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Air France Review – France Travel Blog

Serial travelers to and from Europe will be familiar with Air France. Headquartered in Tremblay-en-France, it is the flagship carrier of France. And for the uninitiated, the airline is a subsidiary of KLM group, which is another popular European airline and one of the first members of the SkyTeam alliance. 

The internet is rife with Air France reviews- ranging from the ones expressing extreme pleasure to the ones detailing utter horror. As one would imagine, contrasting views are typical of today’s product and service world that revolves around customer satisfaction. Often, the rating systems consider amenities, seats, space, cleanliness, food, beverages, etc.

Air France Inflight Product   

First Class- La Premiere (on A380s and some 777s)

On these flights, expect nothing short of Frenchy comfort. Restaurant quality meals are served on demand in a way that reminds you of a chic joint in Paris. Among utilities available are satellite phone, audio/video, and laptop. And for passengers’ comfort, seats change into 6 feet 6-inch long bed set on an angle for aisle access. The seats all have massage functionality, but they are more private with a suite design.

You will find a duvet, mattress, and feather pillow there. The likes of shoe bags, slippers, pajamas, a great amenity kit, and makeup items on the flight. Keep in mind that baggage weighing 3 x 32 kg is allowed.

Business Class

International (Long Haul)

You are entitled to restaurant-quality multi-course dishes served with liqueurs and wines as an express meal service that is available after takeoff. Video/Audio is on demand with laptop power and noise-canceling headphones. Here, the seats change to fully flatbeds. 2 x 32 kg is the baggage allowance.  

Business-class within Europe or on single-aisle aircraft

The meal service is better than the one offered in economy class. Both alcoholic and nonalcoholic cocktails are available upon request. If your flight is less than 3 hours, you won’t be privileged to use the hot towel. Furthermore, there is entertainment on the go as drop-down cabin screens display movies or TV shows on some flights. 34 inch is the seat pitch with a 3-3 sitting configuration on one single-aisle aircraft in all the 3 rows. While you relax, you can still stay on current affairs news from the magazines offered. The baggage allowance is 2 x 32 kg.

Premium Economy 

In the Premium Economy, meal service is similar to Economy with two hot meals, aperitifs, liquors, wines; Haagen Dazs ice cream, and small sandwiches and welcome drinks offered. There is also video/audio on demand with a laptop and noise-canceling headphones. The Premium Economy has more space than the economy cabin, and you will find a wool blanket and feather pillow as well as the same amenity kit offered in the Business Class.

Air France Reviews

Economy Class

International (Long Haul)

Air France’s Economy Class is quite a treat as you won’t be missing too much when compared to other classes. There is a full meal service that includes an impressive range of beverages like alcohol. This is the case on long-haul flights, while the second service usually includes snacks between meals. Video or audio is on demand, and the seat pitch of 32 inches reclines up to 118 degrees. Meanwhile, you can choose seats for a sum of around €20. And just like other classes, blanket, feather pillow, and small amenity kit are offered.

Domestic and within Europe

On domestic flights and the ones within the continent, 3-course cold meals are served, and there is a wide range of drinks with snacks. For those who don’t mind getting entertained on their trip, there are drop-down screens that play movies or TV shows. Another feature is a seat pitch of 32 inches with a recline up to 118 degrees. Unfortunately, there are no blankets, amenity kits, or pillows. The baggage allowance is 23 kilograms. 

How Safe is Air France?

The safety of every airline is measured on an extensive analysis of pilot-related serious incident data and crash data along with audits from ICAO, the world’s aviation governing body, IATA, as well as with the recent COVID-19 compliance data. It is safe to travel on Air France, given the airline’s strict adherence to safety measures before flight, in-flight, and after flight. This is part of why many travelers prefer Air Franc for their trans-Atlantic trips. 

Missing or Damaged Baggage, Missing Items

Every airline has its missing item policy. As for Air France, a traveler has to report as soon as the baggage is considered lost. Depending on their arrival airport, they have two options to declare missing baggage: online, within 48 hours of their arrival; or at Air France KLM Baggage Service just before exiting the airport.

Online: Travelers can declare missing baggage by filling out a form or via the Air France app within 48 hours of their arrival. They would be expected to provide the baggage receipt number. The receipt number is given at the baggage drop-off counter if the traveler checked in at the airport. It is also written on the baggage receipt page in the boarding pass e-mail received. 

Travelers are expected to enter their receipt number into the online form then they will receive a file number at the end of the declaration process. The number will be used to track the progress made in the search for the lost baggage on Air France’s site. But bear in mind that some airports do not allow online declaration of missing baggage. 

At the Airport: In the case that you are still at your arrival airport, go to AIR FRANCE KLM Baggage Service. You must complete a document called a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) before leaving the airport. A file number will be given to you after the declaration process. You are advised to keep the number to follow up with the baggage search.

Air France

What to Do if Baggage is Not Found

For some reason, a piece of baggage could be lost If one’s baggage is not found within 72 hours of the declaration, affected travelers are expected to log in to the online baggage search tool to complete the claim and inventory form. They are to describe their lost baggage as clearly as possible and indicate the value of every pair of shoes, clothing item, or any other item to help find them. 

If the lost baggage is not found in the following 21 days after the flight, Air France is expected to use the value the traveler provided to make a compensation claim. This is an automatic procedure. And after a presentation of sufficient documentation (proof of purchase, receipts), the traveler’s compensation can then be paid to around €1,607. This is the airline’s maximum compensation amount as set by the Montreal Convention. 

It is important to note that when checking in baggage, you can make a special declaration describing the value of your items if it is more than €1,607. Then there is an additional fee to pay to increase the compensation for the baggage according to its calculated value. 

Air France Review – Final Thoughts

Air France flies to over 75 countries across the globe. In Paris, it has a hub that is its major departure location for international routes, with a secondary hub in Orly, which caters to domestic flights within the country. The airline flies a combination of both Boeing and Airbus aircraft to its name. And whether it is Economy or Business Class, seats are usually available. From luxurious dining to comfy cocooned seats offering privacy, Air France is designed for the comfort of passengers. 

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