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12 BEST day trips from Copenhagen

Did you know that Lego originated in Billund, Denmark, first made by Ole Kirk Christiansen? This is one of the reasons why visiting Billund is one of the best day trips from Copenhagen. You will find the original Legoland in Billund. It was first built in 1968. When stepping inside Legoland, you will quickly learn that everything inside Legoland is built from… you guessed it, Lego! Be amazed at the art of Lego all the while having fun going on the roller coaster rides.

Billund is located in Jylland, and it is about 2,5 hours by train from Copenhagen. Due to the travel time, this day trip from Copenhagen to Billund requires a bit more planning. If you start your day early, you can spend an entire day in Legoland from when they open to when they close! When ordering online, the ticket fee starts at 329 DKK per adult. You can find more information here

The easiest way to get to Billund will be by regional train. You can find the exact route right here.

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