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Best Beaches near Narbonne, France

Narbonne is in the southwest of France on the Canal de la Robine. This market town is about 100 km from the Spanish border, and it has some of the finest physical settings in the entire Languedoc. So, it comes as no surprise that its surrounding area has a host of terrific beaches. 

Whether it is natural or with facilities, visitors are bound to find the particular one for them amongst the many kilometers of beaches near Narbonne. Additionally, this large maritime area will help you to quickly reach the seaside from wherever you are staying.

Beaches near Narbonne invite you to discover fine sandy beaches where there is a deep diversity of activities and scenery to enjoy. Free yourself and participate in different activities here. If you are the sporty type, discover the beach soccer, volleyball, and sand ball on these beaches. Water sports lovers will be very engaged, too, while kids will have so much fun with activities lined up all summer.

Here are some of the best beaches near Narbonne, France.

La Franqui

This beach enjoys a lot of reputation with windsurfers. It is so big and wide that there will be no cause to struggle for space when it gets crowded in the peak season. Here, there are two beaches. One is opposite a beautiful village, and the other is further up the coast that is lined by the seas on one end and the inland lake on the other. The outcome is an extended strip of a 2-sided beach. Here, it gets windy with gorgeous environs and relaxed chic restaurants. 

Le Franqui Beach in Narbonne

Leucate Plage

This beach is a large one that is encircled by trees at the back and beach houses. Located between Le Barcares and Port Nouvelle, this beach is perhaps the best in the north of Perpignan, south of Narbonne. Leucate plage has two beaches to its name- a nudist beach located towards the craggy breakwater and the major beach. 

Given the constant windy conditions here, wind can sometimes blow across this area of southern France. Among the resort for windsurfers, Leucate plage might be the most popular. Do not forget that boards can be hired in the town. Leucate Plage is fantastic, and the trees encircling it drives a level of interest.

Le Barcares

Having a coastal feel, Le Barcares is a brilliant alternative to the resorts of Port Barcares and Port Leucate. The beach is quite broad, so you can always get a spot even though its artificial nature can give off a small grittiness about it. The beach has several restaurants, bars, and shops near it. You will also find attractions for children. Visitors can hire jet skis at the port close by, while small golf is not far.

Le Barcares Beach in Narbonne

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Torreilles Beach

Among the beaches in and around Perpignan to the south of Narbonne, Torreilles beach might be the most interesting. It has a wild ambiance with the sand at its back. The beach does not get visited as much as Canet Plage records visitors and the view of the Pyrenees river afar breaks the sandy expanse. You are also expected to see a few beach bars behind the beach where you can slop off to and get away from the children.

Canet Plage

This is a local beach in Perpignan and is a massive expanse of sand. Canet beach is not exactly the fun spot to be, but the sand is fine, and the beach is long enough to have your own space to yourself. There are lots of fine restaurants, cafes, and bars to choose from, as well as children’s areas to play. Keep in mind that Canet plage gets very busy in the summer, especially in the late afternoon as locals come in their droves.

St Cyprien Plage

This beach is usually popular with vacationers. Perhaps the southern and northern parts of St Cyprien plage are the best as they seem to be calmer, and the sand extends for miles. To the southern end of the beach are the views of the Pyrenees. And of the three beaches here, the sandy North is the largest.

St Cyprien Plage France

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Falaises Beach

Situated in Agde a few kilometers from Narbonne to the east is Falaise beach, which is found between Grande Conque and Mole beach at the start of the cliff zone. It might be small, but the beach has its own allure. Falaises beach has a set comprising of big black rocks and cliffs. You will also be able to see Cap d’Agde from the beach, which is incredible since the presence of cliffs is not common in the area. You can access the beach by climbing the steps to the left. If you have a car, there are no worries because the parking space is close.

Argeles sur Mer

This beach is a wide sweeping bay that is opposite the warm Mediterranean and the Pyrenees. Argeles sur Mer is one of the best beaches in southeastern France, and it boasts a blue flag award as a testament to the quality of its water and its cleanliness. Furthermore, the beach has become a major Mediterranean resort with terrific restaurants and fine shops. 

Argeles sur Mer is located atop the end of Cote Vermeille, which is the only east-facing coastline in the country. Consequently, the sweeping sandy beaches are nicely sun-drenched and are impeccably bordered by Pyrenees’ backdrop. This beach has three other beaches; Arges Plages des Pins and Argeles Plage Nord are broad sand beaches with lots of space. To the south is Le Racou, which is a clean bay with phenomenally blue water. 


Going past La Grande Motte and extending east to Arles and down to the coast is where the striking wonders of the Camargue beach are. For those who are in Montpellier for vacation, they can get away from the city’s streets and take on the excellent Camargue. This massive river delta has a seemingly unending landscape of lagoons, salt pans, and lakes. It is a wildlife haven. The highlights here include the popular Camargue white horses, the flamingos, and black dulls.

Camargue Beach in France

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Carnon Plage

This seaside resort to Montpellier’s south and Narbonne’s east is a beguiling location. It is close to Montpellier, so it is not difficult to reach. The beach lacks the wild, unspoiled natural features that many beaches in the area have. As soon as you are approaching the sea, however, all you will see are white sand and crystal blue.

Plage de Maguelone

Villeneuve-les-Maguelone is located to the south-west of Montpellier city and Plage de Maguelone is the closest beach to this commune. There is an imposing cathedral just north of the beach that offers a resplendent backdrop. This is the side of the Languedoc, which is replete with canals, ponds, and seawater.

Plage de la Plagette

This beach is in Cap d’Agde and is another stunning, small space of sand. Plage de la Plagette has a high foreland on a side and a craggy part on the other. It enjoys proximity to the town’s center, and it comes with free parking. The beach is ideal for a refreshing swim after a morning of people-watching or sightseeing. 

Plage de la Plagette

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The Grande Conque Beach

This beach is also in Agde and is situated between Mole beach and la plagette close to the cliffs. Grande Conque beach has an authentic spot and offers a wild set close to downtown. You can reach it by using the stairs that have been dug into the cliff. The easiest way to reach here is to park in the space that is called Fortin before following the track along the sea. The Grande Conque beach is marked by signs. 

Best Beaches near Narbonne – Summary

For a different beach experience, go for a walk along the coastline near Narbonne, starting from wherever you choose. Most of these beaches are monitored every day by a team of lifeguards, ready to assist for safety’s sake. The area’s management is well committed to the preservation of its coasts, and it has made some moves against pollution. So, the beaches come pristine and unspoiled. The equipped ones provide the services any beachgoer will want for a relaxing day with their feet dipped in water- a feeling you should experience yourself. 

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