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20 Essential Edinburgh tips for the first time visitor

Are you planning to visit Edinburgh for the first time? After numerous trips to the Scottish capital over the past 50 years we have learned how to make the most of our time in Edinburgh. This article shares 20 practical and essential Edinburgh tips to help you plan (and experience) the best trip possible.

Edinburgh is a must-visit on any UK itinerary. The Scottish capital attracts millions of visitors every year from all over the globe. If you’re planning a visit of your own, then checking out this list of 20 Edinburgh tips is essential! 

In fact, this list of tips for visiting Edinburgh is also very useful for those who haven’t been in a while. It’s based on our own recent experience in the city, when we picked up a load of Edinburgh tips from locals and other visitors. 

This list of Edinburgh travel tips will give you a great idea of what to expect when you arrive. Please pay particular attention to points number one, three, four, five and eight before you travel, or you might miss out! 

Here are 20 of our top Edinburgh insider tips.

Edinburgh tips for the first time visitor

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