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Top 12 Best Resorts in Glan, Sarangani

We all deserve a break. And when we finally get our hands on it, one of the first things that can pop into our minds is the word “resort.” Of course, while thinking about a trip can fill us up with joy, actually committing and paying for one is different. With a budget to consider and amenities, choosing the best resort for you can be challenging.

That being said, you won’t have to worry for you’ve found the perfect article. Here, we’ll be giving you a breakdown of the top 12 best resorts in Glan, Saranggani.

Anvy Resort HotelAnvy Hotel Resort

Room starts at Php 8,500
Contact Number:0951 250 9995
Address: Macatimbol Road, Barangay Taluya, Glan, Sarangani

Starting off our list strong would be the Anvy Resort Hotel. With clear blue skies and crystal clear waters to match, this place sure has it all. If you’re looking to swim in the deep blue sea while enjoying the sunlight’s kiss, you surely won’t regret going to this beautiful place.

Anvy Resort Hotel is the perfect destination for those interested in staying at a place with beautiful waters and amenities. This place calls for those who want to take a deep breath, unwind, and be one with mother nature. If that sounds like you, then don’t be shy and grab this opportunity!

Kamari Beach Resort and HotelKamari Beach Resort

Room starts at Php 3,500
Contact Number:09066457851
Address: National Highway, Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani

One of the more sophisticated  resorts on our list would be the Kamari Beach Resort and Hotel. If you’re searching for a place with the best ambiance, then this place tops some of the resorts on this list. With this place, you can escape your problems for a short while and just focus on the beautiful environment in front of you.

Kamari Beach Resort and Hotel has various rooms to choose from, all depending on what level of comfort you’re hoping to achieve. But whatever room you choose, just know that Kamari certainly can still make you feel as if you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Bai Resort and RestaurantBai Resort and Restaurant

Room starts at Php 4,000
Contact Number:0953 410 0660
Address: Purok Talisay, Barangay Cablalan, Glan, Sarangani

With so many choices, you can never run out of fun at Bai Resort and Restaurant. From its fantastic meals down to different water sports, there’s a lot you can do in this place. If you’re the type who wishes to always be on the move, the Bai Resort and Restaurant is the perfect match for you.

Aside from the abundance of amenities and facilities, they also have a variety of packages you can choose from. You won’t have to plan anything since the resort has your back. This way, the only thing you’ll have to do is enjoy your break and soak up every bit of fun you can get.

Isla Jardin Beach Resort Isla Jardin Del Mar Resort

Room starts at Php 4,000
Contact Number:0917 253 6105
Address: Sitio Manando, Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani

Another place perfect for families or even team buildings would be the Isla Jardin Beach Resort. From watersports to outdoor activities, whatever you’re planning, this resort has your back. If you’re planning on having celebrations such as weddings, you won’t have to worry since the place is very experienced in handling these types of special occasions.

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your time with mother nature. And if you’re just here to take a break from the problems of the city, then that’s no problem too. Isla Jardin Beach resort is ready for whatever, whenever.

Belimac Sumbang Point BeachBelimac Sumbang Point Beach

Room starts at Php 4,000
Contact Number:0966 135 8188
Address: Barangay Taluya, Glan, Sarangani

Belimac Sumbang Point Beach may be the picture-worthy resort you’re looking for. They have beautiful mountain sceneries that you can look at while enjoying different water activities. Whatever activity you’re thinking of, Belimac is one step ahead and would have it for its guests.

This resort is just the best if you’re planning to go on a beach getaway with your friends or family. Belimac’s versatility is why plenty of citizens and tourists continue to come back to this place whenever they’re in Glan, Saranggani.

Hacienda Don JuanHacienda Don Juan

Room starts at Php 2,500
Contact Number: 0936 933 9831
Address: Barangay Lagu, Glan, Sarangani

Beaches and pools, jet skis and views, Hacienda Don Juan have everything for you. This place is dedicated to those who want to feel and experience the beautiful rural side of the country. While the resort’s vibes may give off this type of energy, don’t be fooled for the place can really go all out for its guests.

The clear air and beautiful blue skies make you want to do every activity you can in the morning. Then at night, Hacienda tops mother nature with its display of pretty lights under the moonlight.

Crystal Seaside Resort, GumasaCrystal Seaside Resort

Room starts at Php 1,500
Contact Number: 0905 797 6645
Address: Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani

If a quick break from the world is what you’re searching for, then the Crystal seaside Resort, Gumasa, may be the one to solve it. The place is a family-friendly resort that’s perfect if you’re looking to beat the summer heat with you and your family.

The place has a bunch of simple beach activities that you can do, such as walking in the soft sand and taking a swim in the cold blue waters. With their picnic chairs, you can also stay by the sea and just feel and listen to the breeze of the water.

King James White Cove Beach ResortKing James White Cove Beach Resort

Room starts at Php 5,500
Contact Number: 0916 225 1798
Address: Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani

With blue skies, clear blue waters, palm trees, and so many fun activities, King James White Cove Beach Resort has got it all. If you’re looking to take advantage of the day with different water-filled activities while eating and hanging out with friends and family at night, then you’ve found the best resort for you.

This place is jam-packed with activities you can do both day and night, so your stay here would surely be worth your time.

Marian BeachMarian Beach

Room starts at Php 5,500
Contact Number: 0947 460 3611
Address: Tulan, Taluya, Glan, Sarangani

Last but most definitely not the least on our list would be Marian Beach. This place is another hidden gem for those interested in staying at a place where almost no one can reach you. If your idea of relaxation is staying by the beach and reading a book, then you’ll get along with this place.

Now, if that isn’t your cup of tea, they also have other activities for guests who wish to take advantage of the environment, such as jet skiing and lantern flying. It’s the perfect combination for extroverts who wish to have fun outside and introverts who seek comfort in the warm embrace of mother nature.

White Haven Beach ResortWhite Haven Beach Resort

Room starts at Php 2,500
Contact Number: 09632306948
Address: Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani

Another beautiful resort located in Glan, Saranggani, would be White Haven. This place screams peace and quality family time. Here you can take a cold swim in the mesmerizing waters with your family and whisk yourself away from the city and its problems.

If you really want to feel that simplistic nature vibe, then White Haven is the place you should be going for. The place may be simple, but it’s more than enough to make you feel like you’ve reached your haven. What more can you ask for? The resort doesn’t accept walk-ins, so you better book your room now!

Coco Beach Resortcoco Beach Resort Glan

Room starts at Php 2,500
Contact Number: 09106743521
Address: Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani

Are you searching for a resort that can fill your day with fun activities? If so, then Coco Beach Resort is the way to go! With plenty of outdoor sports and activities such as kayaking, souvenir shopping, walks in the sand, and much more to choose from, each moment you spend there is something unique and new.

The resort has these beautiful cottages that can fit at least 5-20 people, depending on your room of choice. This is perfect for you and your family. For those bringing toddlers, it’s your lucky day for children aged 0-3 are free!

Rosal Beach ResortRosal Beach Resort

Room starts at Php 2,500
Contact Number: 09203048813
Address: Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani

If another simple and affordable resort is what you’re searching for, then you should try the Rosal Beach Resort. With soft white sand that tickles your toes and calming blue waters to relax your bones, you’ll never want to leave this place. The place also has fun festivals wherein they schedule activities and concerts for its guest.

This place is a bit of a hidden gem. So, if privacy is something you always consider when choosing your resort, then add this place to your top contenders because it surely won’t let you down.

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