look at 10 such adventure rides in Dubai.

1. Shark Diving

Shark Diving

The aquarium in Dubai Mall – the world’s largest mall – allows being up close with sharks! Does that send a chill down your spine? Get more of it and dive down to the aquarium’s depths. Get to see these hunters of the deep as they encircle the capsule you are in. This is one thrill fest you shouldn’t miss!

2. Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

This activity possibly takes the cake as far as adventure rides are concerned. You would plunge from a great height with only your leg tied to a post. Watch the earth rush up towards you as you plummet to great depths. This is scary, thrilling, scream-worthy – and a pure adrenaline rush. Head to the Dubai Gravity Zone and indulge in this once-in-a-lifetime act.


Flying over land is thrilling enough. And it increases manifold when you seem to be flying above the water. That’s the joy of flyboarding. Also known as hydro flying, this pulsating ride allows you to fly over the waters, powered by a water propulsion device, at speeds of up to 40 kmph. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Dubai while you blast across, several feet above the water.

Desert Safari

A perfect way to get the thrill quotient rising, the desert safari in Dubai is a memorable experience. The golden sands of the Arabian desert invite you to take part in a range of activities. Lose yourself in the unending golden carpet that stretches out right up to the horizon. Take part in a camel ride and visualize yourself as a desert traveler of ancient times. Go dune bashing in a 4×4 or quad bike and get a bumpy yet thrilling feeling. Are you a ski freak? Go sand skiing or sandboarding for a “wow” experience. Round it up with a filling BBQ dinner.

Dune Buggy

Unlike anything you have done before, dune bashing in a buggy is on another level of thrill altogether. This is an extreme off-roading experience where you climb atop plateaus and sandhills, only to charge down the slopes and let the sand be all over you! Go for this ride and feel charged up.

Hot air balloon ride in Dubai with tourist

Fly above the magical and enchanting city of Dubai in a hot air balloon. From up in the air, witness the magnificence of the Burj Al Arab, the turquoise blue Persian Gulf, and the sky-kissing BurjKhalifa, among others. Go for this ride early in the morning because you will be greeted by the refreshing morning breeze.

Helicopter Ride

Another way to view the glorious city and its surroundings from up above. This amazing adventure activity will give you panoramic views of the majestic city of Dubai from several thousand feet up in the air. View the extraordinary buildings of Dubai, the deserts in the outskirts, and the endless sea stretching beyond the city’s limits.

8. Jebel Jais Zipline

Jebel JaisZipline

Welcome to the world’s longest zipline. Located in Ras Al Khaimah, a short distance away from Dubai, this pulse-pounding ride can challenge even the most intrepid adventure-seeking tourist. Get on top of the scenic Jebel Jais mountain (almost 5,000 feet above sea level) and plummet down at almost 150 kmph. The breathtaking views of Ras Al Khaimah and beyond will be for you to see, in all their splendor. Feel free as a bird!


A must-do for any and every adventure sports-lover, skydiving is among the most premium thrill rides. You would be taking a free-falling dive from several thousand meters high up. A literal birds’-eye view of the entire Dubai and its outlying areas will be for you to enjoy. Watch the landmark structures of Dubai like the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, & the Burj Al Arab rush up to you as you dive to the city – but protected by the safe pair of hands of your guide.

Jet Skiing

Rush over the waves of the azure blue Persian Gulf while the views of Dubai breeze past you. As you indulge in some serious speeding over the waters, get to view the awesome Dubai skyline, adorned by world-renowned buildings. The magnificent Palm Jumeirah beach is also there for you to see while your thrill ride is underway.

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