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Experience Illuminated Evolution-Jardin des Plantes – Colleen’s Paris

Diplocalulus Evolution Iluminations Jardin des Plantes Only adult Diplocaulus had boomerang shaped head. Fossils have been found in the Morocco, Africa and North America because the continents were connected and not separated by the Atlantic Ocean

Have you walked among giants lately? The other night I walked among some giants at the Évolution en voie d’illumination (Illuminated evolution)-information in English) at the Jardin des Plantes. All the species presented existed in the past, but are now extinct. This is a voyage through time.

The night visit throws a different light on the illuminated Chinese lantern flora and fauna from the last 600 million years. The jaws of extinct fauna open, tails wag, tongues search and sometimes I felt I was walking underwater. Until January 30, reserve your spot and visit this third year of illuminations.

Walking through the gardens during the day, adults were reading the exhibit descriptions to children. Are these the palaeontologists of tomorrow? While putting together the video “Illuminated Evolution at Jardin des Plantes”, I was re-reading the descriptions and found so many unusual facts. For example, only adult Diplocaulus had boomerang shaped heads. Fossils have been found in the Morocco, Africa and North America because the continents were connected and not separated by the Atlantic Ocean.

What you will experience

The effect and the dull fabric colors of the daytime exhibition are in steep contrast to the bright evening light show. I would recommend, however, a day and evening visit. The daytime is free. Fascinating facts fill the information signs. At night you are more fascinated by the lights.

The timed reservation wait in line is short. Our line moved quickly and you have two main, identical alleys to choose from.

One surprise was the visit through the zoo (menagerie). Once we were gobbled up by the Tyrannosaurus Rex and came out the other end, we wound our way past enclosures and buildings inside the zoo where all was quiet. We were being watched instead of the other way around. The paths of the show intentionally avoid the animals that would be affected by the lights which stay on until 11 pm.

The China light festival flora and fauna lanterns line the alleys from the Seine river side, 2 place Valhubert, to the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution and through the zoo (Ménagerie).

Benefits with your ticket

Hold on to your ticket for three months. It is valid for reduced admission to the all the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (Natural History Museum) halls in Jardin des Plantes, the zoo in Park Vincennes and the Musée de l’Homme exposition “Aux frontiers de l’humain” (Limits of Humanity).

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