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10 dishes you must try in Uzbekistan at least ONCE

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Planning a trip to Uzbekistan (or maybe you have already arrived) and you would like to know a bit more about Uzbek food? Don’t worry, in this post, I will tell you about 10 dishes you must try in Uzbekistan at least once! 

We travelled to Uzbekistan last December and loved it. We spent 4 full days in Uzbekistan (make sure to check out our itinerary for Tashkent and Samarkand in 4 days) and tried many different amazing dishes. Having grown up in Russia, I can’t say that I’m a stranger to Uzbek food. There are many Uzbek people in Russia and even more Uzbek restaurants. Moreover, my dad grew up in Kazakhstan during the USSR times, and a lot of dishes in Central Asia are similar, so I remember my dad cooking plov (pilaf) at least a couple of times. However, having tried real Uzbek food in Uzbekistan made with local produce, I must say that it has exceeded all my expectations! Everything was very delicious and finger-licking good, especially shashlik

I must warn you that Uzbekistan is a paradise for carnivores, so if you have a special diet, you might feel a bit restricted food-wise. However, there are still some dishes you would be able to eat as a vegan / vegetarian, mostly salads, pasties and some soups. 

Before we start with the top 10 dishes you must try in Uzbekistan at least once, here are some frequently asked questions I’d like to address:

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