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Top 7 RV Camping Tips & Tricks for Post-Pandemic Adventures

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the world in a lot of ways, including some of our most deeply-rooted camping habits and traditions. While the light at the end of the tunnel is shining brighter than ever, let’s talk about the top 7 RV camping tips and tricks for post-pandemic adventures.

1. Not sharing is caring – bring your own supplies

Numerous medical experts and epidemiologists have confirmed that the fastest way for the virus to spread is through direct contact with other people. While your camping party should follow the social distancing guidelines, sharing food and drinks should be taken off the list.

What’s more, it would be smart to assume that the stores near your favorite camping spots won’t be empty at all times, which further increases exposure and should be avoided. The best way to counter the latter is to bring enough supplies, even if it means reorganizing and leaving certain unnecessary items out should storage space become an issue.

2. Contain the smoke from BBQs and campfires

Direct contact with other people is the leading cause of virus transmission, followed by aerial transmission. The general health guidelines state that everyone should cough and sneeze while covering their face, so it’s up to you to minimize the triggers that provoke coughing and sneezing.

The smoke coming from barbecues and campfires is one, so consider making a smaller fire, or even grilling barbecue over the campfire.

The process is fairly simple, although trial and error will certainly help you become better at it. Don’t cook over open flames, as it will ruin the meat’s flavor; cook over embers instead. Disperse the chars so that the meat can grill evenly.

If you don’t have any pans or skillets in your RV, make do with what you have. Ultimately, consider making shish kebabs if you don’t have any grilling tools.

3. Install Roll-up Camper Curtains

Having curtains in your RV will give you more privacy, but they will also help create air-tight seals from various harmful pathogens, including the Coronavirus. There are several other notable benefits to roll-up camper curtains, including better insulation and improved quality of sleep.

Curtains help RVs retain their current temperature, which means that whatever devices you are using to cool the place down will become significantly more effective. Furthermore, you will also sleep better since the curtains will block sunlight and various pests, most notably mosquitos.

Making a set of DIY roll-up camper curtains requires the most basic handyman skills, and a selection of most common DIY tools, including a measuring tape, a sewing kit, roughly 20 bundling straps, Velcro straps, and two curtain rods.

Install the curtain rods in your RV’s shell using screws, stick the bundling straps, attach Velcro straps to the camper’s windows, and finally, hang the curtains. Follow these steps, but have an open mind for making adjustments on the fly should anything feel off.

4. Consider non-contact sports for recreation

There are hundreds of camping activities to be enjoyed, but not all of them are completely safe nowadays. Most types of sports are considered dangerous due to inevitable contact between players, particularly football, basketball, and such.

Non-contact sports are considered the safest, as they allow for social distancing to take place while still being as enjoyable as they would have been in the first place. Tennis and most kinds of racquet sports are ideal, especially badminton. Mini golf is also an excellent idea; bring a few putters, dig a few holes, and take turns trying to finish with the least amount of hits.

Fishing is also considered a sport by many, and it’s a perfect way to socialize and engage in a very fun activity that presents little to no risks in terms of catching or spreading the virus.

5. Avoid camping hotspots

Experienced campers already know which spots are desolate and which are brimming with people at all times. However, most RV campers are constantly on the move, and you may feel like visiting a nearby lake or campgrounds.

Generally, if you happen to notice a lot of cars near the campground’s entrance (or parking if any is available), you should assume that it’s not particularly safe to proceed. It may be smarter to continue cruising and settle for a less welcoming spot if you and your RV camping friends would be the only ones there. 

Most people will book reservations at resorts and private retreats, so your best bet is to find a secluded spot near a lake, a river, or in the woods.

6. Buy portable facilities

Most RVs feature a toilet and sleeping beds, so you’re already in a more favorable position in comparison to trekking campers. Many campgrounds feature similar facilities, and you shouldn’t use them unless you absolutely need to.

Given that this summer is particularly hot all across the globe, buying a portable shower may prove to be a good investment. They’re typically easy to set up, and the models with a collapsible design won’t take up much of your storage space. Portable air conditioners and pits are also luxury features, but you’ll be able to use them outside of camping as well.

7. Solo camping can be fun

While camping is generally best enjoyed with friends, camping alone can still be fun. You won’t have to worry about social distancing as much if you’re exploring the wilderness by yourself, and you’ll get an opportunity to focus on the pleasurable aspects of camping exclusively.

The term ‘solo camping’ can be extended to families who live in the same RV, as living under the same roof practically means that contact is unavoidable anyway. Camping with friends who you’ve known for a long time is also better than joining a camping party with people you would meet for the first time. At the end of the day, it may also be fun to simply bring your pet dog and enjoy the beauties of nature.

We hope that this brief rundown was useful to you and that you have learned something new today that will improve your camping experience. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we are all going through and have a good one, guys!

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